Thursday, 30 January 2014


Following the voice of your heart in life is often challenging because its reasons are rarely logically comprehensible. Therefore in the course of it you are meeting your hidden fears and you have to have great trust in your inner truth and overcome them. However in achieving to do so you will reap the rewards of expansion of consciousness and growth of your capacity to love.


Life is a mystery and the less you believe to know and to understand its cause the closer you are able to truly approach it with you understanding.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Your earthly life is a dream of your Soul.And if you are living with your conscious awareness immersed in the here-now you are realizing your dreams from moment to moment and are feeling fulfilled by the experience. Whereas to be living identified with your Ego you are spending your life-time chasing after your dreams. However in your estimation you never quite reach your ideal because you are unable to acknowledge the reality of the here-now in its simple and complete beauty

Friday, 17 January 2014


People are continuously striving after all kinds of things - love, peace, wealth, harmony, knowledge, power, control etc. And yet they hardly ever achieve to find all they would like to or as much as they longed for. If you wish to live in love, harmony, peace and wealth and wish to be in control, powerful and knowing simply strive after enhancing your inner light and learn to live in conscious awareness of the Light that is slumbering at the core of all living things. In this way you are going to find everything.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


All theories about time no matter how wise and how deep they might be are ultimately products of the rational mind and thus keeping you confined its limited realms. Whereas in the enlightened state of awareness although still living in the time-space reality you are no longer part of it because your consciousness is resting beyond the limitations of your physical existence. Even though you are seemingly still functioning in everyday life according to its rules and regulations and capable to keep to certain schedules your awareness is centred in the eternity of the here-now giving you the sensation of timelessness in that, which is generally perceived as and believed to be time.
While you are still thinking about the concept of time you are remaining conditioned by it. To become free of it you simply have to cease living in the reality of your thoughts and instead to become present by living with your consciousness fully absorbed by the eternal here-now. In this manner you naturally - without have to strive for it - come into contact with higher dimensions of existence.

Monday, 13 January 2014


True love and happiness are inner sensations of bliss flowing from you heart centre, that are embracing and filling you whole being. They are rendering you at one with God and life themselves. In a state of true love and happiness you simply Are and because the intellectual mind only has an existence in the past and the tomorrow it is at a loss to find appropriate words to give expression to the experience. Therefore, when you are experiencing true love and true happiness your desire to talk naturally disappears and you become radiantly silent and still.


 The less you believe to already know about life the more free you are to marvel at its simple wonders that can be found in each moment and each situation of it.
The less ready-made ideas you have about how love is meant to be the more love you are able to receive and give.
This is the secret of the joyous rapture that illuminates the eyes of little children.


Whenever you have the time - focus your whole attention upon your heart centre. Enter into its reality of love. Dive deep into its very depth and you are going to experience the Universe and meet its Creator.

Friday, 10 January 2014


To openly talk about a beautiful secret, to discuss it or even argue about it is to divest it of its magical vibrancy and positive power. Wonderful secrets should be kept in the heart, silently cherished and the joyous rapture they are causing you to feel inside is to be lived in and shared with the world through your simple presence and actions.
Therefore do not talk about your love but live the here-now in the awareness of its reality.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


You are not your body. It is just a part of what you are and you are only experiencing its reality.
It is a general rule that if you wish to be truly at peace with something/someone and experience freedom whilst being with them/it you have to exist independent from it. Meaning you have to be an independent unit which is in no way conditioned by the other person/thing/object.
While you are still identifying with you physical self you are tied up with it and depending upon its current state of health and fitness you are either feeling happy or unhappy, at ease or discomforted, satisfied or dissatisfied.
Generally, the older a body is growing the less it is capable to act and react exactly the way its inhabiting self would like it to. If you go through life believing that you are your body there will inevitable come a time, when you are going to find its reality difficult to accept and live with because it will be no longer able to do as you please best. Therefore, the sooner you detach yourself from it and learn to see it as a temporary habitation only, the less painful it will be, when it begins to show signs of deterioration and weakening in ageing. Otherwise your body will be feeling increasingly like a prison or an obstruction to your personal happiness. Instead of being a reality which is enabling you to experience the Divine in the world of dense matter.


If you are giving something give it willingly and from the heart. In this manner whatever it is you are giving will not only bring joy to the recipient but is also going to be returned to you in a manifold manner. Never give anything with an unwilling mind and not from the heart. Because if you do neither you nor the recipient will gain joy from it. Also, that which you have been giving grudgingly is going to be taken away from you a second time.
Therefore, unless your giving of something is making you think and feel "yes" it is better not to give and to work on your attitude first in order to change your inner "no" into a "yes".


If to you films and novels are appearing to be more interesting and more worthwhile to spend your time with than real life and in particular your own, it is because you have not yet realised the beauty of yourself and your potential to be a creator and the magic which is lying dormant in each single moment of life. You and every instance of your life are a miracle of sorts - so what could be more fascinating and absorbing than them? The eternal here-now is the fullness of life and once you have found a way to live in this reality your interest in invented, re-told and re-played stories of life naturally ceases to be. For who can invent and create stories that are more colourful, intricate and riveting than God Himself?