Tuesday, 31 December 2013


To find love is exceedingly easy. You just have to link yourself up with your True Self, the Spiritual aspect of your being.

Loving others, too, suddenly becomes very easy if you are able to maintain your own awareness of the love, which is connecting you to them upon the Spiritual level. 
Amongst close family members it is often found that the bond of Spiritual love is felt to be stronger. So personal differences in character are bearing less importance and are less obstructive to the mutual feeling of love than they do in other relationships.


Love is love. It has nothing to do with anger, frustration, manipulation, jealousy, arguments etc.
Bearing this in mind, one cannot help wondering why some couples are staying together - and are moreover professing to love each other...


Life is sacred and holy because it is of Divine origin.
Whereas in a place of worship people naturally tend to pay respect to particular objects, words, gestures, persons that are viewed as sacred, holy or in some other way connected to God, in every day life (in a Western society at least) hardly anyone is aware oft the residing Divinity in all forms and aspects of life. However, by disregarding the Divine aspect of every moment of life that, which is endowing existence with a true meaning is being neglected. To the effect, that happiness, love, enthusiasm, freedom, joy, peace etc. are becoming elusive feelings that have to be chased after, longed for and held on to it once grasped for an instant. Whereas is you are living in the on-going awareness of the Divine aspect of life these qualities are coming to you naturally and are becoming part of your state of being. Being aware oft he Divine nature of things, beings, and instances makes you care for them lovingly. True caring encompasses respect and if a living being is concerned also compassion.
You can teach yourself to become more aware of the Divine part of all life by learning to care for things, beings, moments of life. And because reality starts with your own self this begins with yourself. So pay care of your physical appearance (cleanliness and tidiness, not vanity), your words, thoughts and actions, your home, your personal belongings, the handling of the food and drink you are partaking of, your family, neighbours etc. And by caring is meant according to the part of life in question to be respectful, tidy, clean, upright, honest, mindful, friendly etc.

Thursday, 12 December 2013


Personal depression can be seen as a state in which unconsciousness (temporarily) has the upper hand over consciousness.
Depression in a human being is caused by a lack of light. In winter, when there is less sunlight to be had and in the far North where the sun is much lower in the skies depression occurs more frequently. However, the shortage of ultra violet rays shining down form the skies is only the secondary cause for the phenomenon of personal depression. Why? Life's reality is created from the inside out and thus a lack of external sunshine cannot possibly be the cause for this social malaise taking possession of individuals. Its root cause is rather a personal imbalance, an inner lack of light (love-consciousness) which is being enhanced by the relative outer darkness, thus surfaces and throws the individual in question into a phase of personal darkness. Sunlight and love-consciousness are closely related to each other because they are basically both derivatives of Divine Light. They are both aspects of the same Divine life-force which is the root cause of everything in existence. And so has each level of our personality its own kind of light or love-consciousness. Upon the physical level it is harmonious movement, upon the emotional it is agreeable feelings and upon the mental it is positive thoughts. Thus it can be seen, that personal depression may be caused either by emotional suffering, an overdue of physical inertia or a tendency towards negative thinking. Low quality nutrition, too, enhances the tendency for depression in people. Food that has been highly processed/chemically treated/imported from afar/produced against the natural laws of Mother Nature/on the expense of the individual welfare of its producers etc. Because such products are practically devoid of life-force and are fruits of unconsciousness rather than of love the way natural products are. Also a life-style which is not in accordance with Mother Nature, Her seasons, Her natural laws or far removed from her soothing and fortifying energies emanating from Her soil, plants, trees, winds further depression because from Her elements we are receiving love-energy. Whereas asphalt, air-conditioned air, plastic, computers, artificial lightning etc. are all consumers of this light and life enhancing love-energy.
Therefore, to avoid or to remedy depression is really quite simple. You just have to get daily exercise in the fresh air - and not inside a fitness studio. Eat healthy, wholesome and non-treated, local foods. Cultivate positive thoughts and do not indulge in excessive day-dreaming/novel-reading/TV-watching etc. See to it that you are spending enough time away from technical appliances, are in touch with natural materials, do not spend all day inside your car, heated-rooms, artificially lightened rooms. And in case you are living in a town let your eyes and attention rest upon a tree/bit of grass or another piece of living Nature regularly and at least once a day and cultivate conscious breathing whilst being outside. Because oxygen, too, is a potent carrier of life-force.
Depression may possibly be the worst kind of personal suffering because it is mainly experienced by the mind, which generally believes itself to be in charge of everything but is now experiencing its impotence.

Sunday, 8 December 2013


It is a generally held belief, that to be in a relationship with someone is to be talking to and seeing the person in question at regular intervals. However there is a way to relate to another being which does not require any words nor physical meetings. This kind of silent or "absent" relationship allows much more space for truly relating to another person because you are free to commune from heart to heart without the possible interference of words and personalities which may be at odds. This is not to say that physically and verbally relating to another person does not count as relationship or is to be avoided. But it is wise to bear in mind, that without the "silent" aspect of love existing invisibly underneath it, it is worthless.
Relationships are created by corresponding resonances and in a way everyone of us is  in relationship with the whole of the Universe. However the relationships which are of particular value in the course of ones individual development are those which are felt the strongest and closest to the heart.
The level of the heart is related to the Soul. So ones parents are two of the closest relatives because the resonance of their joint Souls created the appropriate resonance for your Soul to incarnate on earth. Hence, to be at peace with your parents from the depths of your heart is vitally important for the progress of your Soul.


It is not enough to say that you love. It is not enough to talk about your belief and to preach your faith. It does not suffice to think you are aware and conscious. If you truly love, you are living your love in all that you are, think, speak and do. If you truly believe in the Divine you are manifesting your faith in acceptance of and surrender to each single moment of your existence. And if you are really living in the consciousness of the Light, you are no longer thinking about what you know but are simply living in the awareness of the wisdom of your heart.

Saturday, 7 December 2013


To teach is to share.
If you wish to truly share with other your wisdom/your love/your joy/your knowledge/your faith/your experiences of consciousness and to inspire them to follow in your footsteps you have to do so from an open heart and with an open mind. A true teacher (anyone can act as a teacher to others, who has found wisdom, joy and love for themselves in life) , one who truly aids others upon their personal path of Light, is one, who is able to lovingly accept his/her disciples in their individual way of being. A true teacher of the heart is free from prejudices and personal ideas about what the disciples exactly need. He/she is simply aware of him/herself in Love and is allowing others to share in this presence of Light.
However, if you are trying to teach others by verbal instruction alone or in having found joy and love for yourself you are unable to open your heart and mind to the way other people are living their life and themselves, you might fascinate others and inspire them to look up to you in awe or to admire your doctrine but you cannot share with them what you have found for yourself, your wisdom/your love/ joy/faith/knowledge.


The idea of injustice is a creation of the human Ego.
In the Divine order of things everything is in balance and if there is an imbalance it is but of a temporal nature. However, since our perspective as incarnated human beings is often impaired by our personal views of life and ourselves, we are hardly ever in a position to be fully aware of how this system of Divine justice works.
And since mankind is in the possession of personal freewill, they can indeed incur injustice and thereby disturb this Divine harmony in which otherwise everything is always naturally ecqualised.
So yes, in the short term injustice does indeed exist, whereas is a long-term view everything is fair and just because even though mankind is in a position to act against justice in misusing their freewill ultimately they will have to pay for it before the court of Love in Heaven.

So upon a personal level you might occasionally be treated - or feel yourself being treated - unjust by others or life in general. And if you are identifying yourself with your Ego and fight against this injustice your are perceiving, you are barring the way for it to become naturally evened out. If, on the other hand, in being aware - or believing to be aware - of an injustice being done to you, you are remaining unattached and conscious of yourself in the situation at hand, you will find that in due course you will be repaid by destiny for what you willingly endured without putting up a fight.

Thursday, 5 December 2013


Following the path of Light will bring you fulfilment that grows and endures the rise and fall of the tides and the winds of change which are life's main characteristic. And although your quest is never really at an end you are coming to rest more and more in the still centre of your being.
Whereas if you let yourself be led by the desires of your Ego, striving after fame and fortune, you are bound to meet misery along with the occasional satisfaction of your desires and you cannot find any true peace nor lasting joy.

Sunday, 1 December 2013


Divine consciousness, of which we are forming part of, is limitless, boundless and free. In consciousness anything is possible and all the worlds and all the times can be here and now as one. The only one limitations, exclusions and boundaries there are to it are those existing in your mind and way of thinking. So if you are feeling conditioned by your life's circumstances and your destiny simply teach yourself to change your way of perceiving life and yourself. Learn to see the possibilities and ex-change your conditioning thought structures for new ones which are leaving free space for the impossible and improbable to happen to you.