Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Life is sacred and holy because it is of Divine origin.
Whereas in a place of worship people naturally tend to pay respect to particular objects, words, gestures, persons that are viewed as sacred, holy or in some other way connected to God, in every day life (in a Western society at least) hardly anyone is aware oft the residing Divinity in all forms and aspects of life. However, by disregarding the Divine aspect of every moment of life that, which is endowing existence with a true meaning is being neglected. To the effect, that happiness, love, enthusiasm, freedom, joy, peace etc. are becoming elusive feelings that have to be chased after, longed for and held on to it once grasped for an instant. Whereas is you are living in the on-going awareness of the Divine aspect of life these qualities are coming to you naturally and are becoming part of your state of being. Being aware oft he Divine nature of things, beings, and instances makes you care for them lovingly. True caring encompasses respect and if a living being is concerned also compassion.
You can teach yourself to become more aware of the Divine part of all life by learning to care for things, beings, moments of life. And because reality starts with your own self this begins with yourself. So pay care of your physical appearance (cleanliness and tidiness, not vanity), your words, thoughts and actions, your home, your personal belongings, the handling of the food and drink you are partaking of, your family, neighbours etc. And by caring is meant according to the part of life in question to be respectful, tidy, clean, upright, honest, mindful, friendly etc.

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