Saturday, 7 December 2013


To teach is to share.
If you wish to truly share with other your wisdom/your love/your joy/your knowledge/your faith/your experiences of consciousness and to inspire them to follow in your footsteps you have to do so from an open heart and with an open mind. A true teacher (anyone can act as a teacher to others, who has found wisdom, joy and love for themselves in life) , one who truly aids others upon their personal path of Light, is one, who is able to lovingly accept his/her disciples in their individual way of being. A true teacher of the heart is free from prejudices and personal ideas about what the disciples exactly need. He/she is simply aware of him/herself in Love and is allowing others to share in this presence of Light.
However, if you are trying to teach others by verbal instruction alone or in having found joy and love for yourself you are unable to open your heart and mind to the way other people are living their life and themselves, you might fascinate others and inspire them to look up to you in awe or to admire your doctrine but you cannot share with them what you have found for yourself, your wisdom/your love/ joy/faith/knowledge.

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