Monday, 14 December 2015


The less you require certain conditions in order to be able to personally experience positive feelings in life like love, happiness, truthfulness, charity, compassion etc. the purer they are and the freer you are in living your feelings.
The proof of the veracity/purity/selflessness of your feelings are proven by their immunity to apparent opposition and the passage of time.

Sunday, 22 November 2015


Feel free and you are free. Do not wait and hope for others to tell that you are (allowed) to feel and be so. Surrender your sense of guilt for being who you are and simply express your inner freedom by being your true self. Those who are ready and free enough in themselves will share your freedom in joy, whilst others will pass out of your life. If you are free in being your true self you are always safe, protected and strong, so do not be afraid and believe those who are wanting you to believe that feeling guilty/unfree in yourself is giving you securities in life.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Your are the one I seek for in my dreams
because you are the one who is giving rise to them.
Likewise you are the cause for my hopes.
You are the me I yearn to know
and you are the one who is my self of love.
In my dreams I err
and in my hopes I am disappointed
until I can see you clearly in the light of love.


At some point on your individual path to self enlightenment you cease to be hung up upon desiring to be understood by other people because you have come to realize that it is much more important that you understand your self in the first place. By arriving at an understanding of your own self you suddenly feel understood by others, too, effortlessly. Also, you will become more interested to try understanding others than wanting to be understood by them because you have come to understand that understanding others is a way to reach a better understanding of yourself simultaneously since others are simply serving you as a mirror to your as yet unconscious aspects of self.


In essence humankind is fashioned after God. Therefore, the spiritual part of our selves is possessed of Divine powers rendering the love inherent in our spirit and soul immortal, eternal. Whereas our personality in its physical abode is fashioned after Mother Nature and thus its powers of love are perishable and changing with the tides of life.
You can love a flower, enjoy its beauty and its unique presence. However, if you make your feelings of joyous love dependent upon its existence you are bound to suffer when it passes away, which it surely will.
In the same manner can you be sure to suffer if you focus too much upon the love you feel for a particular person. Rather concentrate upon the sensation love at the core of your being which is stirred and strengthened by the experience of your personal feelings of love and allow this experience to make you experience immortality.


In order to truly hear and see another person you have to do more than stop speaking yourself and turn your ears and gaze towards the other. You have to become silent in your self and with your mind and open your heart to the being of the other. Otherwise all you are hearing and seeing are your own notions, projections and prejudices of how you believe the other to be like.
Relationships are usually sought because there is a need in the self to be heard and seen and thus understood by another person. However, it can be observed that very often there is no true relating happening between two partners because both parties are too busy listening to and seeing themselves instead of being willing and ready to truly listen to and see their partner.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Let us live
with peace in our minds,
with love for our motivation
and light for our reason

May peace fill my universe
may love guide my steps
and light be my faith

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


If you are not feeling enraptured, inspired and fascinated by the endless kaleidoscope of inner and outer experiences life is offering you from moment to moment and instead are experiencing boredom, loneliness, heaviness, stress, frustration ect., it is because you are not living from the heart guided by love but rather from your fear-conditioned ego-mind.
You can change! Simply start following your heart in the decisions your are making.
Live your life like you have nothing to loose and you are free. Also, living in this manner you will always win - maybe not always what you expected or hope for but certainly always new experiences. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


If you can change your attitude and way of thinking from believing you have to fight against illness and instead think of being well and actually doing good things for your health you are already a much healthier and happier person, much less prone to suffer from (physical) sickness.

Monday, 10 August 2015


Love and you are able to recognize and trust in the good that exists in yourself, in life and in other people. Love and angels guide your steps. Love and you believe in miracles because you see them happening everyday.

Thursday, 30 July 2015


Love cannot be planned because it exists beyond reason. Build your life on the safe foundation of love but let love itself remain an adventure. Allow it to surprise, to mystify, to move and to challenge you. On the path of love you have to be courageous and faithfully fearless if you wish to grow towards the light. There are no securities in life anyway so it is better to embrace the unknown that love leads you to rather than to avoid it. Thereby you are fulfilling in your personal life the true purpose for being in a human body on this planet.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


If you do not wish to get hurt in love, love without fear. If you do not wish to be disappointed, love without expectations. And if you wish to be free and let free, love now with neither regrets of the past nor desires for the future. In this way your love is strong, steadfast and it can renew itself from moment to moment.


In love we embrace, flow, dance, blossom and shine. In fear we fight, struggle, rage, wilt and obscure. Love makes us feel clear, light, free, joyous. Fear causes heaviness, frustration, hopelessness, confusion. In love we trust, hope, understand, forgive and inspire. In fear we judge, mistrust, doubt, withdraw from life or cling, grow spiteful and rigid. Lovingly we are tender-hearted, generous, create peace, beauty and harmony, heal and work wonders. Fearful we hurt, fight, envy, destroy and hinder the flow of life from unfolding its possibilities, feel pain and loneliness. In love we are supportive, acknowledging, respectful. In fear we rival, compare and disrespect. Love sees and believes in the light, fear holds on to shadows.
Love makes us relaxed, spontaneous, humorous and innocent. Fear on the other hand breeds tension, prejudice, bitterness and defence.
Love and fear both secretly exist inside of us. The way we experience our own being, other people and our life tells us if our inner reality is dominated by fear or enlightened by love. Both love and fear are our teachers. Love teaches us to recognize and understand reactions of fear. And fear teaches us to trust in the reality of love.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


Inner knowledge is wisdom of the heart. This kind of knowledge grows secretly and renders you increasingly peaceful and contented in every respect. In contradistinction to outer knowledge, which must be laboriously acquired and causes restlessness in the self because it never appears to suffice and it calls for comparisons, evaluations.
However, it is part of being human to also pursue outer knowledge. Still, unless it leads you to inner knowledge you are seeking it with the wrong intention.


The more you know the less you know that you know - you just know, that's it. You no longer think about your knowledge it is there whenever you need it and in the meantime you are continuously learning new things.

Saturday, 25 July 2015


The more you truly ARE the less you think. Instead you become the observer of all that is passing through your mind. And since you are no longer identifying with your thoughts you are able to see where they are actually coming from, what is causing them to build and run into certain directions. You are still thinking and yet you are not because the "me" is no longer actively involved in them. Thus you are free to be always present in the here and now even though you might be currently thinking about past or future happenings.


To truly love renders imperishable, unconquerable, free, forgiving, patient, giving and blindly trusting. Also, it enables to comprehend and perceive things which the rational part of the brain is unable to understand and see. Loving truly means, that your love is no longer linked up with you perishable ego and thus conditioned by it but actually something greater than your personal self. In such a state you can no longer be hurt by acts or words of other people or by incidents of your personal life. You are no longer afraid to love and follow the call of your heart/intuition blindly trusting. And all sense of loneliness has disappeared from your life. You are love, you live love and you give love as naturally and freely as you are breathing.

Friday, 19 June 2015


When you are looking into the mirror of the world you can either get yourself lost in its superficial appearances or learn to look beyond them and to recognize their hidden essence - which is always love consciousness. The external forms of life, by which is meant the physical, emotional and mental levels of reality that we are personally experiencing, are transitory whereas their core is of unchanging, undying love.
Most people are learning to recognize the core of love lying at the heart of all things alive, including the self, by passing through repeated disappointment in their love for others or by putting all their efforts into transient realities that have no spiritual value.


Imagine, you are standing on the platform at the station, waiting. You know where you want to go and moreover you believe to know exactly which train will take you there because you have heard so from others, who have already been there, and read about it in books. Hence you are watching out for one particular train, not knowing however when it will arrive exactly. You are just standing there, gazing into the distance from whence you are expecting it to come and upon the platform you are believing to be the right one. Meanwhile you are blind for all the other trains coming and going and deaf to the loud-speaker announcements, which are advertising the incoming trains, the platforms of their departure and their destinations. Only occasionally you are registering other individuals boarding other trains, which is rendering you briefly afraid that maybe they will get there before you because maybe their trains are the right ones after all? And while you are staring fixedly into the direction you are believing your own train to come from, you are actually missing your desired train, because the loud-speaker announcement has informed that it went from a different platform...
In the case of personal enlightenment it is often happening just in the same way. There are many striving to achieve it, beset by the belief of knowing exactly how to get there. They are doing anything in their power to do the required things thereto and regret any action which they are believing to be in discord with their aim. So a great part of their lives they are seeing as a useless waste of time. Because they feel, that they do not have enough free time to meditate enough and to attend spiritual workshops and seminars as often as they would wish to.
Enlightenment is a state of the mind, which is lying beyond the conditionings the Ego is setting upon it by expecting it to happen in a certain fashion or at a particular time. Therefore it can only come from an unexpected direction and it can only happen in an unexpected way and moment. Because all expectations and set ideas are made by the Ego and thus conditioning yourself and life happening to you. So by the very act of expecting something in particular to happen in a certain fashion, you are preventing it from occurring. And even if it did take place, you would not be able to notice it. It is enough to long for it and to spend your time perfecting your capacity to love and to understand yourself and life better and better. Until one day your understanding is made so clear by love that you will suddenly no longer be blinded by your Ego and instead be able to recognize it from a detached position.


Our  personal life is a dream your Soul is dreaming in order to experience itself.
Life is also a kind of fairytale, because fairytales are fashioned in the manner of what we generally call "dreams" and thus they are governed by the same laws. Children believe in fairytales because they are still aware of their soul's reality...


A possible definition of "white magic" is to describe it as an act through which something new is brought into being by using love in combination with projection of consciousness.
Versus "black magic" which is manipulating aspects of life/living beings motivated by egoistical desires, fancies or mere lust for power.

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Love unifies, love melts down barriers and removes separation both inside the self as well as in the exterior world. Hence the more you love the more you become an integrated being and the more harmony you are experiencing also in your exterior life.
Therefore, if you wish to enlighten your ego-self and to come to know your true self that is existing beyond your personal fears and limitations you have to overcome your fear of what you might see if you drop your preconceptions regarding what you are like and who you are as a personality. You must dare to look directly at the truth of your being. Just watch, accept and love whatever you can see in your ego self. If you are looking at your personal shadows often enough in an attitude of loving awareness and with the intention to become whole, one day they will disappear in the light.


Thoughts carry the power to heal and to harm, they can either fortify or sap energy, some thoughts are weak and thus only wreak a slight influence, while others are highly potent - it all depends upon their inherent polarity and the personal state of the thinker. There are thoughts that are motivated by pure selfishness and caused by the inherent fears in the ego. And there are others that arise from selflessness and unconditional love. The first are usually of a negative effect in the long term even though at first they might appear to do good. Whereas the latter are invariably vehicles of positive energy even though the good that they are causing might sometimes never show on the surface - on the material plane of existence.
This all holds true for both thoughts that are concerning the self as well as thoughts that are directed at other people or life in general.

If we wish to evaluate the effect our thoughts are having on our own personal self and the world, we must first learn to be aware of our thoughts. However, thoughts are not three-dimensional and thus we must not only watch their wording but also their hidden intention and their original motif. For example the thought: "I wish him well" might by formulated because you do not want to selfish in your own estimation and it might be caused by the unconscious emotion of jealousy to be like the other person in question.

It can be observed that a lot of the guilt that many people are personally experiencing is existing because they know that they are guilty of bad thoughts, like jealousy, mistrust, impatience, anger etc., directed at their selves and other people (which, of course, is ultimately one and the same thing).

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


The life that you are experiencing in the present moment is a fact. Whether it is making you happy or dissatisfied solely depends upon the light in which you are evaluating/viewing it. Life is life and as such neutral. If you are personally believing life and its endless moments to be either positive or negative it is because you are colouring them by the attitude you hold towards them.
Take the weather for example: do you know of yourself that it is making you happy or unhappy depending upon its current state? Are you often busying yourself with thoughts about weather forecasts or how the weather has been - or should have been but was not etc?
Give it up. Take it as it is. Enjoy it the way it comes and make the best of it without further thought about what you would like it better or less to be like.

Friday, 29 May 2015


Life is love even underneath the fear
Life is light also inside the darkness
Life is beauty if you dare looking behind the shadows
Above all and in every way life is a living miracle.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


True beauty is independent. True beauty is an outward sign of an inner state of perfect harmony.
If you are truly beautiful, you don’t need any exterior source to admire your beauty nor to remind you of it  - like a mirror or photograph or another person or even a whole crowd of people.
Essentially everyone is beautiful. However, there are some people who are only feeling their beauty if they’re being told that they are beautiful or if they are being openly admired or seen by other people. Generally, in order to feel themselves beautiful they require a lot of time, effort and artificial props, like make-up, special clothes etc because it is an externally acquired sense beauty. The less you need to be beautiful and to know yourself to be uniquely beautiful in your simple way of being your self, the truer and the more independent you are in your individual state of beauteous harmony because it is an inner experience that exists independent of external conditionings.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Contrary to most people’s belief, freedom is not a gift you can be given by the exterior world but rather something you have to find in yourself and henceforth grant yourself to possess.

Here is a simple and effective recipe how to achieve inner freedom:
Never expect anything, never desire anything nor ever prefer anything
Instead: take what you are being given, enjoy what you have and like all and everything equally well.


We are being brought up to believe that to apologize regularly for a great number of things in our lives and about our way of being is not only polite behaviour but actually expected of us. And yet even as young children we are already aware of the fact that to apologize does not alter the apparent wrong that has been done/said or happened, nor does it change your inner feeling that something is not quite harmonious.

The crucial question is: WHY are you apologizing? The reason is always guilt.
You believe that you have to apologize if you are responsible for something that you either could not or did not want to alter or do or could be.
The day on which you are able to say „no“ to other people’s wishes and questions without apologizing for it or explaining your refusal nor feeling bad if you do not add either, you are free from your inherent sentiment of guilt.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


We are being taught to believe that what counts in life is to always know the "right" answer to any question that arises. However, since all answers are relative only, asking questions is much more important than knowing their possible "correct" answers. In fact, if you wish to grow in consciousness, never assuming you know things, instead to be asking (of yourself) questions ought to be your answer/reaction to the life that you are experiencing. And never allow any answer to be fixed and eternal. Always keep on looking at things from further angles and different perspectives. Still, at times it can prove satisfactory and also useful to take certain answers for your truth. Because if you wish to climb you need stepping stones and by temporarily taking certain facts for given truths, they can serve you as steps on your way into the unknowable.

Thursday, 9 April 2015


If you are happy being alone, you never have to feel lonely in your life. Furthermore, you are able to enjoy other people’s companionship while all the time remaining independent and free in your self.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


A sheep cannot help itself being a sheep. But what do you think it would wish for itself if happening to be surrounded by a labyrinthine hedge, that is taking away its freedom to move? It would dream of being an eagle with sharp eyes, soaring high above in the skies and to thus being able to see a path out of the restrictive labyrinth.
As human beings we may be living like short-sighted sheep caught in our Ego-identification and its appertaining fears and problems. However, we possess both the potential to be like eagles and the power of freewill.
Therefore, whenever you are finding yourself stuck in a personal situation which is making you feel shut in in some way (physically, emotionally or mentally) switch your level of consciousness. Turn yourself into an eagle by rising out off and above your limited personal perception and restricted view of the situation. Try seeing the other side of the hedge, the view from the other side, its shape from above and above all, gain a overall view of your emotional-mental habits of reaction. The physical level of life and thus your personal existence is only the outermost shell of an inner reality, which lies on a more subtle level than the personal-material reality. Therefore, in order to create liberating openings in your "hedge" you have make changes on the spiritual-mental levels of being and this is only possible, if you let go your fear-instinct dominated Ego-self and take a wider view of your self and its habits of reaction.


Colours in any shape or form, just like numbers, are potencies of power. It is well worth training yourself to be aware of your intuition telling you which colours you are to wear and surround yourself with - as far as it lies within your power to chose them. Besides influencing certain areas of your physical body, triggering certain kinds of emotions and thoughts, colours are speaking directly to the soul. Do not let fashion manipulate your state of being and liberate your mind from believing that there are colours which are "wrong" for your type. Any colour that is making you feel good from the inside is the right colour for you. And if colours that do not promote your inner balance and well-being are being forced upon you by your work environment or anywhere else, teach yourself to visualize and live in inner perceptions of colour.

Sunday, 5 April 2015


If you believe that you love today yet are unable to view all of your past and the persons that played a part therein with understanding and forgiveness in your heart, your love of today is just like a mild day in the middle of winter that will surly be replaced again by dank frosty days of greyness and desolation. The experience of true love makes you forgive and understand all that you are, have been and ever will be and thus also renders you forgiving and understanding towards everyone who seem to have "wronged" you in the past. Because your love renders you aware of the fact that the cause for all your suffering seemingly by the hands of others has really lain hidden in your own self.

Saturday, 4 April 2015


As an observer of the cycles happening in Mother Nature you realize that life is infinite and death but a transient shadow, that is taking place only exteriorly whilst the essence of life is living on at the core.
In longing to realize your own immortality you have to become the detached observer of your perishable aspect of the Self, the Ego. Thereby, you will come to understand, that unless you are willingly dying from one moment to the next you are remaining mortal and as such a prisoner to the physical reality and its limitations. Whereas to let go of your Ego-self as you are passing from one moment to the next is liberating you to be boundless and free to be anything and everything at all times  - always. Now and now and now. It will also make you feel loved and loving regardless of what has happened to your personal „you“ yesterday or what might happen to it tomorrow.


If you have felt loved and loving yesterday or dream of feeling so in the future, but are feeling angry/disappointed/lonely today you must release your memories of the past and your hopes for the future. Instead you have to focus upon finding love here and now in your own self, at the core of your being. Unless you are able to experience love independent of other people and happenings you can be sure that all the love you seem to feel or feel you are being given, will one day turn into bitterness, disappointment and anger.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Basically, there are only two directions in which we can turn our attention. Either inside towards our true/inner self or to the outside at the world consisting of external circumstances and other people. True answers, true in the sense that they are bringing us closer to an understanding of the self and God, can ultimately only ever be found inside and must thus be arrived at by yourself.
Therefore, in the desire to advance closer towards your true self and God, it is vital that you look inside and try to understand your self.
In fear you are listening to the world telling you what is right/wrong, good/bad about yourself. And you are looking in external circumstances and other people for reasons why you are as you are. All of these external sources will confirm your worst fears and lead you further astray.
On the other hand, in a state of loving trust you may likewise look into external experiences and listens to other people in your search form inner illumination. However, you are doing this only in order to take what you have learnt there inside and use it gain a deeper understanding of the still unrecognised aspects of your self.
Of course, wherever there are two things as closely related to each other like fear/doubt and self-query/love and also involving the ego, you will always get people, who in fear of facing their own darker side, are desperately trying to get you back into fear, too. Therefore, do not believe in the words of those who are accusing you of self-delusion and blindness. Rather allow their attacks to give rise to still deeper self-inquiry and affirmation of love and trust in your own estimation of your capacity to know yourself better than they ever can since you are living inside your own truth.


The only way to realize and appreciate what you are and have got is to give up your obsession about wanting something else, wishing to be different than you are or to posses other/more/different things than what you have got. So say "yes" to your self and your current state of reality and by embracing these temporary values you are setting yourself free to become a more loving you and to discover a brighter reality.


If you foster any doubts about your personal merits, your worthiness, your abilities, your professional competences and your natural birthright to be loved, respected and taken for full, no one else will ever give you these things. And even if they tried to love and respect you, to take you for full, to acknowledge your abilities and admire you for your merits, you would not be able to realize it and to feel what you are being given.
Believe in your self and the world sees you who you are - a worthy human being of positive potential both visible and still to be discovered.

Sunday, 29 March 2015


There is never a "right" and a "wrong" side in any kind of relationship. Neither is ever in the "right" or more worthy to be seen as superior. There are simply two sides to any argument and two different views of reality in any situation. If you are wise you realize this and try to incorporate the other's view of facts into your own. This will bring you to feel peace with others and peace with your self, too. Whereas to claim  that you are right and the other wrong, or even vice versa, will bring you needless anger, frustration, inner restlessness and a sense of inferiority/superiority. While all the time causing the difference in your way of perceiving reality to the one of the other's to grow still wider.
The only way to reach an understanding of something or someone your are experiencing to exist outside of your self is being initially saying "yes" to both their existence and their individual way of being/appearing. Only out of acceptance can understanding grow. Whereas prejudices, denial and fear of what they are incorporating in your eyes are precluding you from gaining any real insight into their way of being.
However, since the things/people you are fighting against accepting are generally indirect reflections of aspects in your self that you are unconsciously afraid to accept/understand and come to terms with, it can prove very rewarding to practise self-awareness in your daily life and dealing with other people and situations therein. And to take the time and trouble to question your self rather that to condemn/accuse others for their way of being or deny their existence in your personal life or to blame and rage at your personal circumstances in life.

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Life, which is not being conditioned by the Ego, is an endless series of unexpected happenings and magical surprises. Therefore, if you wish to have a life and relationships that do not bore you, you must remain open-minded, open-hearted and consciously aware at all times. Otherwise you miss their beauteous changes and developments.
The personal Ego is constantly and habitually relating to its surroundings, and to objects and other living beings. So in a way your personal life is mainly characterized by relationships of all sorts.
If you wish your personal relationships to stay alive with love - any kind of relationship, including the one you have with your own self - you must never believe that you know what the other is like, what they are going to do, say, think or be like next. Because by set expectations you are hindering life from following its natural course and other beings from being their true selves and objects from revealing to you an aspect which you have not noticed before.


Intentions are powerful forces that can carry you far in life. Either into utter egoistical selfishness or into love and light and thus closer towards God.
If you have the intention to change something about your self or you way of living that will render them more positive, more conscious and free - do it now. Because tomorrow never comes for as long as you are putting things off to be realized at another time.


There is a way of living which is expressive of love and one which is directed by fear. To be living in love is to be living in God. To be living in fear is to be living in your limited Ego’s perspective of reality. In order to be living freely you have to realize via conscious personal experience that life is born of love and that your fears are making you blind to this reality. Only by surrendering your Ego and its inherent fears to the higher power of God it is possible to live your life in the light of love. Whereas by holding on to your Ego-identification you remain caught in a life full of fears.

Saturday, 21 March 2015


To love is to understand. If you are truly understanding your self/other beings/life you cannot possibly dislike, negate, hate or condemn them in any way. To be understanding makes you accept all things and beings as they are and thus it enables you to see their inherent light or their potential for light. Therefore, to attain an inner state of (self-)consciousness is rendering you capable of recognizing the positive/light aspects of life even whilst being shown and confronted with its dark side.


Silence is a space in which you can be your true self. Pure, free and eternal.
To become aware of your inner centre of silence is to enter a reality of being in which you are floating, flying, dancing, smiling inwardly throughout all your personal existence on earth. To be living in this awareness is to be be truly alive and truly loving.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Love is boundless and it is the source of all life forms. The true self is part of the reality of love and as such much greater than the personality self that is existing in a human body on earth. Therefore, the less personal conditionings you are imposing upon yourself the more love can flow through you and thus the more fully is your true self able to manifest through your personality.
The personality exists in a world of forms. The true self has its existence beyond forms and is free to recognize all things and beings as part of God, as part of the self despite their segregate appearance.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


To be able to love yourself unconditionally from the heart renders you resilient against all external influences that might otherwise cause you harm or distress in your personal life.
Therefore, to be strong is to be in an state of inner love. To be lacking in love is leaving you weak and prone to suffering.
There are different ways of relating on a personal level. Depending upon how much unconditional love you are experiencing in your own self you are relating to the exterior world differently. Unable to love yourself you are seeking the company of persons who flatter and admire you(your Ego) directly or indirectly. However, since everything has two sides, on this level you will also meet those who criticise and denounce you. Or you are doing it yourself whenever you are not being given the "love and acknowledgement" which your Ego needs  in order to feel happy with itself and life from external sources.
If, on the other hand, you are loving yourself from the inside you are associating with people who are challenging you to grow still deeper into love by causing you to question yourself or by questioning you in your way of being directly. On this level there is no "dark" side. When you are inwardly in state of tolerance, acceptance and compassion you are no longer moving in a world of personal "war-faring" and superficial "love-making". And even in times when you have temporarily lost your clear picture of your "you" due to an intense phase of personal growth you are remaining strong in your attitude of trust towards who/how you are.

Friday, 20 February 2015


Now is all we have. Everything of importance in life is now and only now. Anything you long for you have to start doing or being here and now - or it will never be happening or come to be.
Therefore, do not wait for your life to change but rather initiate the changes you wish to see here and now. Do not hope for love to happen to you one day. Start loving here and now, beginning with your own self, the moments of life that you are experiencing and the people you are surrounded with in the present moment. And if you are holding a grudge against a person, yourself, God or against your destiny in general begin forgiving now because otherwise you will never be able to love or experience positive changes in your life.

Monday, 16 February 2015


How to know if someone is truly honest/authentic/good?
If you are an honest and good person and authentic in your way of being, then you do not feel the need to talk about it, you do not think even about it, you just ARE what you are. Quietly, simply and without making a fuss about your person. If you would like to be or pretend to be or even just like to believe yourself to be a good/simple/authentic/honest person you are feeling compelled to talk about it and to advertise your virtues to the world.


God alone is absolute. Anything other is of relative reality only, including the things we know and believe to know. All knowledge is relative because its veracity and relevance depend upon the current viewpoint of its owner. Also, knowledge being an aspect of life, it is constantly changing in itself as life is developing and evolving.
Therefore, if you truly know, you are what you know in the here and now. Also, you are aware of the fact, that the moment you start believing/thinking that you know something/someone for sure, you are losing touch with true knowledge. You know, that to be knowing is to constantly let go of what you have just come to realize, understand and learn about the nature of yourself/others/life and to be keeping your mind and heart open for changes in your store of knowledge at all times.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


...may not be the best thing for someone else - and vice versa, of course.
What is good and what is bad? This is a question which has many different aspects and levels of understanding it.
However, there is one common denominator which holds true for all. Good/positive are those things which enhance the quantity and quality of light and love and are thus promoting the harmony and well-being in the unity of creation. Bad/negative are all things that are causing harm in any way. Even if their first effect appears to be of a positive nature.
Because everyone is a unique being the question of good or bad upon a personal level must be answered by everyone by themselves. And since life and your self are in a state of on-going development and progression things that have been good and right for you to today may no longer be so tomorrow. In order to know for yourself what you need in order to be your best, most energetic and healthiest self you must learn to listen to your body and also watch the fluctuations of your mind and emotions. Chose to consume and do only those things which are enhancing your inner positivity, clarity and harmony and are strengthening your physical sense of well-being in the long-term. Avoid anything that has bad after-effects on you in any way or is harmful to your environment or destructive to your fellow beings.
Growth and prosperity bot inner and outer, both individual as well as universal, require love and care and mindfulness.
Therefore, seek to do the things that are deepening your love, that you care about and make you feel cared for and things that are sharpening and refining your capacity of mind-awareness. Avoid things that are rendering you uncaring and mindless.


By being authentic in your way of acting, speaking, moving, living, thinking, feeling you may but rarely meet someone who is like you or even understands your way of being. However, you will be respected by everyone and even openly admired by some for the integrity you are living towards your own self and your honest simplicity you are showing to the world.

Saturday, 7 February 2015


Death is the shadow of life. Life being an expression of the Divine light invariably casts shadows in the sphere of forms. Therefore you cannot escape death and dying.
However, having been endowed with the gift of freewill you are in a position to decide over how you wish to live with this fact.
In being afraid of death and dying you are living your personal life in an illusion of being alive only. Because your fear is preventing you from living fully in the present moment of the here-now. Instead it is keeping you trapped in past memories, doubts and future hopes. Furthermore, your fear of the finality of your existence has an intensely limiting and conditioning effect on your mind and imagination. Thereby you are being disabled to raise your consciousness above the level of your personal existence and that of material reality.
Whereas surrendering your fear of dying and death you are made fully alive to the present moment. Releasing your fears clears you mind from its prior conditionings. Thus you are able to raise your consciousness onto higher levels of awareness of both yourself and life. From this vantage point you are in a position to realize our own immortality and the continuance of life beyond the confinements of the material plane.

Friday, 6 February 2015


When you love, your arms are open like the wings of an angel. However, your outstretched arms only enable you to continuously soar higher in consciousness and also deeper into your self through life if you do not attempt to hold on to moments and people that you are encountering along its course. Your accepting embrace of each moment of your life and the people it is holding lovingly must remain open and ready to let go of all that and those that you are meeting at the same time. In this manner your love can be reborn again and again and you are light and free to fly. If you cling to your loved moment and people your love dies and remains dead and only its shadow lingers on in your memory. And keeping a shadow alive takes a lot of energy and it is neither satisfying nor uplifting.

Thursday, 5 February 2015


In longing for a state of love you have to practise kindness first. Once you have found love you are naturally kind. However, love is a feminine quality and in order to be balanced and lasting it requires an active, masculine counterpart. Therefore love must be coupled with wisdom. Wisdom can only prosper, where justice and truthfulness are being cultivated for wisdom is only perceptible to a clear and conscious mind. When your mind is clear and you are being aware of its transparency, you are able to experience also love more fully.

Monday, 2 February 2015


True masters can be recognized by the fact that they no longer have to strain and strive in  commanding their art. Mastership is characterized by ease, lightness and effortlessness.
Therefore, when you have become master over your lower nature, your personality, you are naturally kind, loving, wise, truthful, and just.


By longing to be a loving, kind-hearted and gentle person in your life without being exploited and hurt by others that may want to take advantage of your softness and apparent weakness, you must be strong in your self. In other words, you have to learn to root your conscious awareness firmly in your quiet centre within, the spiritual part of your self, that is existing beyond your perishable personality self. Because a living organism without a strong centre is prone to be impaired by external influences.


Integration of the different levels of your being, i.e. the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, by linking them up in your consciousness, renders you aware of the multi-dimensionality of life and you own self. Your sense-perceptions are no longer phenomenons in themselves but are opening up into each other. And your thoughts are no longer occupied by egotistical and purely personal issues but become abstract concepts that are connecting you to other parts in the Creation that you are now able to recognize as correspondences of the same.
And in the same manner are people you meet with in life no longer just personalities to you but you are also aware of their soul level and the spiritual link that is uniting you. Thereby you are able to recognize other people as aspects of your own self.

Sunday, 1 February 2015


It is never too late to begin making positive changes in your self and in your life. Any time you can start following your dreams and start doing new things which you have been longing to do because you intuitively feel, that they would increase your joy and freedom in living.
If you believe that it is too late to start something new or to overcome your bad habits that are compromising your health and joy of living, you are listening to the small but very cunning voice of your hidden fears that is wanting you to stay stuck where you are.
You can talk to this voice in you. You can tell yourself, that you are free and that life is happening here and now and that whatever has been in the past can actually become the past and that you have the right to be different and more positive than you have been yesterday. Nothing bad can happen to you if you are making positive changes in yourself. On the contrary, you will become stronger, more alive and more loving and loveable.


The essence of life is Divine Light and Love. The realization of this truth transforms and transcends your individual consciousness so that henceforth you are living in a new reality of awareness. You are now able to see beauty and truth everywhere. Making you meet your self, the world and life in general with an unwavering inner smile that is radiating through your whole being and gives warmth to others..


If you wish to be strong in the strength, purity and virtue that you are living in and showing to the world you have to base them upon inner strength. Otherwise you are prone to fall victim to your own shows of strength and fall from virtue.
To be truly strong is to manifest the purity and virtues you are developing in your conscious self to the same degree in the exterior world. Only if you are strong in your own self, you are able to grow and develop. In this endeavour your actions must match your inner level of awareness. If they do not, you are like a gardener who waters his seedlings while at the same time he is trampling on them continuously.
To be strong in consciousness is rendering you different from the masses. Therefore, you are bound to be admired in your fortitude and virtue of purity by some and envied or misunderstood by others. And very often you will encounter a mixture of both. All the more important it is that you are remaining independent in your inner strength, purity, virtue and trust(in your self). Also you have to practise detachment from you personal self and its power to live pure goodness. Otherwise you may fall victim to the admiration or the criticisms of others, become vain or doubtful and thus loose your purity and strength.

Saturday, 31 January 2015


That, which is generally being called "love" and is being experienced as such on the level of the personality self is often nothing more that an attraction, fascination or infatuation of the Ego. And since such fancies are bound to lessen with the passing of time and due to the natural changes that are constantly happening within the personal self, in the world around us and in other people, this kind of love is predestined to lessen, flounder or even turn into the opposite at some stage. Therefore, personal love is moody but in some cases can still last for a long time, provided both partners or just one of them is playing this game of mutual self-delusion in way that is balancing out the fluctuations of attraction by putting in a constant effort to distract from the truth of the situation.
Still, while such a temporary spell of imagined love is lasting it is a strong positive influence that allows individuals to forget initial dislikes and personal conditionings for some time and to experience acceptance, understanding and compassion instead. But once the blinding influence of personal "love" is no longer there, these tender feelings are often replaced by aversion, hate and anger.
However, when you have reached a state of consciousness that allows you to live your personal existence on the level of the higher self, your love has become unconditional and you are thereby enabled to accept others in their way of being unconditionally. This in turn is allowing you to experience feelings of love, understanding and compassion even in periods when the personal attraction is reduced or even absent.


To render another living being happy is - at least in theory -  very simple.
Just allow them enough space in which to move, feel, think and be themselves in freely. Allow them to express their individuality, do not expect them to be different from how they are. Rather try to find understanding and acceptance for their way of being.
In this manner you are also bringing a sense of happiness to your own self at the same token.

Thursday, 29 January 2015


In human beings the realization of the Divine principle inherent in Creation must pass through the mind since the brain is its receptive, perceiving and understanding part.
Therefore, every human being is being driven to achieve this goal, even though not everyone might be consciously aware of it and willing to acknowledge it to them-selves – as yet. For this reason the seeking of knowledge is a universal instinct that is driving all of mankind onwards. However, if unrecognized fear in an individual is dominating the personal life this primordial urge is being disfigured and the acquisition of knowledge remains a mere theoretical game with which to divert and strengthen the Ego. Furthermore, to own theoretical knowledge tricks you into believing that you are safer the more you have stored because “you know”. Whereas in fact you are remaining the victim of your hidden fears because theoretical knowledge cannot resolve them. And as such still as little able to cope with every single situation of your personal life without having to resort to some escape strategy in order to duck away from confronting your fears directly. The most common way to avoid truthful confrontation with one’s self and one’s personal fears is to drink alcohol, or to seek diversions like excessively watching movies, reading novels, listening to music, going out with friends, having sex, creating relationship dramas, etc.
Theoretical knowledge is only of use if it is being put into practise in everyday existence. Only by doing so can realization of God grow in the self.
To achieve spiritual insights and an enhances vision of life mentally but lacking the courage, the trust and the strength to put them to the test in a practical manner and to integrate them into your personal life is like buying an expensive winter coat in an icy climate but to rather lock it away in a cupboard and continue to suffer from cold. Rather than to wear it and risking, that it might prove not be as protective as you hoped or thought it would be. And to attain self-knowledge which is enabling you to better realize your own truth but to still act in a way you have really out-grown and which is violating your natural boundaries, is like knowing that you have an umbrella at home but still walk out into the rain bareheaded and suffer from cold afterwards.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


While you are still living in the reality of your personal Ego, love is the least reliable factor of your life. Even in times that you are believing to be owing it, you are being aware of the fact that you might just as easily loose sight of it again in the same was as you can be sure that the sun in the sky on the British Isles is going to be chased away by clouds of rain as unexpectedly as it has appeared.
Therefore, even in the periods when you are personally feeling, receiving and apparently living in love, you do not relax into trust.
However, love can only truly happen to you if you let go and stop seeking, battling, striving to gain it from the external world and from other beings or to fight against losing it or to hold expectations of how it is meant to be.
True love is an ongoing and as such an absolutely reliable reality that can only really be discovered inside the self. And once this has happened you are living in a state of love that is allowing you to realize and experience it also in your exterior life. This is enabling you to understand that even though love in your personal life might at times appear to be hidden behind grey clouds, it is still living on undiminished in its radiance and power beyond your immediate sight.


Your individual spiritual development is a process of growth that is happening by your increasingly deepening self-realisation. Thereby you are moving forever closer to the ultimate truth. Since it is via the confrontation with the exterior world and other individuals that this is being enabled, the people you are in direct personal contact with can help you considerably in this quest after the vision of your inner light.
On this path the people who are loyally and undoubtedly giving you their love, understanding and compassion while at the same time are questioning you in a unprejudiced manner prove to be the most effective and inspiring support.
And the best support you are giving your self is by never doubting in your worth nor in your right of existence nor in your worthiness to be loved. While simultaneously to never cease questioning your self and life with an open mind and heart. And to never take anything for certain or constant apart from the reality of love and consciousness. You have to remain flexible, fluid and open to the changes of life. Because truth(God) is a living thing and as such never exactly the same from one moment to the next.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Numbers are the groundwork of the universe and as such they are concrete realities. However, since the Divine manifestation of life is split up into different levels of consciousness their reality is simultaneously relative because each sphere has its ow laws and as such its own reality of numbers.
Usually the reality of a number in one particular sphere can be explained and a personal understanding of it made possible in the context of their reality in the sphere just below it. And the numbers as such are direct correspondences of the different spheres of existence starting with the 1 or with the zero, depending upon ones understanding of God and life.
For example:
God is nothing, the primordial zero. Yet since there is only this, he is only the primordial 1. Then again his oneness can be understood in terms of the 2, because he is manifesting both in a passive/female and in an active/male way. ...
If you look upon it from the perspective of an incarnated human being, then usually the material reality existing on earth is usually viewed as the real reality. But since we are multi-dimensional beings even apparently obvious material facts must remain a relative reality.
3 is equal 3 from a purely material point of view. But 3 can also be a 4. How? Out of four days you can spend three mornings watching the sunrise with another person and still actually spend 4 of them together even though on one of the days both are watching the sunrise physically in a different place. Because in thoughts each one of them is with the other and depending upon their sensitivity might actually even experience the physical presence of the other in the seemingly empty space by their side.
Therefore the question of how real numbers are to you in what way you are aware of their inherent reality entirely depends upon your state of consciousness. The more levels of awareness that are accessible to you the more relative the numbers are to you while at the same time becoming more concrete because you are able to understand and see them from different levels simultaneously.

Saturday, 24 January 2015


The higher the inherent vibrational frequency of an living atom, sphere, being or entity the less it is appearing to be real, substantial and visible if looked upon from a material perspective and a matter-bound personal point of view.
This explains why once you begin transforming your personal consciousness your awareness is suddenly opening up to heretofore unimaginable realities of life.

Friday, 23 January 2015


God is eternal. Divine consciousness is timeless. Ego consciousness on the other hand is conditioned and bound to time and space reality. Therefore, when you have transcended your personal consciousness, when you are living from the heart and in the awareness of your higher Self your frequency of vibration changes and you are entering a new dimension of time. Since you have risen above the conditionings of time-space reality you are able to experience what has before appeared as past, present and future to you all at the same. As well as being in touch with the different levels of manifestations at the same time so that souls which so far to you have appeared to be on another level of manifestation or of another time period are suddenly here-now present in your life.

Monday, 19 January 2015


Knowing and loving your true Self is rendering you free to be living according to your true nature. However, to be living thus requires great trust on your part both in your Self (in what you are perceiving as truth) and in life in general. Because your heart via the voice of intuition is leading you mostly along unpredictable paths forever further into new experiences and further away from what you already know and have heretofore believed. Therefore, if you wish to always remain true to your Self you have to cultivate and deepen your capacity to unconditionally trust in the reality of the present moment continuously. Because the path of spiritual consciousness is like an eternal quest which is becoming more intricately demanding as you are progressing. If you fail to deepen your faith and trust as you are moving along you will come to a point in your development where you can get no further and you are forced to forsake your chance for still greater freedom.
The more you trust the freer you are to follow your intuition.


Enter the space within your heart and you are at home in your true Self. In this sacred place you are at one with love, aligned with God and in harmony with all life and all living things visible and invisible. here, at the centre of your being you find unconditional silence, peace and bliss. In the space within your heart you are perfect as you are and being valued, accepted and cared for no matter what is taking place in your personal life.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


At the core of all externally visible forms of life there is existing an invisible, unchanging and eternal spark of Divine force.
This also applies to human beings.
Fatigue and exhaustion only exist in external states of life. On a spiritual level the amount of energy never varies, never disappears.
The personality self is an external form of life until a state of self-enlightened has been reached. Henceforth personal consciousness is united to the spiritual awareness of the higher Self and thus connected to the reality of eternal life.
Therefore, the more you come to live in your inner reality of light and love the less you are experiencing fatigue and tiredness caused by the changes your are moving through in external life. You become like a feather that is weightlessly floating in the air in harmony with the winds of change.


Peace is an inner state that radiates outwards and enlightens, harmonizes your surroundings. A sense of peace can only take place in your self, if you have given up being unhappy and dissatisfied with who you are and how your life is. Peace and bliss begin and end with your inner attitude, your personal reality. If you are not able to experience contentment in your own self here and now you can never feel at peace and live in harmony with your self and life. Therefore, if you long for peace and happiness (and who does not?) teach yourself to say "Yes" to your self here and now.

Sunday, 4 January 2015


There is a way of knowing yourself (and God  and other people) that transcends mental conceptions and knowledge. It is deeper and more subtle than anything that can ever be put into words. It is a profound inner recognition and intuitive knowing of the true nature, the essence of Light and Love that is lying dormant at the heart of your being.


If you are longing for unfaltering self-esteem you have to base it upon your positive acceptance and acknowledgement of what you are here and now. And neither build it upon what you know yourself to have achieved or been in the past. Nor upon what you are going to be or do in the future. True self-esteem must be unconditional and unprejudiced. Otherwise it is fluctuating with the changes of life. By coming to esteem your own self in this simple manner you automatically begin to esteem and accept other people's individual way of being, too.