Saturday, 4 April 2015


As an observer of the cycles happening in Mother Nature you realize that life is infinite and death but a transient shadow, that is taking place only exteriorly whilst the essence of life is living on at the core.
In longing to realize your own immortality you have to become the detached observer of your perishable aspect of the Self, the Ego. Thereby, you will come to understand, that unless you are willingly dying from one moment to the next you are remaining mortal and as such a prisoner to the physical reality and its limitations. Whereas to let go of your Ego-self as you are passing from one moment to the next is liberating you to be boundless and free to be anything and everything at all times  - always. Now and now and now. It will also make you feel loved and loving regardless of what has happened to your personal „you“ yesterday or what might happen to it tomorrow.

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