Thursday, 27 February 2014


Do you know the story of the young man who is seeing the woman he loves every day at work. However, because he is afraid that his love might be turned down by her he never dares confessing his love to her and from fear that his love might be detected he is showing her his cold shoulder. Suddenly one day he is seeing her no more and later finds out from a common colleague that she has gone to live on the other side of the world because she used to love him very much and his indifferent behaviour had been to much for her to bear any longer.
It is taking him a long time to recover from this shock. The female colleague who had been the news-bearer is being there for him, patiently bearing his moods. And gradually he is coming to look upon her as a friend and to finally realize that she is really just as dear to him as the other one used to be. And having learnt from his prior mistake he is showing her his love and one day even makes an open confession of it. And since she has always loved him they are united and living happily ever after.

It is never too late to change yourself, your way of behaviour or your life. However  the longer you are hesitating to take the necessary steps to bring about positive changes the more difficult it is becoming for you to overcome the resistance caused by your inertia. And if you are waiting for too long the existing opportunities for change will vanish one day. Still, your pathway to self-transformation is never entirely locked because even if some passages close, there are always new ones appearing to replace them. But the difficulty then is to let go your conviction that all hopes are lost because you lost the opportunities you knew you used to have due to having waited for too long. It is often difficult to open up your mind to recognize those that have appeared in their stead and are only waiting for you to see and seize them.

Sunday, 23 February 2014


(True) Love is more than a feeling, more than a fancy or thought and it is also more than an emotion and physical sensation. Although it touches and fulfils your emotions, your thoughts and senses.
It is an all-encompassing experience which lifts you out of the restrictions of time and place. It is a indescribable experience which fills your whole being with a warm light that illuminates your eyes. The experience of true love gives your life a purposeful meaning by turning it into a contribution to the sum total of good existing in the universe.

Saturday, 22 February 2014


The term "true" can be understood in the sense that it is descriptive of a state which is both existing unconditionally and in the here-now.
True love is existing beyond dualism hence it is devoid of symptoms of its dark side which are usually felt by lovers at some stage or another in the course of their loving someone.
Therefore one way of finding out if your love for someone is of the true kind and not an illusion created by your Ego-mind is to ask yourself the following questions:
"Does my loving make me feel happy here-now, does it increase my life-force, does it enhance my understanding regarding other people in general and do I feel like being kind to the whole world?" "Can I remain happy even if I may never see my beloved one again?" "Will I continue loving no matter what the other one does or what may happen to me in life?"
If your answers are "yes" to all of them you are truly loving. If on the other hand you are hesitating it is a sign that you are still living a kind of love which is conditional and as such prone to turn sour or heart-breaking one day.
True love, although it might be instigated by meeting another person really is impersonal.

Friday, 21 February 2014


The only way to end all feelings of loneliness:
Learn to be aware of the Divine, that is existing in all aspects and each moment of life, and you will no longer walk through life alone...
Why it can be said, that only once all sense of loneliness has disappeared from within your self you have completely achieved awareness of God.


Have you ever wondered why even those people who are seemingly/in the eyes of the world successful, remain dissatisfied and are constantly seeking after more and bigger success?
Success is being defined by subjective awareness, why a person is ceaselessly striving after more success until they have achieved it in their own estimation. However, due to the fact that striving after success is motivated by a lack of self-love, this search generally remains unrealizable. Unless the person in question is attaining in the course of their search for worldly recognition to the realization that the key to success is actually resting within the Self. Accordingly the quest for worldly success is actually being accomplished - in a most unexpected way.


If you wish to reach a state of unconditional happiness you have to teach yourself to transform your unconscious identification with your thinking, desiring and feeling "I" into awareness of your unchanging aspect of self. The greater "I" that is existing unchangingly behind the "I" of your Ego-Self.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


There are certain things about you or/and your life which you cannot change. However by accepting them you are creating a slight alteration within yourself which in turn will create a positive change in the aspect you experienced to be unchangeable.

Monday, 17 February 2014


Due to the fact that on an energetic level we are all intrinsically linked to each other and are forming a composite unity, to be helping others is like to be helping yourself. Because helping another person to release/overcome a personal blockage or to simply help them to enhance their energy level in some way, is increasing the current of life-energy in your proximity which in turn is giving a boost to your own resources of life-force.
Likewise to be loving others unconditionally is to be bestowing love unto yourself, too. And to be giving you attention and understanding to another is to be understanding and caring toward yourself at the same time.

Friday, 7 February 2014


Life is continuous change and it is full of unexpected surprises.
Things can only "hit" you and "throw you off your feet" unexpactantly, if you have been living in expectation of something in particular. That is, in your Ego-created make-believe reality - instead of the reality of the here-now. On the other hand, if you living in conscious awareness of yourself and each present moment of life, you are no longer a victim of circumstaces but are finding yourself actually in a position to chose with what you wish to go into resonance with and in what manner you would like to react to certain incidents and personal encounters.


In periods where you are feeling troubled/anxious/restless/hopeless/sad you are experiencing life like a threatening, dark ocean characterized by engulfing waves, inpenetrable depths, dangerous cross-currents and a foggy, unclear horizon.
Whereas in times when you are at peace with yourself life appears like an endless sea with glittering depths, clear views and pleasurable tides that are taking you to new horizons.
In the same way that the oceans of the world are containing both aspects and according to the current climate are in turn showing either their bright or their dark side, so is your personality subject to experience life sometimes bright sometimes dark. That is, up to the moment where you are reaching full awareness of your lower self with its varying moods. Henceforth you are free to consciously remain in the awareness of love and light and thus stormy days to you belong to the past.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Life IS
Live life and your own self the way they actually are and not how you would wish they were or how they have been once and you will BECOME what you truly are. Enjoy life and your own being and you will become a creator thereof.
Life is LOVE
You are LOVE
Live in this reality and henceforth your inner light will shine forth like a star that is illuminating its surroundings with a radiance that is out of this world.

Saturday, 1 February 2014


Love is the cause of life
Love is the reason for life
Love is the way of life
Love is the answer to everything
And love is the power which is making you see the Truth.