Wednesday, 25 June 2014


The Heart and the Ego-mind both have a way of saying "yes" and "no". But whereas when the Heart is speaking "yes" or "no" it is a voice of unconditional love, when the Ego-mind has the saying it is a voice of fear speaking. This is why, if you are deciding intuitively what is right for you even your "no" is of positive power because whatever is being done in the name of love is ultimately positive. Whereas both "yes" and "no" are negative forces if they are being motivated by the Ego's fear of extinction/loss/loneliness.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Moving upwards and forwards in life and manifesting your inherent potential of Divinity requires you to be both active and passive in equal measures. Only if exterior activity is balanced by interior passivity and exterior passivity by interior activity a forward movement is possible. Whereas if exterior activity is accompanied by inner activity, you are veering off on a Ego-trip away from the central path of love and lose yourself in battles fought in the name of the "Me". And if you are being passive both inwardly and outwardly you are sinking into the mire of slothfulness and are getting lost in the fog of unclarity. Therefore, outward actions must be balanced by and inner attitude of surrender and exterior passivity requires an inner attitude of one who is seeking and striving to see the light.
The same holds true concerning human evolution on this planet. If the Eastern approach to life is being seen as a passive attitude and the Western as its active counterpart, then the two of them have to be combined if ever a state of harmony amongst God's children and between them and the animal and plant kingdoms is to be achieved.

Sunday, 22 June 2014


If you are getting angry, frustrated or sad it is not someone else's fault. You are reacting in this way because you are having an unresolved anger/fear issue. Therefore, the solution to your emotional attacks does not lie in eradicating all the stupid/annoying/disrespectful/mindless/heartless individuals from you life but rather in looking inside yourself to see where these uncontrollable bouts of emotion are coming from. And if you dare to dive deep into your Self with eyes and heart wide open you, will find, that the reason for your unwanted emotions are a lack of unconditional self-love and the absence of trust in life/your self.


Life is a series of love-miracles. If you are unable to see and appreciate them it is because you are conditioning your perception by expectations of how you believe life should be, you yourself ought to be and how you want your brothers and sisters to be.


These days a great many people are concerned with the question of "how to find their centre and to remain there". And there are countless books to be bought and courses one can take on how to become centred. However, most of the techniques that can be read about or learnt are extremely long-winded. Whereas in fact to become centred and to thus enter a state of personal harmony is very simple and straightforward. You only have to focus on your heart and your breathing and to keep your awareness there...


If you are existing unconscious of your Self, you are fluctuating between periods of  acting, thinking and feeling unconsciously, instinctively. And phases where you are half-way conscious of your Self and giving yourself reasons, explanations and excuses why you have previously said, done thought or felt this or that - or why you are going to do/say it. This is giving you a sense of security and confidence temporarily making you believe that you did the "right" thing, have acted "rightly", that you are "normal" the way you are etc.
Or you are riddled with an inferiority complex in which case you are constantly busy doubting your Self and you way of being in every possible way.
On the other hand, when you are living in the awareness of God you are no longer feeling the desire to find explanations, reasons and excuses for things you have done, said, felt or been, or that you are about to do. Because you are fully here and now, living filled with trust towards the love which is carrying, surrounding and fulfilling you. Then you are living safe in the love, which suffices itself and has its reasons which the rational mind will not ever come to understand or know. 

Saturday, 21 June 2014


A perfect relationship is an alliance between two grow-up (grown-up in the sense that they are aware of the fact that the reason for their being on Earth is to learn to know God by coming to consciously know themselves) individuals who are both of them recognizing, accepting and respecting their partner as a medium who is there to teach them about as yet non-integrated and possibly also not yet realized aspects of themselves. As someone who is there to teach them about loving unconditionally while at the same time staying true to the self and its personal boundaries.

Friday, 20 June 2014


The moment you are awaking to the Universal-Consciousness/God, love is no longer solely an action, thought or feeling to you but first and foremost what you ARE and know yourself and all life to be.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Spirit is the essence of our being, hence spirituality is inherent in our being and thus our true nature.
Therefore, to lead a spiritual life is not about doing something extra, as if you were  "wearing" or "putting on" a special garment on your Self. On the contrary, it is about shedding things. To become spiritual is to relinquish all personal artifice and to become true, pure and simple.


Life is not a struggle it is no fight. It is a game of love, it is a dance between darkness and light.
If life seems like a struggle to you - stop struggling.
If it appears like a fight - stop fighting. Conflicts in your life are there, or only seem to be there, because you are saying "no" to the reality of your self in some way. The moment you relinquish your personal battles against your self and the reality of life you are faced with in the exterior world, peace and quiet will ensue.
Peace and harmony are the true nature of life and in the moment you are becoming still within your personal mind/emotions, you are able to see and appreciate it.


Created life is a synthesis of matter and Spirit.
Plants grow, flourish and prosper if they are receiving water and sunlight. In the same manner but on a different level, does the Self develop, expand and shine if it is being fed on love and tended with conscious awareness.
Therefore, if you know how to live in love and consciousness you are like tree whose roots are growing deeper into the ground, whose crown is extending higher into the heavens and whose strength and fortitude is thus increasing with each passing year.

Friday, 13 June 2014


Life is constant movement and eternal change. To stay connected to the reality of life is to remain at one with its movements and changes that are continually taking place in, through and around yourself. Movement requires you to be active. However, this does not demand incessant active participation in life on your part nor does it mean that you have to initiate one action after the next and never take a rest. There is a way to be active which is passive. This kind of activeness has to counter-balance the phases of active activity on your part if your life is to be harmonious. To be passively active is to allow things to happen to you whilst simultaneously remaining alert inwardly in your unvarying desire to learn yet more about love,
light and life.


There is a world of difference between being something and to be believing yourself to be it.
The first is an imminent experience taking place in the moment with you being aware of it. Whereas the latter is an image of your self you are holding on to in your mind.

Thursday, 12 June 2014


In the awareness of oneness you are in the here and now and simultaneously everywhere - in the air, in the rays of the sun, in the clouds, in the trees, in your vis-à-vis... - and no-where.

Monday, 9 June 2014


In the actual reality of life things either ARE or they ARE NOT. Might, could, should, would etc DO NOT exist.
Either you intend to do something, or you do not. Either you know/can/believe a thing, or you do not. To be thinking and speaking in possibilities, which very often represent impossibilities, of should(have), would(have), might(have), could(have) is diminishing your creative power of action.
If you wish to have more positive power to create your personal existence stop using this category of verbs both in your thinking and your speaking. This will render your mind and your actions a lot more transparent and your personal will more potent and decisive.
Now you might(here we are again) be arguing that in society it is "normal" to be using such a mode of speaking and to change your modality of speech might(here it is again) turn you into an outsider. Also in many situations it is grammatically wrong to use the verbs in the present tense instead of making them seem a (im)possibility only. Or you might say, that if you are only sticking to the things you already know and can do, you are robbing yourself of the chances that you might come to know or be able to do more. To the contrary: the better you are aware of your current personal state of abilities/knowledge/possibilities the better you are able to know what more you can acquire for yourself. Whereas to be thinking in terms of If I could/would/should etc is muddling up your view of yourself and your reality.


Limitations engrained in your character can be used either as a personal prison or as a road to personal freedom.
The Ego's unconscious response to its personal weaknesses is to be ashamed of them, to feel guilty and to wish to hide them away from itself and the world. However, since they are fact they do not disappear by such behaviour but are remaining an unconscious, because they are being repressed, part of the self. And because there are power-obsessed individuals living in this world who need others to rule over and to employ in the realization of their egotistical schemes, in feeling unconsciously guilty you are becoming an unwilling victim to their domineering influence. In addition, this has the unwanted effect of deepening your already existing sense of guilt and your fear of consciously facing your personal weaknesses. Accordingly, you are feeling bound and unable to live freely.
Whereas if you are aware of your personal shortcomings and willing to deal with them consciously they are transformed into opportunities for personal growth and expansion. This simply requires your acceptance of their existence, the willingness to take personal responsibility for their current presence in your character and the sincere wish to work towards perfecting yourself.

Sunday, 1 June 2014


Wisdom lives inside of you, wisdom lives in every moment of life and you are part of wisdom yourself. Wisdom is a silent truth. Therefore others cannot verbally teach you about wisdom, hence you do not really need external teachers. However, they can teach you how to trust in the invisible, intangible spiritual reality of life and thus lead you trust in your inner perceptions and your inner connection to the universal source of wisdom.


The sages who invented the Koans must have been aware of the fact that in order to enlighten the mind it is not necessary for it to arrive at finite answers but rather to bring it to stillness. When the mind is profoundly puzzled moments of stillness naturally occur in which enlightenment is becoming possible.
However, you do not need to read Koans to get there. It can also be achieved by simply questioning your own self, your actions, you reactions, movements etc. You just have to keep on asking yourself "Why?" until the source where the answers are arising from within your own thinking has become exhausted and the only answers you are receiving are drops of pure silence.


A state of unconditional love is our true home. In the process of being born into a human body most people are getting lost in their Ego and the external world. Thus the memory of their home and the way leading there fades. They are stumbling through life desperately homesick and thus urged to search for love wherever they go and in whomever they meet. However, their search is remaining fruitless for as long as they are looking to find their home in love in outside. Relationships, sex, money, success, distractions, gaming, movies, sports, travelling, working etc are only bringing temporary relief from the deep sensation of homelessness. The only thing to assuage it is the discovery and realization of your inner connection to the true home, which is there at all times living at the centre of you very being.