Monday, 29 April 2013


The Ego-mind only knows two different modes of reaction towards things unknown to it - either it feels curiosity/interest or fear/dread. Things of the first category induce positive dreams and the ones of the second negative ones. However both exert a certain amount power over the mind.
In regard to personal fears, it is therefore vitally important to know them, if you wish to rid yourself of them. It is better to face them in cold blood, however grave they might appear, than to continually evade them. Because otherwise the unknown extent of your fears is causing your Ego-mind to become steadily more afraid of them. To meet your fears in consciousness is putting them into perspective and thus they usually lose their power over your personal re-/actions and thoughts.
Of course, the same is true for the positive kind of dreaming. And because the Ego-mind, who is afraid of annihilation of its dreams, instinctively knows that to get to close too dreams is usually breaking their magical spell, many people are afraid to follow up their true interests and to meet in person, those whom they admire...


Life happens from inside out, meaning also, that you can only perceive that of which you have personal knowledge gained through conscious experience.
So, if you long for peace in the world, you have to first bring peace to your own mind and learn to feel the peace reigning within upon the level of the heart. If you wish to be understood and to understand the world, you have to learn to understand and accept your own self. And if you wish to be truly loved, you must first come to love yourself from the heart.


Life in duality is like a mathematical equation. If you know by ways of conscious awareness one side of it and if you are able to put it into correct relation to the as yet unknown side, you are in a position to deduce the extent of its content.
And the underlying mysterious factor X to all phenomenons of life is Divine Love-Consciousness.


In the book of Genesis is being described how God created the worlds. Whether it really happened in this way and order is immaterial and a subject of personal opinion. However at a deeper level this story contains an important lesson of Universal truth, which also concerns our personal lives. It is important to take note of the fact, that God did one thing after the other and took care to take a rest in between.
Time and place upon the physical plane come into being by one thing happening after another, by one stage of development succeeding the previous one and so on.
Also in personal life, it is only ever possible to do one thing at a time, even though your Ego-mind is telling you otherwise and urging you to try doing several things at once without ever resting. Of course, theoretically it is possible to perform different tasks parallel to each other and never ceasing from action. However by doing so you are missing life's essence and the magical power of the here-now, which is solely to be found by immersing yourself in the present moment without thought of anything beyond that. If you constantly try to attend to several things at once or are hoping to be able to do so, you are lacking the power and concentration to follow the natural flow of life. And by never taking time to rest in between in order to wait for the things you have actively done and initiated to bear fruit you are exhausting your resources. Besides, never being satisfied with your present action and feeling restless during intervals of passivity are causing unnecessary stress. The Ego-mind is obsessed with the idea of ceaseless activity because it is afraid to loose and miss things/opportunities/people/time etc. and so it never allows you to peacefully rest and enjoy the present moment as it is.
In order to become free of this urge you have to shift your focus away from the Ego-mind and instead concentrate upon your Heart centre. From this vantage point of unconditional love you are able to trust in the natural course of life and to be happy with the present moment as it is in the safe knowledge that for as long as you are putting one foot in front of the other you will get wherever your dreams are leading you to go to.

Thursday, 25 April 2013


Life is a rainbow of love and light appearing in different shades of colour. The colours are determined by the density in which the love and the light are present. At the utmost hight there is the Universal God-source, which is all white light and at the very bottom of the scale there is dense matter in the sphere of the earth, which, metaphorically speaking, is deep black. In between these two extremes are the colours of the rainbow to be found. In this simile, pure love can be seen as white light and fear as pitch black darkness. However just like the dark of a night contains the inert potential to develop into a bright and sunny day, so does fear hold the potential to turn into pure consciousness of love and light.
The colour white contains the transcended essence of all the colours of the rainbow. Whereas the colour black holds them potentially.
Just like the white requires black in order to be perceivable as white and to bring the rainbow of colours into existence, so do Divine love and light need atoms of matter to bring creation into being.
In regard to human existence, it is our spiritual essence which stands for white in the equation and our personality with its Ego-mind and physical body for black. Both sides are indispensable and in equal measures necessary in order to personally experience the full rainbow of life on earth. It is our destiny and life-long challenge to unite the white and the black of our nature in conscious awareness, so that the black shines forth its hidden colours in the radiating love of our spiritual nature.
Depending upon one's state of development and characteristic tendencies, either the spiritual or the material side of reality is more difficult to consciously keep in touch with and to integrate into personal everyday life. A perfected human being is like a strong tree, standing firmly and deeply rooted on earth, whilst receiving via his extended crown chakra showers of light from the Divine heights. The two contrasting forces meet and merge in his heart, creating a rainbow of love, which manifests through his actions, words and deeds.

Sunday, 21 April 2013


The basis of all life is Divine life-force, which I am going to call energy for now.
Until energy is being either positively or negatively polarized, it is neither one nor the other but both potentially. In order to become one or the other a magnetizing force must be applied to it. Every sphere of existence differs in density and thus different factors are acting as magnets.
Upon the level of personality it is the Ego-mind which acts as the magnetizing force to the otherwise neutral facts of personal existence. So whether your life is rich in "good" things and happenings - or rather the opposite - wholly depends upon your personal state of mind and your general out-look on life.
Of course, with growing consciousness and love, you are becoming more and more aware of the position of responsibility you are holding towards your own life. Simultaneously it is the degree of you conscious awareness of the realities of Love and Light in life, which determines how free you are in your choice of how you wish to polarize your personal existence.

Saturday, 20 April 2013


There is a bright and a dark side, a positive and a negative aspect to everything in manifestation. If you can see a shadow, there must be a light somewhere and where there is a light, shadows invariably appear.

Divine force can only manifest on Earth and thus enliven dense matter, if there is a concrete form for it to indwell. However only forms which are built in awareness and love can be enlivened by God, while fear-created forms, on the other hand, are vehicles for dark forces. The human mind, with its ability to create and perceive limited forms, is shaping the reality of life on Earth by ways of its form-defined thoughts. Therefore depending upon your personal state of being and grade of conscious awareness, you are either making use of your Ego-mind in a constructive or a destructive way. 
Life-forms are conditioned by the mind of their creator. Whereas God creates in Love and Light and His created forms are left free to develop within themselves once they have been made, human-beings are conditioned in their thinking by their Ego's fear. To love consciously, to create in this spirit and to let free in love the created forms afterwards, is something they have to learn laboriously.
Someone with an unenlightened Ego-mind is blinded by fear of death, thus creates life-forms mainly unconsciously and afterwards holds them fast. This fear is caused by the Egos inherent belief in limitation, which makes it feel secluded and endangered by life's changes. To counter-act this fear, the Ego-mind holds on to set beliefs, ideas etc., things it already knows and thus believes to be in control of. So for as long as your personal existence is reigned by the Ego-mind and its fears, you are unable to make use of your Divine gift to become a co-creator of God and are only reaping the negative and limiting side of the form-giving quality of your Ego-mind.
To the degree you have achieved to enlightenment your mind and to gain awareness and control over your thoughts, you are in a position to consciously build and to create beautiful forms with your thoughts and to witness their becoming indwelt and kept alive by the power of God. 

Friday, 19 April 2013


True self-confidence is a matter of the heart. It is an inner state of loving trust towards you own being and life as a whole. True self-confidence grows inwardly, alongside with your capacity to love selflessly. Once you have it no-one and nothing can take it away from you again. It fills you with a sense of utter security, leaving no room for feelings and thoughts concerning superiority/inferiority either of yourself or others. True self-confidence makes you strong, free, inwardly relaxed, independent and flexible in your reactions towards life. You need no-one and nothing outside of you in order to keep it up, because it is being continually replenished by your love for the Divine living within you. You are self-confidence because you ARE.
Whereas self-confidence which has its roots in the Ego-mind is dependent upon exterior sources in order to be palpable. It always involves your thoughts, memories and certain circumstances/people or is based upon personal achievements/accomplishments. Therefore if you wish to keep up your confidence you need to remain continually active, seeking new stimulants because otherwise your "self-confidence" might suddenly turn into its opposite and leave you feeling weak and inferior. So there is an underlying fear to your "self-confidence", which is rendering you rigid in your pose on the one hand and on the other, always on the alert for possible factors which might endanger it. It is an acquisition of your Ego and if something unanticipated triggers your fear it falls from you like dust.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


If you are living from the heart and with your consciousness rooted in your Higher Self, you are like a channel through which the Divine energy passes into the world of matter. Thereby it is your love, which forms the link between your Higher and your Lower Self, between your Spiritual and your earthly reality. The more conscious this link is, the stronger it is and the more creative and flexible you are in life.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


The reality of the here-now is the pulsating joy, to be experienced within every atom of your physical being. All you need to do is to consciously link yourself up with the Divine energy flowing through you, by becoming aware of your breath moving through your heart centre.

Friday, 12 April 2013


The moments of fear you are coming across in the course of your earthly life are like high mountains barring your passage. Personal fears, or mountains, are challenges to be faced and surmounted - or traversed by ways of a deep tunnel - in faithful love. In an unconscious state of Ego-identification your first reaction upon meeting such a mountain is to either trying to avoid them as well as you can or if you cannot do so you baulk and start going round in circles on the spot, in the vain hope the unwelcome obstacle would thus disappear on its own accord. Which of course it will not.
Personal crises arise from fear and in such moments it may happen, that you do not even realize there is actually a mountain is standing in your way. Because an instinctive fear has come over you, rendering so scared, that you do not know anything any more. In this state of panic you are running straight on and into a dark tunnel opening up at the foot of the mountain. Only to recover consciousness once you are already deep in the midst of the mountain. In such situations it is faithful love, which will get you to the other side. You have to trust that if only you keep on walking you will eventually reach the other side and the light of day again.
If, on the other hand, you are aware enough of yourself to already know your personal fears consciously, you are able to meet and climb these mountains rearing up and blocking your path in conscious awareness. And with each mountain you have thus climbed across, your initial fear will grow smaller and allow you to come a little closer to your True Self, who is fearless, and to God.

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Although the memory of experiences you have made fade away as time goes by, their essence is never lost and remains with you forever. Basically there are but two kinds of personal experiences: positive and negative ones. Those which are enhancing your capacity to love and to be consciously aware of the Divine Light in life and those which feed the fear in your subconscious.
Experiences of the positive kind are being absorbed by your soul after each earthly incarnation. They are helping it to evolve and to unfold its Divine potential and thus to be able to project forever more beautiful and perfected personalties. Experiences of fear, on the other hand, have to be re-lived life after life, burdening each new personality in turn. Until the Soul is capable of projecting a personality, whose love is strong enough to enlighten the dark memories of the past. By this act of conscious love, the soul's prior struggle against suffering will be transformed into an ascension towards the Light and Love of God, because henceforth its personalties living in the world are no longer crippled by fear and unduly encumbered in their experiences of the positive kind.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Truth has a million faces and is limitless. The Ego is dependent upon definte forms in its understanding. These forms are conditioned by personal beliefs, experiences etc. Therefore even if you are trying to understand another view-point than your own or if you are striving hard to see the whole truth about life, you can only do so in the light of the conditionings within your own Ego-mind.
It is ony once you have shifted your focus of consciousness from the Ego-mind in the Lower Self up to your heart centre of the Higher Self, that you will be able to catch glimpses of the Greater Truth besides your own personal perspective of it. This new position of understanding life is also endowing you with compassionate understanding towards your fellow beings. Because the conscious love flowing your heart centre encompasses your whole being and melts away the sharp edges of your Ego, which is thus in a position to embrace other forms - rather than to clash against them as it did before in its limited perspective.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Each and every instance of life is wonder-ful and a miracle of love. Although the unenlightened Ego-mind is unable to acknowledge this but in rare moments -  these are the times, when it is experiencing a personal high and temporarily believes its fear vanished and gone forever...

Sunday, 7 April 2013


If you wish to enlighten your own self, you have to be willing to look at what is living not only within your conscious awareness but also that, which is in your subconscious. You can never know the whole of your subconscious and you do not need to either. However the fear you have shut away in there you have to look at and deal with sooner or later. The most effective way to do this is by embracing it with your loving awareness. Otherwise it will always remain hovering threateningly in the background of your conscious mind and you can never completely relax, love and live happily in the present moment.
So you have to be willing to say “yes” to your fear and metaphorically speaking: open your front door to it, else it will just keep on coming back knocking ever more insistently the longer you refuse to face it. And with each time you are ignoring its knocking or are pretending that you are busy doing something more important, its urgency to be answered will increase and simultaneously your own refusal will demand more of your energy.  So fear, living in your subconscious, is like an unwanted visitor who keeps returning to knock at your front door wishing to be acknowledged. You know him from a very brief encounter that has taken place a very long time ago. So long ago and so short has it been in fact, that you cannot even remember anything about it. You only know him to be there but continuously try to forget him and to distract your attention away from his existence. And as time passes, your fear of meeting him and of his returning to knock on your door increases steadily. You believe the very worst of him and that he wants to raid your home and to take over your existence. But the truth is, that he is only coming to knock at your front door to tell you that you have no need to be afraid of him because he is really quite harmless. It is no use that others are telling you that your fear is unnecessary, the only way to realize it, is to say “yes” to your subconscious and to go and open the door to face it directly. Only once you have consciously acknowledged your fear and seen the love shining on its other side, that you are free to live in full awareness of the Light of God manifesting itself through you.

Friday, 5 April 2013


If you desire to learn to see the truth of a situation/another person/yourself/God, you have to be willing to love and to cultivate the ability to love. Because only love endows you with the strength and trust necessary, in order to be able to overcome your fears. Unless you conquer your fears through love, your perception of the truth will always remain conditioned by them and in consequence, of course, very limited. And the reason for this is very simple: love opens your heart and mind to welcome the truth in whatever shape or form it might show itself. Whereas fear, on the other hand, closes your heart to life and narrows down your mind to a fixed idea of the truth.