Sunday, 21 April 2013


The basis of all life is Divine life-force, which I am going to call energy for now.
Until energy is being either positively or negatively polarized, it is neither one nor the other but both potentially. In order to become one or the other a magnetizing force must be applied to it. Every sphere of existence differs in density and thus different factors are acting as magnets.
Upon the level of personality it is the Ego-mind which acts as the magnetizing force to the otherwise neutral facts of personal existence. So whether your life is rich in "good" things and happenings - or rather the opposite - wholly depends upon your personal state of mind and your general out-look on life.
Of course, with growing consciousness and love, you are becoming more and more aware of the position of responsibility you are holding towards your own life. Simultaneously it is the degree of you conscious awareness of the realities of Love and Light in life, which determines how free you are in your choice of how you wish to polarize your personal existence.

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