Thursday, 25 April 2013


Life is a rainbow of love and light appearing in different shades of colour. The colours are determined by the density in which the love and the light are present. At the utmost hight there is the Universal God-source, which is all white light and at the very bottom of the scale there is dense matter in the sphere of the earth, which, metaphorically speaking, is deep black. In between these two extremes are the colours of the rainbow to be found. In this simile, pure love can be seen as white light and fear as pitch black darkness. However just like the dark of a night contains the inert potential to develop into a bright and sunny day, so does fear hold the potential to turn into pure consciousness of love and light.
The colour white contains the transcended essence of all the colours of the rainbow. Whereas the colour black holds them potentially.
Just like the white requires black in order to be perceivable as white and to bring the rainbow of colours into existence, so do Divine love and light need atoms of matter to bring creation into being.
In regard to human existence, it is our spiritual essence which stands for white in the equation and our personality with its Ego-mind and physical body for black. Both sides are indispensable and in equal measures necessary in order to personally experience the full rainbow of life on earth. It is our destiny and life-long challenge to unite the white and the black of our nature in conscious awareness, so that the black shines forth its hidden colours in the radiating love of our spiritual nature.
Depending upon one's state of development and characteristic tendencies, either the spiritual or the material side of reality is more difficult to consciously keep in touch with and to integrate into personal everyday life. A perfected human being is like a strong tree, standing firmly and deeply rooted on earth, whilst receiving via his extended crown chakra showers of light from the Divine heights. The two contrasting forces meet and merge in his heart, creating a rainbow of love, which manifests through his actions, words and deeds.

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