Sunday, 7 April 2013


If you wish to enlighten your own self, you have to be willing to look at what is living not only within your conscious awareness but also that, which is in your subconscious. You can never know the whole of your subconscious and you do not need to either. However the fear you have shut away in there you have to look at and deal with sooner or later. The most effective way to do this is by embracing it with your loving awareness. Otherwise it will always remain hovering threateningly in the background of your conscious mind and you can never completely relax, love and live happily in the present moment.
So you have to be willing to say “yes” to your fear and metaphorically speaking: open your front door to it, else it will just keep on coming back knocking ever more insistently the longer you refuse to face it. And with each time you are ignoring its knocking or are pretending that you are busy doing something more important, its urgency to be answered will increase and simultaneously your own refusal will demand more of your energy.  So fear, living in your subconscious, is like an unwanted visitor who keeps returning to knock at your front door wishing to be acknowledged. You know him from a very brief encounter that has taken place a very long time ago. So long ago and so short has it been in fact, that you cannot even remember anything about it. You only know him to be there but continuously try to forget him and to distract your attention away from his existence. And as time passes, your fear of meeting him and of his returning to knock on your door increases steadily. You believe the very worst of him and that he wants to raid your home and to take over your existence. But the truth is, that he is only coming to knock at your front door to tell you that you have no need to be afraid of him because he is really quite harmless. It is no use that others are telling you that your fear is unnecessary, the only way to realize it, is to say “yes” to your subconscious and to go and open the door to face it directly. Only once you have consciously acknowledged your fear and seen the love shining on its other side, that you are free to live in full awareness of the Light of God manifesting itself through you.

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