Friday, 19 April 2013


True self-confidence is a matter of the heart. It is an inner state of loving trust towards you own being and life as a whole. True self-confidence grows inwardly, alongside with your capacity to love selflessly. Once you have it no-one and nothing can take it away from you again. It fills you with a sense of utter security, leaving no room for feelings and thoughts concerning superiority/inferiority either of yourself or others. True self-confidence makes you strong, free, inwardly relaxed, independent and flexible in your reactions towards life. You need no-one and nothing outside of you in order to keep it up, because it is being continually replenished by your love for the Divine living within you. You are self-confidence because you ARE.
Whereas self-confidence which has its roots in the Ego-mind is dependent upon exterior sources in order to be palpable. It always involves your thoughts, memories and certain circumstances/people or is based upon personal achievements/accomplishments. Therefore if you wish to keep up your confidence you need to remain continually active, seeking new stimulants because otherwise your "self-confidence" might suddenly turn into its opposite and leave you feeling weak and inferior. So there is an underlying fear to your "self-confidence", which is rendering you rigid in your pose on the one hand and on the other, always on the alert for possible factors which might endanger it. It is an acquisition of your Ego and if something unanticipated triggers your fear it falls from you like dust.

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