Thursday, 30 July 2015


Love cannot be planned because it exists beyond reason. Build your life on the safe foundation of love but let love itself remain an adventure. Allow it to surprise, to mystify, to move and to challenge you. On the path of love you have to be courageous and faithfully fearless if you wish to grow towards the light. There are no securities in life anyway so it is better to embrace the unknown that love leads you to rather than to avoid it. Thereby you are fulfilling in your personal life the true purpose for being in a human body on this planet.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


If you do not wish to get hurt in love, love without fear. If you do not wish to be disappointed, love without expectations. And if you wish to be free and let free, love now with neither regrets of the past nor desires for the future. In this way your love is strong, steadfast and it can renew itself from moment to moment.


In love we embrace, flow, dance, blossom and shine. In fear we fight, struggle, rage, wilt and obscure. Love makes us feel clear, light, free, joyous. Fear causes heaviness, frustration, hopelessness, confusion. In love we trust, hope, understand, forgive and inspire. In fear we judge, mistrust, doubt, withdraw from life or cling, grow spiteful and rigid. Lovingly we are tender-hearted, generous, create peace, beauty and harmony, heal and work wonders. Fearful we hurt, fight, envy, destroy and hinder the flow of life from unfolding its possibilities, feel pain and loneliness. In love we are supportive, acknowledging, respectful. In fear we rival, compare and disrespect. Love sees and believes in the light, fear holds on to shadows.
Love makes us relaxed, spontaneous, humorous and innocent. Fear on the other hand breeds tension, prejudice, bitterness and defence.
Love and fear both secretly exist inside of us. The way we experience our own being, other people and our life tells us if our inner reality is dominated by fear or enlightened by love. Both love and fear are our teachers. Love teaches us to recognize and understand reactions of fear. And fear teaches us to trust in the reality of love.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


Inner knowledge is wisdom of the heart. This kind of knowledge grows secretly and renders you increasingly peaceful and contented in every respect. In contradistinction to outer knowledge, which must be laboriously acquired and causes restlessness in the self because it never appears to suffice and it calls for comparisons, evaluations.
However, it is part of being human to also pursue outer knowledge. Still, unless it leads you to inner knowledge you are seeking it with the wrong intention.


The more you know the less you know that you know - you just know, that's it. You no longer think about your knowledge it is there whenever you need it and in the meantime you are continuously learning new things.

Saturday, 25 July 2015


The more you truly ARE the less you think. Instead you become the observer of all that is passing through your mind. And since you are no longer identifying with your thoughts you are able to see where they are actually coming from, what is causing them to build and run into certain directions. You are still thinking and yet you are not because the "me" is no longer actively involved in them. Thus you are free to be always present in the here and now even though you might be currently thinking about past or future happenings.


To truly love renders imperishable, unconquerable, free, forgiving, patient, giving and blindly trusting. Also, it enables to comprehend and perceive things which the rational part of the brain is unable to understand and see. Loving truly means, that your love is no longer linked up with you perishable ego and thus conditioned by it but actually something greater than your personal self. In such a state you can no longer be hurt by acts or words of other people or by incidents of your personal life. You are no longer afraid to love and follow the call of your heart/intuition blindly trusting. And all sense of loneliness has disappeared from your life. You are love, you live love and you give love as naturally and freely as you are breathing.