Saturday, 29 November 2014


Control happens naturally when you are trusting in your Self, in life, in love. When being consciously aware of your own self you are able to control you inner reality each moment of your existence. Thus you are feeling effortlessly in control in life at all times. You have realized that the power to change your life lies in your own hands and control can only take place inside your consciousness and inside your own self.
Manipulation of others or of your self is only a substitute for true control and it is being practised when you are living in fear and lacking in trust towards you Self, life and love.


Perfection is not a dead ideal, it is a living reality that is constantly changing in itself as life is unfolding. Therefore, perfection is not something to strive for, its something that must be recognized in each moment of life and lived in conscious awareness. Life, that is not being judged and tainted by the Ego, is always in a state of perfection.
Perfection is a subjective state and it is an expression of inner harmony. Harmony in personal life can only happen when you are not fighting against the reality of each moment you are personally experiencing. Therefore, if you long to be perfect and to live your potential for perfection from moment to moment, you have maintain a state of inner harmony. This is being done by attuning you personal "I" to the wisdom of your higher Self and thus God and to live therefrom.


He who seeks either finds many things or feels that he never finds anything worthwhile. But either way are the things that are being "found" conditioned by the personal preconceptions of the seeker and thus never truly fulfilling nor apparently the "right thing" in the long-term.
On the other hand, he who simply IS, living in joy, love and light, is being given everything he needs by life. And even more because his mind and heart are open and thus free to experience the wondrous and the unexpected things in life.


In the pre-Christmas season, which is about to be upon us again, the fundamental question of your why you are giving people things, is more prevailing than at any other time of the year.
Are you giving because you are hoping to thus relieve your sense of guilt or because you would be feeling guilty if you did not give anything? Or is it because you are hoping to be love in return? Or in order to feel superior over the other person because you are being able to give more?
And your thoughts upon receiving gifts and tokens of attention from others is further revealing your inner state. 
In a state of personal unconsciousness the motives for giving things to others is generally either a sense of guilt or an inner lack of love. Neither can be relieved by making presents or by being given gifts from other people.
However, situations of inner conflict that are occurring when giving/receiving gifts can serve to render you better aware of your self. As well as present opportunities for self-redemption, provided you are using them to transform in your own consciousness your initial sense of guilt into inner freedom and your deficiency in love into an abundance of unconditional love.
Also, only if you are free of guilt and feeling loved inside yourself, are you able to receive from others in freedom and to give freely without expectations. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


The Ego-self believes to know itself by holding on to things it believes to be. It always needs to be something in order to exist.
Whereas the true self knows itself by knowing what it is not. It derives its existence by simply BEing.

Sunday, 16 November 2014


Never say "never". For one thing because you never know where your path will lead you to. And for another, because by precluding a certain thing from the possible experiences that life may bring you, you are limiting yourself. Thereby you may miss the chance of making an enriching experience. Also you are creating a blind spot in your awareness, which may lead to a split personality if one day after all you happen to do the thing, you swore you would never do.
And where personal matters are concerned never say "forever". Life is change and change creates changes, making things die and end sooner or later.
Only if you are speaking about love from a soul level you can say that you will love forever because the soul is being enlivened by love.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


In the same manner that the personality is a visible, tangible, 3-dimensional expression of the etheric Soul, so are physically audible sounds the expressions of more subtle inner sounds existing inside the atoms of (that which appears to us as) physical manifestations.
Every particle of matter possesses its own inherent frequency of vibration and thus its individual inner sound. Inner and outer realities are in a direct relationship with each other and are thus influencing each other's states.
This unchangeable law of life can be made valuable use of if it comes to creating harmony in your self.


If you long to be loved and if you feel that you are lacking love, then teach yourself to fall in love with Mother Nature. Learn to love the trees, the flowers, the grass, the streams, lakes and rivers, the land, the hills...  - and the elemental energies that are both guarding and enhancing the different parts of Nature. In becoming a lover to Mother Nature you will find that you are being loved in return by an omnipresent being that is always there for you in patience, compassion and silence, sharing your joys, relieving your sorrows and fortifying you with new strength. If you cultivate this love-affair with Mother Nature you will in turn find the eternal lover existing inside your own heart and thus be enabled to return the love that is being given you by Mother Nature and other living beings in equal measure and from an undying fount.


Mother Nature is a living fount of undying wisdom because She is reflecting the Divine laws of life faultlessly. By turning towards Her and studying the lessons She has to teach us, we can gain valuable insights into the truths of life. One of the important lesson is, that death, which is really simply a withdrawal of life-force to the inner realms of existence, is not a cause for mourning but rather reason to celebrate. Physical death is a liberation for the spirit from the confining conditions of matter. Just look at how in Autumn Mother Nature is resplendent in a brightly colourful vestment of celebration before She is "dying" into Winter.

Monday, 10 November 2014


Honesty and respect begin and end with your self. So do dishonesty and disrespectfulness. If you feel that others are cheating you, treating you without respect or if you feel cheated by life in general, try to see where you are avoiding to recognize your true worth, where you are not being true to yourself and where you are disrespecting your own self.
The reality of life is being defined by your inner state of being (your consciousness). The world may go out of its way to please and honour you, if you have an inner deficiency of self-esteem you will not be able to realize it and still complain of being treated unduly. Therefore, you have to practise honesty and respect towards your self if you want to be treated with respect and honesty by the world.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Acceptance is making you feel connected and loved, while prejudices and expectations are causing you to feel separation and rejection.
This holds true both regarding personal relationships as well as life in general.
If you are longing to feel close to other people, you have to accept their individual way of being instead of holding on to your expectations of how you would like them to be or how you believe them to be. And to experience fulfilment in life is only possible if you give up wishful thinking and your negative opinions and your prejudices against what you are being confronted with. Simply accept what is there or even try seeing its positive side and you are suddenly able to feel contented with your lot and closeness in your relationships. And you will even be able to create positive changes in your personal life and relationships in order to like them even more.


Peace is an inner state of being. Even though the world is promoting the idea that it is something which must be brought about externally. To be personally at peace is to be free to live in love and light.
In close personal relationships it is usually felt the most difficult to find your peace. But they also offer the most rewarding and profound experiences of peace and freedom to be yourself. Inner peace can only be, when you have forgiven first. Yet again, forgiveness is an inner act and only indirectly involves forgiving other people. Forgiving others is a good start anyway, and it eventually leads you to the realization that although you are apparently forgiving others for the way they are, you are in fact simply beginning to accept and love yourself and your way of being.

Physical parents are a kind of gate through which soul enters into life on earth. It is similar to the toddlers game in which there is a closed box with cut out holes in its top and a set of cut out pieces of wood that match the holes. There is only one shape that matches each hole. What I am saying is, that in order to pass through it must be of exactly the same shape otherwise its entrance is barred. Meaning, that if part of you were not very much like your parents you could not have entered the world through their conjoint beings. Therefore, the paths to forgiveness invariably involves forgiving your parents (ie yourself) for the way they/you are. Of course, they on their part have to forgive you also (as well as themselves and each other) if they wish to be at peace. The relationship you are experiencing with them externally only acts as a way-shower to where the inner work must be done in order to be free and at peace. However, you can do your own work of forgiving and peace-making without requiring the aid of their personal presence, provided that you are independent enough in your own consciousness. Of course, peace is the most beautiful and rewarding experience when it is being shared by both sides. But you should not keep yourself from finding your own peace simply because you believe or actually see your parents(child) not to follow you on your way into the light of love. Trust that your inner peace and freedom will affect them as far as they are prepared to allow it to. Either they are ready to release their fear of facing the reality of themselves and eventually follow your example or they are not, in which case your peace will offer them a little relief in their state of inner conflict.
On a soul level and at heart we can feel close connectedness independent of personal discrepancies. So once you have found inner peace you no longer feel the necessity to seek personal closeness to those whom you perceive to be not yet ready to share your inner freedom at least to some degree.

Saturday, 8 November 2014


Life is an endless series of choices. And because personal life is of a dual nature very often one option is brining you more personal clarity and taking you towards consciousness, while the other one causes you inner confusion and diffuses your consciousness.
Here is one of the basic choices:
Do you wish to become your true self and find unconditional happiness. Or do you prefer to keep on chasing after transient moments of contentment in trying to be „normal“?
No-one is normal, everyone is an individual. Therefore is „normalcy“ something you can never hope to a achieve, although you might have moments in which you believe yourself to be actually normal. However, these moments will only last for as long as you are shutting your eyes to your real truth and thus live only a tiny part of your inherent potential. Your only hope of finding lasting happiness which is simultaneously inner clarity, is by realizing and accepting your unique way of being and to enjoy living and expressing its individual and incomparable beauty in the world.

Friday, 7 November 2014


Light is light and as such a positive force. Whilst darkness if filled with latent power that can be polarized both ways, by good as well as evil forces.
Darkness is like a pregnant void out of which light can be born. It can also be like a pit that has the effect of a dark hole swallowing up every spark of life. Because darkness does not possess consciousness of its own it passively augments whatever is being given into its nurturing care.
In a personal state of Divine consciousness you are able to draw on the latent power inherent in darkness to the purpose of strengthening your inner light. Whereas if you are in the grip of fear symptoms like personal fears, guilt, anger, depression etc darkness to you - although offering you apparently a hiding place - is actually heightening your inner negativity and promoting your fear-coloured emotions.
In life there is light(Spiritual pole) and there is darkness(material pole) and there are the shades between. On earth we are additionally influenced by the factor of the sun, whose light-force is varying during the course of the 24hr cycle. When sleeping at night you are, on the one hand, moving towards the pole of spiritual light and if this phase coincides with the hours before midnight, you are moving simultaneously into darkness. Thus you are meeting the growing darkness is a state of light, which is being strengthened by the latent powers of darkness, enabling you to re-emerge the other day refreshed and new. This explains why the hours before midnight are very important if you wish to be healthy, strong and with a clear and positive mind. Whereas if you omit to go to sleep before midnight you do not get a chance to move into darkness is a state of light. You are in it whilst being in a purely material state and the return to daylight to you is without its rejuvenating power, your sleep has only helped to rest your body.
If you are clairvoyant you can actually see it in peoples auric fields whether they are in the habit of restorative sleeping or just resting their bodies. Even if you are not clairvoyant but just a good observer you can notice how the eyes are looking different. The ones clear and full of peace. The others feverish and restless. The sleep in the hours before midnight bring peace to the soul. Of course, if you are meditating or practising deep relaxation instead of sleeping in the hours approaching midnight you can get the same positive results. Just as long as you are using this time of earthly darkness before the sun starts coming closer again, to move towards the spiritual light it does not matter what it is that you are doing.


The power of imagination is a God-given gift. By being in possession of it we are being made God-like. However, it holds the potential to create as well as to destroy. Man-kind has been entrusted with it in order to bring light into matter, to manifest the Divine Kingdom on earth. In order to use it constructively you have to allow your imagination be inspired by love and intuition.


To be unconditionally happy is to be free.
However, whilst being incarnated in a human body unconditional happiness remains relative. Because even feeling bliss by simply being alive and breathing requires the prerequisites of the physical body and the air.
Up to these boundaries you are free to develop you potential for unconditional bliss. The path thereto leads via teaching yourself to like the things you initially dislike because personal aversions are taking your away from feeling contented.
Learn to like the dark and cold winter season or rainfall for example. I know these are apparently harmless examples but they are imminent correspondences to elemental inner realities. Winter represents the aspect of death, rain uncontrollable emotions. By making peace with the elements your are externally confronted with you are doing a lot towards integrating your inner elemental nature. And of course, just like with everything else that you are doing, the more conscious awareness you are bringing to it the more deeply effective and transformative it becomes.


To criticize and condemn another person is much easier than to accept the things you do not like/accept/understand in their way of being. Because the latter would involve turning around at yourself and realizing that a)you are finding fault with their way of being because they are reflecting an aspect of yourself you do not wish to know about. Or b)you would like to be like them but are too afraid to live according to your true self. Moreover, while you are occupied with criticizing or voicing your "concern" about how they are being, you are successfully distracting yourself from having to face your own self and its personal issues that need solving.
If you are prejudiced you will always find evidence and proofs for you preconceived notions. As well as supporters of your theories of others. In this context it may be useful to remember that fear always knows reasons and justifications for its right to exist. Whilst love is simple happening and light shining unconditionally.
If you truly wish to understand and appreciate another person in their individual way of being you have to drop all your prejudices against them and forget your preconceived notions about how you think they should be or wish they were. Understanding is only possible with an open heart and mind. Of course, this requires that, at least for the moment, you have to allow your fears to recede into the background and instead trustingly turn towards love. In doing so you may find that your desire to understand your vis-a-vis is actually becoming secondary to you enjoyment of simply experiencing the other one's individuality as well as your own.

Thursday, 6 November 2014


To be doubting in manifestations of love and light and positive changes in your self, in others or in life, is to be falling victim to fear. However, the moment you are becoming aware of this turn in your energy you are left with a choice to either go along with the wave of fear or to turn around and start back towards the light.

Whenever you need to remind yourself that Light is stronger than darkness, Spirit more powerful than matter and the Divine force all-conquering, to recall the picture of a fragile blade of grass growing out of tarmac can prove very effective.


If you wish to be living fully in the present you must use your gift of remembering instances of the past neither for glorification, justification nor for condemnation, chastisement of yourself or others. Use the „dark“ memories to recognize your personal shadows and limitations and to strengthen yourself in your intention to do better in the future. And the bright ones are to be used for re-enforcing your trust in your own positive powers.


When you are being true to your self and your personal truth, your actions always match your words and inner convictions. When you are straying from your own truth you are becoming inconsequential and your actions and words are no longer in accordance with each other. The latter can happen because you are either falling victim to unconscious fears in your self or because you are allowing yourself to be influenced by exterior factors, like the energy emanating from another person for example.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


As human-beings we are possessed of an inherent craving for colours and light because they are both making us feel alive and have a nourishing influence on a soul level.
The countryside is in every season always full of varying colours and changing lights because Mother Nature is alive with life-force that is manifesting itself in different shades and hues.
Human-beings who have lost touch with the natural side of life turn to substitutes like artificial lightning and bright coloured items like advertising billboards, plastic decorations etc. Of course, such things do not fill the initial need and thus those people living in towns removed from Mother Nature (or even in the countryside but unaware of and not in touch with their surroundings) are generally experiencing more depression and dissatisfaction. They are filled with a hunger for life, which is formless and undefined and always lurking in the background of their lives.

In the context of colours it may be interesting to take note of the use of colours in society.
Red light is used in brothels. Red in its positive aspect possesses a grounding, nurturing power, whilst on the other hand, it also stands for instincts and animalistic desires.
The colour of purple, which is also often used for environments of a doubtful nature represents lustful fantasies of the unredeemed Ego. Whereas in its enlightened aspect it is of a royal nature.
Blue light is very fittingly being used by the police. It stands for truth, justice, transparency and compassion (Mother Mary). Therefore, those in the power of the blue light (the police force) must employ discrimination coupled with compassion in order to be worthy of its power. Because it also symbolizes aloofness and cold impartiality.
At pedestrian crossings we are being face with bright yellow, the colour of clarity, personal attention.
Green the colour of flowing harmony is the energy we meet with at traffic lights that are inviting us to go ahead.


Only someone who is feeling guilty believes himself to be sinning even when doing nothing nothing sinful at all. To be free of the idea of guilt is to be free of sin, also.
Therefore, original sin is not an exterior act. It is being caused by an inner state of unconsciousness in which one is feeling guilty of being alive as a human being, of being oneself.
Two people can be doing the same thing and the one who is carrying guilt inside will believe to be sinning and the one who is guilt-free is enjoying himself. However, when you are free inside yourself you are aligned with the law of Divine consciousness and love and thus naturally act in accordance with these principles and in the interest of Universal well-being. On the other hand, to be in the grip of guilt is to be unconsciously dominated by fear and thus you are being instinctively drawn to acts that are indeed sins judged by the law of Divine love.


Every part and instant of life is essentially pure potentiality. Whether its bright or its dark aspect is apparent and predominantly developing wholly depends upon its inhering consciousness and/or the mediating consciousness that is observing it.
In the dual spheres of life there is existing both light and darkness. In this context the spiritual aspect represents light and dense matter darkness because the latter is only alive if if is possessed by an indwelling consciousness (if you need prove of this just think of the leaves of a tree, which in autumn fall, rot and eventually disappear by turning into earth once the sap of life has been withdrawn from it). On planet earth both darkness and light are initially equally and simultaneously present. However, which side you are perceiving first and foremost wholly depends upon your individual state of consciousness.
Thus, the situations and the people you are meeting in your life either reveal their potential for good or for evil to you. To someone who is living in the awareness of the Divine light beauty, goodness and harmony are either perceptibly or just potentially apparent everywhere and in everyone.


It is a precious gift to have a close personal confidant who is invariably and unquestioningly supportive in all that you are and do. However, unless you are your own closest and supportive confidant first and foremost, you are bound to suffer of loss someday and feel very lost and uncertain of yourself. Because ultimately we are all individual and independent units of life and the only one to remain with you through all changes and tides of life is your own self.

Monday, 3 November 2014


Without darkness light cannot be perceived as light. And regarding Nature, without Winter there would be no Summer, without rain and sunshine no growth.
When it the periods of darkness outside are growing longer as the year is approaching the winter solstice, do not complain but rather take the opportunity to look for the light shining inside of you. And to practise your vision of the etheric light that is surrounding living things and beings - even in darkness.
The "dark" season of the solar year, when the nights are longer than the days, is the time for internal growth, development of the inner vision of (Divine) light.
If you do not follow this natural shift of energy of your own accord, personal conditionings are becoming felt as over-powering and you are experiencing depression/ stress/mood-swings/frustration etc. Take Mother Nature for your ideal. She is showing us that Autumn time is the time to let go of external things and to withdraw into yourself and to increasingly turn towards the Spiritual side of life. Winter time is the season of rest, inner contemplation of the lessons you have learnt about yourself during the past year. It is the time for generally nourishing your roots, including family connections and for enhanced meditation on God in his invisible aspects. If you fail to use this time constructively you cannot start into Spring inspired, fresh and full of shining vigour and vitality.