Wednesday, 5 November 2014


As human-beings we are possessed of an inherent craving for colours and light because they are both making us feel alive and have a nourishing influence on a soul level.
The countryside is in every season always full of varying colours and changing lights because Mother Nature is alive with life-force that is manifesting itself in different shades and hues.
Human-beings who have lost touch with the natural side of life turn to substitutes like artificial lightning and bright coloured items like advertising billboards, plastic decorations etc. Of course, such things do not fill the initial need and thus those people living in towns removed from Mother Nature (or even in the countryside but unaware of and not in touch with their surroundings) are generally experiencing more depression and dissatisfaction. They are filled with a hunger for life, which is formless and undefined and always lurking in the background of their lives.

In the context of colours it may be interesting to take note of the use of colours in society.
Red light is used in brothels. Red in its positive aspect possesses a grounding, nurturing power, whilst on the other hand, it also stands for instincts and animalistic desires.
The colour of purple, which is also often used for environments of a doubtful nature represents lustful fantasies of the unredeemed Ego. Whereas in its enlightened aspect it is of a royal nature.
Blue light is very fittingly being used by the police. It stands for truth, justice, transparency and compassion (Mother Mary). Therefore, those in the power of the blue light (the police force) must employ discrimination coupled with compassion in order to be worthy of its power. Because it also symbolizes aloofness and cold impartiality.
At pedestrian crossings we are being face with bright yellow, the colour of clarity, personal attention.
Green the colour of flowing harmony is the energy we meet with at traffic lights that are inviting us to go ahead.

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