Friday, 7 November 2014


To be unconditionally happy is to be free.
However, whilst being incarnated in a human body unconditional happiness remains relative. Because even feeling bliss by simply being alive and breathing requires the prerequisites of the physical body and the air.
Up to these boundaries you are free to develop you potential for unconditional bliss. The path thereto leads via teaching yourself to like the things you initially dislike because personal aversions are taking your away from feeling contented.
Learn to like the dark and cold winter season or rainfall for example. I know these are apparently harmless examples but they are imminent correspondences to elemental inner realities. Winter represents the aspect of death, rain uncontrollable emotions. By making peace with the elements your are externally confronted with you are doing a lot towards integrating your inner elemental nature. And of course, just like with everything else that you are doing, the more conscious awareness you are bringing to it the more deeply effective and transformative it becomes.

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