Monday, 3 November 2014


Without darkness light cannot be perceived as light. And regarding Nature, without Winter there would be no Summer, without rain and sunshine no growth.
When it the periods of darkness outside are growing longer as the year is approaching the winter solstice, do not complain but rather take the opportunity to look for the light shining inside of you. And to practise your vision of the etheric light that is surrounding living things and beings - even in darkness.
The "dark" season of the solar year, when the nights are longer than the days, is the time for internal growth, development of the inner vision of (Divine) light.
If you do not follow this natural shift of energy of your own accord, personal conditionings are becoming felt as over-powering and you are experiencing depression/ stress/mood-swings/frustration etc. Take Mother Nature for your ideal. She is showing us that Autumn time is the time to let go of external things and to withdraw into yourself and to increasingly turn towards the Spiritual side of life. Winter time is the season of rest, inner contemplation of the lessons you have learnt about yourself during the past year. It is the time for generally nourishing your roots, including family connections and for enhanced meditation on God in his invisible aspects. If you fail to use this time constructively you cannot start into Spring inspired, fresh and full of shining vigour and vitality.

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