Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Every part and instant of life is essentially pure potentiality. Whether its bright or its dark aspect is apparent and predominantly developing wholly depends upon its inhering consciousness and/or the mediating consciousness that is observing it.
In the dual spheres of life there is existing both light and darkness. In this context the spiritual aspect represents light and dense matter darkness because the latter is only alive if if is possessed by an indwelling consciousness (if you need prove of this just think of the leaves of a tree, which in autumn fall, rot and eventually disappear by turning into earth once the sap of life has been withdrawn from it). On planet earth both darkness and light are initially equally and simultaneously present. However, which side you are perceiving first and foremost wholly depends upon your individual state of consciousness.
Thus, the situations and the people you are meeting in your life either reveal their potential for good or for evil to you. To someone who is living in the awareness of the Divine light beauty, goodness and harmony are either perceptibly or just potentially apparent everywhere and in everyone.

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