Saturday, 29 November 2014


In the pre-Christmas season, which is about to be upon us again, the fundamental question of your why you are giving people things, is more prevailing than at any other time of the year.
Are you giving because you are hoping to thus relieve your sense of guilt or because you would be feeling guilty if you did not give anything? Or is it because you are hoping to be love in return? Or in order to feel superior over the other person because you are being able to give more?
And your thoughts upon receiving gifts and tokens of attention from others is further revealing your inner state. 
In a state of personal unconsciousness the motives for giving things to others is generally either a sense of guilt or an inner lack of love. Neither can be relieved by making presents or by being given gifts from other people.
However, situations of inner conflict that are occurring when giving/receiving gifts can serve to render you better aware of your self. As well as present opportunities for self-redemption, provided you are using them to transform in your own consciousness your initial sense of guilt into inner freedom and your deficiency in love into an abundance of unconditional love.
Also, only if you are free of guilt and feeling loved inside yourself, are you able to receive from others in freedom and to give freely without expectations. 

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