Saturday, 8 November 2014


Life is an endless series of choices. And because personal life is of a dual nature very often one option is brining you more personal clarity and taking you towards consciousness, while the other one causes you inner confusion and diffuses your consciousness.
Here is one of the basic choices:
Do you wish to become your true self and find unconditional happiness. Or do you prefer to keep on chasing after transient moments of contentment in trying to be „normal“?
No-one is normal, everyone is an individual. Therefore is „normalcy“ something you can never hope to a achieve, although you might have moments in which you believe yourself to be actually normal. However, these moments will only last for as long as you are shutting your eyes to your real truth and thus live only a tiny part of your inherent potential. Your only hope of finding lasting happiness which is simultaneously inner clarity, is by realizing and accepting your unique way of being and to enjoy living and expressing its individual and incomparable beauty in the world.

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