Friday, 7 November 2014


To criticize and condemn another person is much easier than to accept the things you do not like/accept/understand in their way of being. Because the latter would involve turning around at yourself and realizing that a)you are finding fault with their way of being because they are reflecting an aspect of yourself you do not wish to know about. Or b)you would like to be like them but are too afraid to live according to your true self. Moreover, while you are occupied with criticizing or voicing your "concern" about how they are being, you are successfully distracting yourself from having to face your own self and its personal issues that need solving.
If you are prejudiced you will always find evidence and proofs for you preconceived notions. As well as supporters of your theories of others. In this context it may be useful to remember that fear always knows reasons and justifications for its right to exist. Whilst love is simple happening and light shining unconditionally.
If you truly wish to understand and appreciate another person in their individual way of being you have to drop all your prejudices against them and forget your preconceived notions about how you think they should be or wish they were. Understanding is only possible with an open heart and mind. Of course, this requires that, at least for the moment, you have to allow your fears to recede into the background and instead trustingly turn towards love. In doing so you may find that your desire to understand your vis-a-vis is actually becoming secondary to you enjoyment of simply experiencing the other one's individuality as well as your own.

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