Friday, 7 November 2014


Light is light and as such a positive force. Whilst darkness if filled with latent power that can be polarized both ways, by good as well as evil forces.
Darkness is like a pregnant void out of which light can be born. It can also be like a pit that has the effect of a dark hole swallowing up every spark of life. Because darkness does not possess consciousness of its own it passively augments whatever is being given into its nurturing care.
In a personal state of Divine consciousness you are able to draw on the latent power inherent in darkness to the purpose of strengthening your inner light. Whereas if you are in the grip of fear symptoms like personal fears, guilt, anger, depression etc darkness to you - although offering you apparently a hiding place - is actually heightening your inner negativity and promoting your fear-coloured emotions.
In life there is light(Spiritual pole) and there is darkness(material pole) and there are the shades between. On earth we are additionally influenced by the factor of the sun, whose light-force is varying during the course of the 24hr cycle. When sleeping at night you are, on the one hand, moving towards the pole of spiritual light and if this phase coincides with the hours before midnight, you are moving simultaneously into darkness. Thus you are meeting the growing darkness is a state of light, which is being strengthened by the latent powers of darkness, enabling you to re-emerge the other day refreshed and new. This explains why the hours before midnight are very important if you wish to be healthy, strong and with a clear and positive mind. Whereas if you omit to go to sleep before midnight you do not get a chance to move into darkness is a state of light. You are in it whilst being in a purely material state and the return to daylight to you is without its rejuvenating power, your sleep has only helped to rest your body.
If you are clairvoyant you can actually see it in peoples auric fields whether they are in the habit of restorative sleeping or just resting their bodies. Even if you are not clairvoyant but just a good observer you can notice how the eyes are looking different. The ones clear and full of peace. The others feverish and restless. The sleep in the hours before midnight bring peace to the soul. Of course, if you are meditating or practising deep relaxation instead of sleeping in the hours approaching midnight you can get the same positive results. Just as long as you are using this time of earthly darkness before the sun starts coming closer again, to move towards the spiritual light it does not matter what it is that you are doing.

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