Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Only someone who is feeling guilty believes himself to be sinning even when doing nothing nothing sinful at all. To be free of the idea of guilt is to be free of sin, also.
Therefore, original sin is not an exterior act. It is being caused by an inner state of unconsciousness in which one is feeling guilty of being alive as a human being, of being oneself.
Two people can be doing the same thing and the one who is carrying guilt inside will believe to be sinning and the one who is guilt-free is enjoying himself. However, when you are free inside yourself you are aligned with the law of Divine consciousness and love and thus naturally act in accordance with these principles and in the interest of Universal well-being. On the other hand, to be in the grip of guilt is to be unconsciously dominated by fear and thus you are being instinctively drawn to acts that are indeed sins judged by the law of Divine love.

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