Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Contrary to most people’s belief, freedom is not a gift you can be given by the exterior world but rather something you have to find in yourself and henceforth grant yourself to possess.

Here is a simple and effective recipe how to achieve inner freedom:
Never expect anything, never desire anything nor ever prefer anything
Instead: take what you are being given, enjoy what you have and like all and everything equally well.


We are being brought up to believe that to apologize regularly for a great number of things in our lives and about our way of being is not only polite behaviour but actually expected of us. And yet even as young children we are already aware of the fact that to apologize does not alter the apparent wrong that has been done/said or happened, nor does it change your inner feeling that something is not quite harmonious.

The crucial question is: WHY are you apologizing? The reason is always guilt.
You believe that you have to apologize if you are responsible for something that you either could not or did not want to alter or do or could be.
The day on which you are able to say „no“ to other people’s wishes and questions without apologizing for it or explaining your refusal nor feeling bad if you do not add either, you are free from your inherent sentiment of guilt.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


We are being taught to believe that what counts in life is to always know the "right" answer to any question that arises. However, since all answers are relative only, asking questions is much more important than knowing their possible "correct" answers. In fact, if you wish to grow in consciousness, never assuming you know things, instead to be asking (of yourself) questions ought to be your answer/reaction to the life that you are experiencing. And never allow any answer to be fixed and eternal. Always keep on looking at things from further angles and different perspectives. Still, at times it can prove satisfactory and also useful to take certain answers for your truth. Because if you wish to climb you need stepping stones and by temporarily taking certain facts for given truths, they can serve you as steps on your way into the unknowable.

Thursday, 9 April 2015


If you are happy being alone, you never have to feel lonely in your life. Furthermore, you are able to enjoy other people’s companionship while all the time remaining independent and free in your self.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


A sheep cannot help itself being a sheep. But what do you think it would wish for itself if happening to be surrounded by a labyrinthine hedge, that is taking away its freedom to move? It would dream of being an eagle with sharp eyes, soaring high above in the skies and to thus being able to see a path out of the restrictive labyrinth.
As human beings we may be living like short-sighted sheep caught in our Ego-identification and its appertaining fears and problems. However, we possess both the potential to be like eagles and the power of freewill.
Therefore, whenever you are finding yourself stuck in a personal situation which is making you feel shut in in some way (physically, emotionally or mentally) switch your level of consciousness. Turn yourself into an eagle by rising out off and above your limited personal perception and restricted view of the situation. Try seeing the other side of the hedge, the view from the other side, its shape from above and above all, gain a overall view of your emotional-mental habits of reaction. The physical level of life and thus your personal existence is only the outermost shell of an inner reality, which lies on a more subtle level than the personal-material reality. Therefore, in order to create liberating openings in your "hedge" you have make changes on the spiritual-mental levels of being and this is only possible, if you let go your fear-instinct dominated Ego-self and take a wider view of your self and its habits of reaction.


Colours in any shape or form, just like numbers, are potencies of power. It is well worth training yourself to be aware of your intuition telling you which colours you are to wear and surround yourself with - as far as it lies within your power to chose them. Besides influencing certain areas of your physical body, triggering certain kinds of emotions and thoughts, colours are speaking directly to the soul. Do not let fashion manipulate your state of being and liberate your mind from believing that there are colours which are "wrong" for your type. Any colour that is making you feel good from the inside is the right colour for you. And if colours that do not promote your inner balance and well-being are being forced upon you by your work environment or anywhere else, teach yourself to visualize and live in inner perceptions of colour.

Sunday, 5 April 2015


If you believe that you love today yet are unable to view all of your past and the persons that played a part therein with understanding and forgiveness in your heart, your love of today is just like a mild day in the middle of winter that will surly be replaced again by dank frosty days of greyness and desolation. The experience of true love makes you forgive and understand all that you are, have been and ever will be and thus also renders you forgiving and understanding towards everyone who seem to have "wronged" you in the past. Because your love renders you aware of the fact that the cause for all your suffering seemingly by the hands of others has really lain hidden in your own self.

Saturday, 4 April 2015


As an observer of the cycles happening in Mother Nature you realize that life is infinite and death but a transient shadow, that is taking place only exteriorly whilst the essence of life is living on at the core.
In longing to realize your own immortality you have to become the detached observer of your perishable aspect of the Self, the Ego. Thereby, you will come to understand, that unless you are willingly dying from one moment to the next you are remaining mortal and as such a prisoner to the physical reality and its limitations. Whereas to let go of your Ego-self as you are passing from one moment to the next is liberating you to be boundless and free to be anything and everything at all times  - always. Now and now and now. It will also make you feel loved and loving regardless of what has happened to your personal „you“ yesterday or what might happen to it tomorrow.


If you have felt loved and loving yesterday or dream of feeling so in the future, but are feeling angry/disappointed/lonely today you must release your memories of the past and your hopes for the future. Instead you have to focus upon finding love here and now in your own self, at the core of your being. Unless you are able to experience love independent of other people and happenings you can be sure that all the love you seem to feel or feel you are being given, will one day turn into bitterness, disappointment and anger.