Monday, 29 September 2014


Conquering other beings is equal to brutality or manipulation or both - depending on your tactics.
Whereas conquering your Self, your lower nature, your Ego is a sign of mastership.


Loosing yourself in the the love for another person you are well and truly lost. However, not lost in love but lost in an illusion of love that will one day reveal its dark side to you in the form of personal frustration/anger/disappointment/hate/loss/sorrow etc.
Whereas loosing yourself in the love existing inside your own heart and being is leading you forever deeper into the experience of love (also towards other beings) and to a place of clarity, stillness and serenity.


Although humans souls are intrinsically tied to each other and forming a collective, they are also individual, single units. Never more so when they are currently incarnated in a physical body, which is a separate and independent life-unit. Therefore, union with another person as such is impossible, on a personal level only closeness is possible.
It is imperative to keep this in mind when searching for "union" with another person. Otherwise you will be forcibly reminded of your aloneness at some stage into your illusionary union with another person. The more profoundly your are aware of your intrinsic aloneness, accepting and loving it, the less you suffer in life. The more free you are to enjoy (temporary) intimacy and companionship with others.

Sunday, 28 September 2014


It is not theoretical knowledge that is rendering your life meaningful, enjoyable and unique. It is your practical application of the positive knowledge you are calling yours, which counts.
You already know this, I guess. Yet in everyday life it is not always easy to apply because the Ego is very subtle in dissembling the true reason for your motives.
Let me give you a few examples:
"Time is relative." I know, that this probably is no news to your either. Everyone can know it by simply recalling how eternal days could feel to you when you were still a child and how short they often seem when you are older. But are you living the relativity of time every day in a positive way? You always have all the time in the world at your disposal for anything - but you must grant it yourself! If you are putting yourself under stress time can appear very real and material.
Here is an other one:
"Money/material possessions/admiration/social prestige do not bring you love."
But how often do you hanker after one or the other in order to feel good about yourself? Ambition is the culprit desire. Whenever you detect it in your thinking pause, turn the other way. Away from the hope of love that is/might be shown to you from the outside and towards to love that is existing in your Self.
"Money cannot buy you safety" (i.e. protect you from dying).
But how much money are you saving up in your bank "just in case"? Or how many houses/cars/shoes/hats/handbags etc. do you call your own? Accumulating material goods is all about desiring to feel safe. But the only security we have is that we(our physical body)are going to die some day.


If you are feeling personally incapable to love/accept/understand an other person yet long to make peace with them and feel neutral towards them, simply lift your awareness up to a higher plane, to your Higher Self, and you will be able to experience love and compassion.


The only one you can ever come to know is your Self through the realization of your true Self. By this token you will also come to know God. "You" are everything you think, feel, see, believe to know. Your true Self the originator of this "you". God is everything in existence. "You" are separated between subjective and objective. Your true Self is aware of their underlying unity. God is neither subject nor object, He is the power within, between and behind all forms. Therefore, in moving beyond your personal/subjective self and coming to know your true Self you are beginning to merge with the all-encompassing consciousness that knows life by being aware of and living its inner nature of unity.
When you are reaching this level in the development of your individual consciousness you will stop seeing your personal life like a plot containing many different and often differing characters and situations. Instead you will be recognizing it like an extension of your own self or like a mirror in which every person and situation is reflecting an aspect of you. Aspects, which you either already know and accept about yourself or one, that still needs to be integrated into your being by your loving awareness.


You are like a lake. Your mind is its surface and your feelings the quality of its water
A still surface reflects the light from the sun(Divine Love and Light) shining from above perfectly and the reflected light is powerful, illuminating. When the surface is undisturbed the waters are clear and the sandy ground is clearly distinguishable.
Whereas choppy waves and irregular movements of the surface fracture the rays of light and throw them in a flash-like manner at random in all directions but unreliably and without continuity. The light thus confuses rather that illumines. Needless to say, that in such waters the sand on the bottom is rendering the water muddy and the ground beneath can only be guessed at. 
Clarity, transparency of mind and emotion is possibly the most important and precious personal attribute we can inwardly acquire and cultivate for ourselves.
There are many factors that can stir up the waters or cause disruption on the surface. Internally, it is personal fears that can also turn up disguised in the form of doubts/ lack of faith or trust/anger/frustration/disappointment in yourself, other people, God or life in general. If you wish to avoid - and in the first place learn to recognize and enlighten - your inherent fear, you have to practise self-awareness and positive self-questioning continually.
Externally, it is also fear that is disturbing your personal "lake". We cannot help receiving information via our inherent link with the human collective (un)conscious all the time. And because there is still so much unresolved fear existing in the generality of  mankind, it is not always easy to keep yourself apart and aloof from it. All the more important it is that you are being selective concerning your intake of external information which you are able to control. There is only very simple rule to it: avoid consuming anything that is related to fear. Because fear creates unconscious, irregular movements within your self that are destroying your inner peace and clarity and even render them impossible. If you wish to achieve and keep your clarity of mind, watch our, what you are reading, watching and listening to. Words are influencing the mind directly. Chose sustaining literature and images to look at. Music is working directly on the level of emotions. If you wish to feel positive, chose harmonious, uplifting, flowing melodies. And be extra careful in the choice of their wording - if they are being accompanied by a voice. Devotional, praising music produces the "purest waters". And in your daily life try to avoid personal involvement in situations, where political power-games are at play. Be this at your workplace, at home in your family, your community, circle of friends...
Only when you are clear and unfettered by fear within yourself are you in a position to experience true love, ongoing happiness and all-encompassing gratitude for the gift of life.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Awareness is the essence of life and its inherent light. Consumption of alcohol reduces your potential for awareness and dulls your inner light. Although the alcohol may make the world and your self may seem temporarily brighter to you. However, to the world you appear reduced and dulled. And to clairvoyant sight the harmony of your Auric field is impaired. Needless to say, that smoking, too, shows negatively in your Auric field.
Give up drinking alcohol and after a while your perception of yourself and life will gain a new depth, a new dimension will be added to your scope of feelings, your mind is gaining in clarity and your physical body will feel more acutely alive.
Alcohol has am overall benumbing effect. If you need proof of this call to mind, that it is being used as a anesthetic, disinfectant and to conserve things.
Cease to consume any food that has been grown and treated against the natural laws of Mother Nature and at the cost of Her well-being and after a while you will become suffused by a new sensation of love, peace and vivacity. The same positive reaction occurs in the atoms of your being, if you no longer use chemical, artificial products for cosmetic purposes and in your household.
We are part of the Earth and Nature and if we are going against theirer laws, we are simultaneously harming ourselves and are diminishing our health and power.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Death is the opposite side of life. Some would say it is its dark side but it only appears dark if looked at from the Ego's perspective. Viewed from the other side, the freedom of the spiritual realms of light, it is rather the other way round - encased in a physical body, that which is generally called "life", seems like death.
Either way, death is a part of life that cannot be avoided.
What dies it mean to die in life? To die is to let go of that which is, and the next moment already has been, in order to free to embrace the succeeding moment and its new experiences without being conditioned by that, which has been before.
Existence is an endless sequence of moments and dying is necessary all the time. Only thus can you be constantly reborn.
Fear makes you hold on to what you have/believe to possess and thus hinders you from dying and being gloriously reborn. The more thoroughly you understand that you can never posses anything beyond you own inner light, the love within your heart and the present moment, the more you can enjoy life to the full.


The physical world we are living in an perceiving with your five senses is a kind of metaphor, a higher analogue for our own inner world.
Even in the darkest night the light is shining on. Think of a night sky lit up with millions of stars and the soft, clear glow of the moon.
Yes, there are nights, when it is pitch dark because there are thick clouds hiding away the lights shining in the sky or when the light of the moon is absent because it is its full eclipse. The answer is, that the light is still there. The clouds are only seemingly obscuring it because you are merely looking on with your lower senses of perception that are limited to your personal point of view in the world. And in the second case you are not seeing the whole picture, because if you did, you would realize just because the moon is invisible to you the light of the sun, which is its source of light is still shining even if it is currently not touching the moon’s receptive surface.
It is just like the mind, which experiences subjective darkness in times when it has lost its connection to the light-giving heart.
If you wish to live happily and freely you have to embrace death with each passing moment. Only in this manner can you be reborn in the next. Life and death are one and the same thing. They are both part of existence on earth. There are both small and big kinds death. They are like the bright and the dark side of the moon. Until you realize the underlying unity of the two and comprehend the whole you only want to see its light side and remain afraid of its dark one. However, just like the moon cycle which inevitably leads to the full eclipse at some stage, so do you have to face the reality of your personal light disappearing one day form the surface of the earth. In order to be reborn again in the eyes of the world at a later stage.


We are eternal life sparks and thus existed long before we were born into our present human body. The star sign you were born under is not a coincidence of destiny. It simply reflects what you were the moment you incarnated and the conditionings and possibilities which you brought into this world. Therefore, to believe that it is your personal horoscope that is conditioning your character and chances in life is a misconception with fatal repercussions. Because it puts you out of power to change anything about the way you and your life are. Whereas if you recognize your responsibility for your current situation you are in a position to create positive changes therein. A basic rule of life is that you can only change those things which are yours and you are taking responsibility for.


If you wish for a fulfilled life, surround yourself with real things, real people and practice conscious interaction with the reality of your own self.
What is real? Let us define reality as something which interacts and reacts to actions, thoughts and feelings. Something that is both active and passive in turn. In this manner dreams are real because they react to our way of being and interaction with them is possible. Thoughts and feelings are real, too, because by reacting to and interacting with them they change. They are in fact the basis for our dreams. Also our physical body is alive. So our personal self is real, provided it is direct contact with the soul that has given rise to its existence. If it is only animated by the Ego’s desires it only appears alive and real but is in fact insubstantial because it is lacking the interaction with the real side of existence, the spiritual aspect.
Also sind reale Menschen jene, die mehr sind als bloss persönliche Gesellschaft, jene sind real, die mit sich selbst und Dir auf der Seelenebene in Verbindung stehen.


True love is Divine in nature therefore it is much greater than anything we as human beings can ever do or say. You can only partake of it by opening your heart and passing its power on by allowing your inner light to shine forth through your very being here-now.
True love is unconditional. Therefore, being embraced or told that you are loved is not necessarily the same is as receiving true love. It is conditioned by the necessity that there be the presence of another person for it.
Still, it is commonly believed that if there is someone embracing your and speaking to you about their love for you, you are actually being loved. And although you may be able to touch and hold your beloved one(s), love itself you can neither touch nor hold. Love is invisible, it is untouchable, it is that, which is existing within you. You can only truly experience it from deep within your heart. Love may motivate you to act and speak lovingly to others but these outward shows of affection are not the love itself. Therefore if you truly want to find love and give love to others you have look for it beyond that, which appears to be love in the world. You have to search for it inside. Inside your own self and inside the hearts of those who profess to love you. If love is there, it is there no matter what may be outside. It is like a candle burning in a space which may lie hidden at times but which is there all the same.

Friday, 19 September 2014


The immediate practice of theoretical knowledge alone enables you to bring about positive lasting changes in your Self and your personal life. Whereas theoretical wisdom proves to be rather hindering in the process. Therefore, it is adviseable to read only as much about "Conscious Being" as you are able to put into practice from moment to moment in your daily life.
True wisdom and love do not manifest themselves through words - they are living in actions here and now.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Stress is often related to the idea that you are lacking time or that in how you are and what you are doing does not suffice. When you are happy, you are losing all sense of time and all doubts about your personal merits vanish because happiness exists in the here-now in which neither time nor thoughts exist. Emotional/physical/mental tension is another stress indicator. Again happiness is the key. When you are happy your whole being relaxes and for the moments while your happiness lasts you are feeling light, free and invincible.
Laughter is an expression of happiness and it is the best relaxation technique because it releases inner tensions. And if, while you are in the process of laughing, you manage to allow your awareness to rest on unsolved personal issues, these will magically become lighter.
Therefore stress is best eradicated from your personal life if you give yourself moments of carefree happy being.
Learning to love yourself unconditionally is another way to remove stress and tension from your life. The sensation of feeling truly loved excludes negative emotions such as stress.


From our earliest childhood onwards we are being taught to believe, that knowing (the correct) answers to questions is one of the most important things in life. Also we are experiencing that it is impossible to always know the right answers to all questions we are being confronted with. At school we are being scolded and given bad marks for not knowing them. Hence everyone learns to be afraid of being unable to give right answers to questions, even though later in life this fear might not be immediately distinguishable. Possibly it is this fear that is keeping the majority of humanity to evade their spiritual calling. Because on the spiritual path you are heading directly into the unknown and unknowable. Moving from one question to the next and never stopping at any finite answer. The moment you settle down to the belief that you „know“ you stop growing towards God.
Imagine a flower seed thinking to itself: „ Oh, I know what sunlight looks like, I do not need to grow out of the earth."
Life is continually changing, therefore in questions of life there is no such thing as finite answers. Furthermore, there are always numerous possible „right“ answers - depending on one's current point of view. Unless, of course, it concerns a mathematical equation or a scholarly/purely intellectual question. If you wish to keep on growing and expanding your individual potential and enjoy your personal existence on this planet you have to keep on asking yourself questions and never be satisfied with any answer you find in yourself and especially not with those you are being given by others.
However, asking questions, moving into the unknown territory of your own self and life requires a certain amount of trust in life/love/yourself - and an open mind.
Then questions are stepping stones that guide you to new experiences. They can be doorways to a higher consciousness. Questions can be way-showers and they always leave you with an option(even though you might not be aware of it). They intensify your awareness. Whether you are asking yourself questions concerning your way of being or if you are being questioned by others is ultimately the same thing.
Some answers you find for yourself you outgrow quickly, others stay with you for a while before you start afresh moving into the unknown and towards a fresh answer. While there are might be some answers that you are being given by others that you have to grow into.

Monday, 15 September 2014


If you wish to watch a beautiful flower grow and blossom in your garden you have to plant a seed. So your first step is to be active and your second is to be passively watching the progress you have set in motion. And to be trusting in the power of the Divine which will bring your efforts to bloom.
The same holds true for positive changes in your personal life. If you wish them to happen, you have to put in an initial effort in the first place. Afterwards you have to allow life to unfold itself with a trusting heart and and open mind towards what it is bringing you.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


When you have become one with your True Self and thereby also one the Love existing inside of you, your every word is filled with love - even if you speaking the most common-place everyday kind of words. And all your actions become acts of devotion. You become simple, clear and loveable without having to do anything more than just being you.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


What is meditation? There are many forms of meditation. All of them are having as their object a clear and focussed state of being. One way to define it is to say, that it is an inner state of silence, harmony and union. A union between the different levels of consciousness existing in the self and thus also a union with the Divine and the flow of life-force.
If you reach a state of self-enlightenment you no longer have to take out time to practise mediation. Your every moment of existence is turned into mediation because you have consciously become one in yourself and one with God and life.
In order to get there it is helpful to take out time to sit quietly and to practise mediation. But it is equally important to try practising meditation in your everyday life situations. Especially in moments when you are being personally challenged. The times when you are experiencing inner conflicts can be the most rewarding in this respect - provided you manage to align yourself with God and your higher self, instead of staying in the feeling of inner separateness.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


It can be quite self-illuminating regarding to what we are experiencing in our interaction with other people every day to bear in mind that:
Words and thoughts are like seeds we are sowing out. If you wish to experience a happy harvest you have to pay attention to what kind of seeds you are planting and where you are getting them from. So in order to reap positive crops you have to pay attention to what you are reading, watching, listening to and looking at because sensory impressions are strongly influencing your inner pictures, which in turn give rise to the colouring of your thoughts and words. Of course, also the intention in planting your seeds is important. Are you sowing because you wish to make a big profit, to be better than other, to relieve your fear/frustration? Or because you enjoy the process of sowing and watching beautiful plants grow that you are tending with love?
From an energy point of view, you are what you are thinking and feeling. Therefore, if for example you are thinking about the latest thriller you have seen on the screen, you are sending out waves of fear into the Universe - without being actually aware of it. 

Monday, 8 September 2014


If you wish to know your Self you have to keep on asking yourself questions. However, since life is continually changing and fluctuating, so are we forever changing. Therefore, we should never believe we have ever learnt everything there is to know about ourselves and even less about another person or life in general. There is always still more and new things to learn, discover, recognize and understand! By keeping on asking questions - and of course, remaining open to the answers you are finding/being given - you are staying awake, mobile and continually growing and expanding in consciousness.


Words are potencies of power and our ability to speak is a God-given gift.
What are you doing with this power? Are you squandering it? Are you withholding it? Are you using it to further your positive development and that of others?
Do you speak from love and joy or from fear and unhappiness?
Are the contents of your communication about beautiful, up-lifting and inspiring things? Or rather about shadows, darkness and suffering?
Observing yourself employing your power of speech can be very self-revealing.
The fundamental questions are: Why am I communicating and what about? The motivation and its contents. (In case you are of the type who is in the habit of suppressing the urge to communicate, then ask yourself the same questions about the things you are wishing to say but are afraid to speak out loud.)
If your verbal communication is motivated by fear you are using words because you believe you have to talk/to keep the feeling of loneliness at bay/to please others/to aggrandize or diminish yourself/to overcome uncertainty/from boredom etc.
If you are motivated by love and joy in your communications you are using words to add to your already existing positive feelings. To share positive personal experiences in order to inspire others and to enhance the mutual understanding between you. However, most of the time you feel you could just as well not say anything and would be feeling equally comfortable - if not actually even better because you are not diminishing the positive feelings and power by trying to verbalize them.

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Upon all levels of manifestation life is an endless series of action and re-action, call and answer.
In a personally unenlightened state your habit is to unconsciously re-act to what is happening to you and to the movements of thoughts, emotions and sensory experiences taking place within you. All of interaction with life taking place in- and outside of you are basically re-actions, which are furthermore generally instinctive. Because in a personally unenlightened state your Ego is mostly ruled by its unreleased fears. Thus you are caught in an involuntary cycle in which you are unable to make any lasting changes for the better in bringing more love into yourself and life.
In order to change the course along which your life is running, apparently without your doing or even though you are wilfully trying to change it, you have to change your pattern of reaction. This is only becoming possible if you start living in the light of your awareness. Henceforth your primary reaction to whatever is happening to you or taking place in your own self, is unconditional love. And having reacted in this manner you are left free to consciously chose how you wish to act. Because your actions are now a reaction to love they are messages of love you are sending out into your own being, the world and the universe. Whereas before you only sent out reactions born of instinctual fear.

Saturday, 6 September 2014


If you are truly sincere in your desire to become conscious and to remain in this state of illumined mind, you must give up drinking alcohol and any other mind-altering substances.
For the obvious reason that alcohol and the kind has a benumbing effect on your senses and your mind. It temporarily alters your perception of your self and it confuses your distinction between your conscious and unconscious personal aspects. And in order to enlighten your personal unconsciousness you need to be able to access it in a state of clear awareness, to remain consciously aware if your Self at all times.
Also you have to stop eating meat. Even if the animals you are eating have been nicely treated and well-kept. They have been killed and any living being that is being killed knows it is advance and produces toxins. So you are eating toxic flesh. Plus flesh is unconscious matter, animals are instinctive beings, still, they are our relatives in a sense. To illumine your mind you have to move in the opposite direction, away from instinctive living and killing others to secure your own survival.
However, to stop consuming alcohol and meat solely out of conviction that is is bad for you is not enough - although its makes a good start. You have to follow this path of purification because you are wholeheartedly devoted to your quest after the Light. Otherwise you are bound to fall back into your former habits at some stage.


Only the fearless are free to shine in the unique light of their spirit. Because worrying about and trying to be "normal" is keeping you from enjoying who you are. To be losing all interest in whether you are "normal" or not and if the world is seeing you as such, is an unmistakeable sign that you have lost your fear of being WHO YOU TRULY ARE. However, there are still many who are living in fear. Therefore, you have to be strong and steadfast in your trust in who you are, because they are out to pull you back into fear by criticizing your way of being, by finding fault in your general approach to life. So never let yourself be disconcerted if some else is doing their best to make you feel that you are not "normal". Even if they say that they are doing so for your own good and that they are worried about you getting lost in your fantasies etc. Rather see it as a confirmation that you are living your individuality. Another way of the fearful to claim you back is their habit of being convinced and trying to convince yo, that they know you much better than you are knowing yourself.
But never condemn them. Simply be a silent witness to their criticisms and one day they may lose their fear - and their interest in being "normal" and wanting you to be so.


If you allow yourself to be guided by your intuition in the steps that you are taking, in the words you are speaking and in the things you are doing, your personal existence feels like a whirling dance, moving in a regular rhythm of action and passivity, communion and solitude. It feels light, free, harmonious throughout and your mind is positive and clear. And you always have enough time and energy to do the things you feel you have to do.
Whereas to be leading your life ruled by your Ego's desires, its fears and so-called rational considerations is leaving you feeling trapped, weighed down, lethargic, frustrated in turn and your mind is unclear most of the time, making you forget and confuse things easily. Also you are feeling often exhausted, stressed and if you were running out of time.

Friday, 5 September 2014


Life keeps on happening to you, love and beauty are abounding all around you.
Therefore, if you are feeling bored, desolate or unloved at times it is because you are asleep and caught in an unconscious dream. Indulging in distractions and seeking after frequent exterior changes of scene and company or clinging to people who are apparently loving you are only granting you temporary relief from your experienced dullness.
If you wish for real change you have to wake yourself up and become conscious.
Consciousness is like a light that illumines your mind and thus enables you to see the changes happening all around you, to appreciate the beauty where before you have seen only monotonous grey. And it is rendering you aware of the love that is living inside of your being.


If your Spirit is calling you to move in certain direction - follow its calling. Since it is the Divine part of your being that is initiating and guiding your steps you may trust in the impulse and rest assured that your are protected and cared for in all of your adventures.


Love is like a wild bird. You have to let if free to fly and dance with the wind.
Because if you try caging it in and taming it, just like the bird that ceases its song, becomes sad and losses its beautifully coloured feathers, the love will loose its vibrancy, become weak and eventually dies in its confinement.
Let it free, admire it and enjoy its presence. And if it is feeling that its freedom is not threatened in your vicinity, it may build its nest under the roof of you house.


Serenity is not something you can achieve. It naturally happens to you the moment you start trusting in yourself, in life and in God's Love for you.