Friday, 23 November 2012


When you reach a state of true peace within your heart, body and mind, you cease to have cause for being unfriendly/angry/impatient towards others and their way of being. And if they are showing you anger and impatience or if they are being unkind to you, you simply allow them to do so without reacting to their negativity. In this way eventually they will become peaceful too. Or else, if they are unwilling to let go of their negativity, they will soon tire of you and turn upon a more willing participant in their game of causing more unhappiness out of unhappiness, which is motivated by the unconscious fear of their Ego .


Life is not about winning and making personal gains and profits, but rather about collecting variegated experiences. True winning means finding the love lying hidden in them. And to truly profit is to gain a deeper understanding and awareness of the Divine Truth underlying each moment of existence in the great and in the small.


The Divine Creator is the highest Truth and the only Absolute in existence. His Being encompasses all life which in each of its parts represents an expressive aspect of Him.
Anything of true quality you can personally achieve, shares in His Truth and therefore is an all-encompassing state of being. Leaving no room for personal exceptions, exclusions and conditional codes. When you truly love/understand/accept/respect etc yourself and other beings you no longer think or say: "but" "if".  Metaphorically speaking; you are inwardly and outwardly embracing life in any shape and form it might come your way. You are simply recognizing each passing moment and each occurrence as a further step towards the commonly shared goal of personally and universally acquiring Divine perfection in manifestation. And having truly understood your own relative existence, you are aware that your personal faults are relative likewise and that your personal truth is equal to the truth in others around you. In knowing and accepting this you become silent in view of the truth and faults in yourself as well as in those around you.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


Have you ever wondered why the first pop/rock songs that were recorded an thus became famously well-known worldwide, are keeping their popularity even after decades and are literally "evergreens". Whereas contemporary pieces of music just seems to come and go without leaving a trace behind them like clouds passing in the sky?

You might explain this away by the facts that nowadays there are more musicians and that the technical side to the recording and publicising has become a lot faster and easier. Or that the people who used to listen to the so-called oldies in their young days still do so today.
These might be valid explanations from a materialistic point of view.
However there is also a Spiritual way of explaining it.

Bearing in mind that everything consists of Divine energy or in other words Love, it seems absolutely logical that the generality of modern-day music simply vanishes after its swift appearance in the charts. Why? To the greatest part these pieces of music do not contain any Love but are purely commercial. Commercial in their intention of production and as well as in their performance. Hardly ever there is a true musician or song-writer involved. No-one who is doing it for pure joy and love of the musical art. The lyrics as well as the music are usually copied or even stolen and variegated from someone else's. Voices are being digitally tampered with to make them sound better and if there are any real instruments involved in the act at all the same applies to their sounds. In other words, it is all artificially produced in order to allow its producer and those co-operating in the project to make as much money from it as possible.

Whereas in the early and earlier days of pop/rock records, the musicians used to be real people. Real in the sense that they were devoted to their art, devoted to their gift of writing lyrics, playing an instrument, singing, composing music... They put their heart-blood into their productions and thus their audience was touched at heart in listening to their music. The sound of the voices and instruments on the records were generally only optimized in quality but not changed in their originality. Of course, also back then some of the musicians eventually became fame/money-hunters and lost their truth of expression just like the modern day performers.

What is of importance in life is Love and Truth. These two qualities provoke positive changes in those who come into touch with it. Love and Truth have a nourishing effect on the Soul and thus ultimately bring peace to the mind upon a personal level. Whereas commercial music posses neither of them and therefore is at best leaving the consumer untouched and at worst is leaving him unhappier than he was before.

Sunday, 18 November 2012


True missionaries of God's Love do not try to convert others by preaching doctrines and by using verbal tactics of persuasion and insinuation. Their way to bring others to find Faith in Love for themselves, is by their sheer presence. They inspire the wish to see beyond the superficial appearances of life in those who come into touch with them by their silent ways of conscious living in the awareness of God every day. They have a patient willingness to share in what they have found and to answer questions to those who ask. But they do not force their faith unto you nor do they condemn other belief-systems nor put their faith above all others. True missionaries are missionaries of Love. A Love which is seen and felt by those who are ready to detect it in their silent actions of conditionless kindness and patient compassion towards life in all its shapes and appearances.


It does not matter by what name you are calling your Divine Creator, nor does it matter how you are praying to Him and how you are praising Him. Just as long as you acknowledge that your Heavenly Father/Mother/Creator is the same as everyone else's. Remembering that God is the universal source of the Highest Good and the purest Love and Light and Truth. He loves all His children equally well and is treating you with the same patience and gentle kindness as them. The position to judge and do justice to those who fail Him in falling from love and truth by acting in an unconscious, egoistical manner, is only His. Yours it is to love and accept yourself as well as you can and to strive to do likewise with your brothers and sisters and all the rest of His Creation.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


Your Spiritual path is a challenge. However not one which you are playing against others but solely for yourself. Heart against Ego-mind so to speak. And by scoring, meaning letting your heart win in a personal decision, you are simultaneously helping others to listen to their own hearts more. Because higher consciousness always has a positive impact upon consciousness of a lower rank. Just like a candle in a dark room which has the effect of lightening up much more space than just the place where the flame is. Every single moment of your life contains the opportunity to heed the voice of you heart instead of your Ego's.
You are a Spiritual being- just like everyone else and if you are finding yourself drawing comparisons between the quality of your own Spirituality and that of others you are being very non-spiritual indeed, because comparisons are an Ego-game. Everyone has his own unique way of living Spiritual awareness thus making it difficult to evaluate other's people's state of consciousness anyway. However an unmistakeable sign of someone's Spiritual advancement is their ability to love unconditionally and to respect others just the way they are without feeling personally offended by their ways. Such individuals are unconditionally and quietly at peace with themselves, their lives and their fellow-men.


Living in a world and a society still largely ruled by Ego and its appertaining symptoms of fear, hate, etc., your inward state of personal freedom is not always easy to maintain. You will be meeting many people you are challenging you by words and acts, trying to involve you in a personal fight. The only way to remain in your inward kingdom of peaceful freedom is not to react to their offences. Neither directly or indirectly. Meaning neither in outwardly verbalized words and open actions, nor in a hidden, inward fashion in your own thoughts and feelings. In order to achieve this you have to stay detached from your personality self, which might be trying to defend or excuse itself or to launch into a counter-attack. Let their hits fall upon empty ground and leave their words unanswered to echo into empty space. Simply keep detached from all personal reactions, yours and theirs. Remain in your position of love and light in which you are recognizing the reason for their attacking you (namely their own fear and lack of love). By your compassionate understanding of the game of Ego-negativity they are trying to play with, you will be born through the situation and your sense of freedom will deepen instead of diminish. This way you might even feel gratitude towards your offenders because their negative opposition is offering you a metaphorical thrust block against which your own positivity can grow even stronger.


This must be one of the most frequently asked questions in the world. And most of the time, the inquirer is asking it only in order to be polite or to talk about himself. In either case he is believing himself to be a helpless victim of life's circumstances and his personal physical, emotional and mental level of existence.
However once you no longer believe yourself to be your Ego-Self, this question ceases to be relevant (unless, of course, you are a therapist who is there to help other people with their ailments and illnesses, in which case it is part of your job to inquire into peoples states of well-being). By no longer identifying with your Lower Self you are hence forth living in the realization, that your state of well-being lies entirely under your own responsibility. Yes, from time to time your body might still be suffering, your emotions may be disturbed and thoughts in a turmoil. Or you path through life might occasionally be more challenging than it usually is. But because you are now in a position of neutral observer over your personal level of existence, such circumstances are no longer affecting you negatively, they are no longer keeping you from enjoying life and being happy with your lot.

Monday, 12 November 2012


Mother Earth and Her Nature is the Mother to all of us in the same way as God is the Universal Father. She is providing the physical bodies for Him to ensoul with His life-endowing Love and Light.
In order to lead a life in complete harmony upon all levels of your existence you have to acknowledge, honour and respect both your parents. If you only live in the awareness of one side of your original nature, you will mostly probably have to pay for it by severe suffering along your soul's journey. Suffering in all its forms is always and expression of disharmony of some sort. Its appendant pain has the effect of halting you in your tracks in order to look for its origin motivated by the intent of finding relief from it. However searching for it outside of you and blaming it upon some exterior aspect of life, only has the effect of adding to your unconscious painful suffering. Whereas turning around at yourself and looking for its roots in your own being invariably lightens it, although not always bringing instantaneous freedom from it.


There is not one aspect of Mother Earth and Her Nature that does not hint at, if not actually openly display the splendour and beauty of Her begetter, God Himself. Her vegetation and Her lowly creatures are revealing His Truth and His Love in uncountable ways and diversified fashions in its minute details as well as on large scale through their uniqueness of expression. Visible to all the eyes of those who know how to look.
The principle of Duality for example is to be found in the rhythm of day and night, of summer and winter etc. She also teaches us, that life is a never-ending process by the simple fact that while on one side of Her it is autumn, the other half is enjoying springtime and thus there are birds singing all year round all around the planet in joyous anticipation of the rising sun, the approaching Light of His loving, life-giving warmth.


The extent of your personal responsibility is far reaching and reveals forever new aspects, because it is part of life which in itself appears to be endlessly intricate and varied.
You might not always be aware of it, but what you chose to look at, the way and the set of mind in which you are viewing that which you have chosen to observe is an entirely personal choice. Your view of the world, of yourself and of your life, is a reflection of your personal set of mind. However in order to be able to claim this power and the appendent responsibility, you have to first become consciously aware of your personality self, its thoughts, feelings and sensations. Because until you have reached this stage in your personal development of consciousness, your reactions and actions in life and to life happen mostly unconsciously and thus you are unable to direct your gaze and your reactions to what it is meeting. In this way you are often believing yourself to be a helpless victim of your personal perceptions, whereas in a conscious state the power is all yours.
I personally see the time of late autumn in Mother Nature an especially suitable time to practise personal awareness of one's exterior world. If you succeed in it, it is most rewarding because it makes you see the beauty and the light in a time of the year when viewed superficially only, the beauty and the life in Mother Nature is fading and disappearing.
Do you wish to see the low grey skies, the dying leaves on the ground, bemoan the chilly, rainy days and the weakening, sinking sun on the horizon? Or would you rather admire the meadows glittering in silvery hues from the raindrops and first freeze, the warmly glowing colours of the last leaves on the trees and cherish the early nightfall in order to enjoy early restful nights in the cosy warmth of your bed?
In autumn, Mother Nature is exploding for the last time in joyous colours in order to remind us that to seemingly die to the world is actually a time to celebrate. Also, the reds, orange, browns and golden yellows are reflecting the colours of our lower chakras and thus acting as a reminder that in the coming months it is the time of the year to work on one's foundation, roots and purpose of self in life. The time for family and home-coming to the light and the love glowing at the centre of your being. Just like the sap in the tree, which is receding into the innermost heart of the trunk.

Sunday, 11 November 2012


One of the possible definitions of the word "experience" is: "observation as the source of knowledge; actual observation; an event which has affected one" , which evidently shows, that in life personal knowledge comes from living through it.

To be knowledgeable does not mean to be rich in theoretical knowledge. It means to be rich in personal experiences and to be consciously aware of them, or rather the lessons of love and life they taught you and the understanding they brought to you.
You are wise if you know yourself through consciously experiencing life and finding the love therein.
All theories, especially those about love, life, truth and God are worthless, and often prove life hindering rather than promotional, in times of crisis- unless you are able to put them into practise and thus make them your own by gaining conscious experience of them.


On the path to self-enlightenment you have to come to learn to not only see but also lovingly accept yourself in everything you are and do, you were and did, you will be and will do.
Self-enlightenment puts you into the position of all-knowingness towards your Lower Self, which is comparable to the one God holds over His Creation. And knowing of God that He loves and accepts all that He has created, you have to do likewise towards yourself.
Self-enlightenment does not make you holy, but it renders you whole by bringing into the light of your conscious awareness the full reality of your Lower Self, which hitherto has been living in the dark, believing itself to be the centre of gravitation.


In order to be able to align your Lower Self to your Higher Self/Holy Guardian Angel it is necessary that you first achieve a state of perfect harmony amongst your lower levels of being, namely the emotional, mental and physical. Your consciousness forms the connecting link between the two and only once a personal state of balance has been achieved, your spirit is left free to rise upwards towards your Higher Self and thus become aligned to it. Your Holy Guardian Angel shares in the Divine harmony and love of existence. Therefore it appears quite obvious that you can only connect to it in a state of personal peace which has been attained by practising conscious awareness of the love-aspect within yourself.

Saturday, 10 November 2012


How to know whether the love you are experiencing towards yourself is of the true kind or an illusion of your Ego-mind? If it is selfless self-love or egoistical love of the self?
If it is making you feel so full of love that you could hug the whole world and everybody in it- even those people you thought you disliked once,- your love is of the heart. If the centre of your love lies with God and thus has and illuminating effect upon all forms of life you are encountering, it is true love you are filled with. And if the feeling of love within you, extends your mind's capacities, making you unable to name a finite reason for your blissful exuberance (which might also make itself felt to you in silent serenity)  it is true also. And if it passes the test of time and even survives personal storms of emotions/thoughts or physical pain you can be sure it is true love for yourself which is filling your heart.
However, if on the other hand your love only reaches as far as your Ego-mind, you will be able to give finite reasons for it and put it into words. It will make you wish to exclude certain people or personal past experiences from your love. Or it may be dependent upon certain outward factors or your personal emotional/mental/physical conditions. If it fluctuates with your mood-swings and outward situation in life and if you are afraid it might be taken away from you or suddenly vanish, again you are loving with your Ego-mind.
True selfless self-love does not advertise itself to the world and it does not cling on to certain conditions. It simply IS and in BEing, it conquers your personal existence and by this also the world through and around you.