Monday, 29 August 2011


True religion is a natural by-product of faith. A faith that has its origins in the spiritual heart centre and not the mind. Hence it cannot be taught by preaching. It reveals it-self to the devoted seeker only in right thinking and right living. Living a religiuos life does not make you a prisoner of restrictions and limitations but rather sets you free to ful-fill your Divine destiny. having recognized the Divine within all life surrounding you, respecting its inherent laws and keeping to its boundaries comes to you easily and effortlessly. Faith and religion should unite all human-kind but because up to this present day and age only but very few have understood their true sense, they have been causing unspeakable pain and suffering instead.  One's faith can be based upon any of the holy scriptures in existance but once having discovered its true source, which lies at the heart of each one of us, and learnt to live accordingly, they become unnecessary for ones daily religious practices. They are way-showers and means to an end, rather than the end it-self. For God is never found in words- only in life. All holy scriptures are attempts at expressing and describing the unspeakable. They represent different approaches towards an understanding of the Divine principles and natural laws inherent in His Creation. They offer indications and guide-lines for right thinking and right living, which in turn should aid the individual in discovering the Divine within the Self and in all living things. They have been intended to enhance the understanding amongst the different races and cultures and to unite all human-kind, yet so far they seem to have been doing nothing but causing separation, war and oppression.

Thursday, 18 August 2011


If EVERYONE ceased from accusing and blaming others and instead turned his attention around to look at his own heart, not only would there be instant WORLD PEACE but also supreme SILENCE reigning troughout the world.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Understanding that all is Light not only with your mind but with your senses, too, you come to realize that truly there is no empty space and no real darkness either- neither at night nor behind closed eye-lids. Because you can atually see the Light everywhere and at all times.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Life is much more than what we commonly are aware of. By awakening to your own multi-dimensionality of Divine origin your out-look and perception of life changes radically and allows you glimpses of its complex structure, which lies hidden to the eyes of the world. Although you still continue to live in the vertical reality outwardly, your consciuosness is now rooted and existing in the vertical simultaneaously- Its effect being that of not taking every day life purely at its face value anymore but seeing beyond and behind it recognizing its higher purpose. Viewing life solely with  eyes and senses trained on the superficially apparent it is usually little more than a series of mundane circumstances in shades varying from seemingly utterly pointless, frustraiting through to extremely  meaningful and up-lifting. Your evaluation depending on your attitude towards it, strongly influenced by your feelings and mood-swings. Moving beyond and above outward appearances, however, every moment of love reveals its hidden meaning and thus gains an unspeakable importance and beauty.


There is a place where everyone of us is at home, cherished, protected and loved. This place is to be found within our-sleves- at the centre of our hearts. Having discovered this sacred place, you can go anywhere in outward life and will still feel safe and sheltered. And only once you have found this place of Love and Harmony within, will you be able to pass these qualities on to others, for how can you give something you do not truly know and possess your-self? Therefore, instead of constantly trying to pass on your love to others or demanding it of them- turn inside and look for the source of eternal Love within your own heart. Having found it, you become one with Love and will pass it on naturally to others by simply being you, living in this world now.

Saturday, 13 August 2011


We should prepare our-selves for our physical death by imagining it occuring while we are still fully alive and healthy. Not to the end of indulging in morbid phantasies but rather of making our actual passing-over to the Spirit World easier when our time comes to leave. This not only teaches us not to identify our-selves with our body, but instills in us a gratitude towards the gift of physical existance as such. For indeed, having a sentient body to experience life to the full is something very special and unique.
But not until you have really been confronted with the actual possibility of losing your physical body, will you know whether you have truly achieved to let go your hold of it and your attachment to your current life, while still living in the flesh.
Only the other night, I have come to realize the truth of this myself, upon finding that I might actually have partaken of a deadly poisoning wild herb. I had recently taken to picking and eating wild herbs and flowers. I choose them by listening to my intuition and the little I could remember from biology classes at school- and so far had never eaten anything that made me ill. Knowing more than me in this field, my father got worried when I told him about this and went to buy a book on wild plants and peruse it immediately. In an e-mail he warned me about one particular herb which had two very similar looking sub-varieties of a poisonous kind- one of them literally deadly. The plant in question being a rather common one, I had often eaten its blossoms on my morning strolls through nature. Only that very morning in fact, I had come upon one of those and now remembered having particularly noticed and admired its leaves because they seemed especially intricate. And true to my habit- but after a moment's hesitation  -heedless of the voice of my intuition venturing that since the leaves were different it might not be he same plant as usual, instead listening to my mind countering in apparent logic that as the blossoms looked the same as what could be the harm? So I picked off and eaten one of its blossoms finding them rather stronger in taste than usual and still able to taste them in my mouth half an hour later. Reading my father's warning e-mail that evening, I got quite a shock because in the biological drawing of the deadly poisonous plant I recognized the one I had eaten that very morning, because being endowed with a photographic memory I could still picture the leaves of the plant I has partaken of before my mind's eye. Disquietend and intrigued, I read up the details and about the sequence of death and its appertaining symptoms on the internet. This taking place just prior to going to bed, I found my-self lying there with my mind circling about the possibility of my passing away in the hours to come. I could actually feel the symptoms in my body, although I kept telling my-self that I was only imagining it. My mind kept going over the incidents of the morning, trying to recapitulate the crucial moments. I played with the option of getting up again and going back to the place where I had found the plant but then decided against it on the grounds that it would not change the facts, as it was too late for any action of prevention. Having drawn that conclusion, I focussed my mind on the present instead, facing the possibility of my dying that night. I felt surprisingly serene and contented in view of my possible imminent death, because I knew there was nothing I would rather have done differently in my life up to that moment and that my last day had been a very happy one, filled with lighness and joy. However, personally, I did not find that it was quite time for me to leave this incarnation as yet because to me it seemed my soul's mission had not yet been completed. However, I might be wrong about that for no mortal being ever knows God's ways. And thus I crossed my hands on my chest, looked up to the one visible star between the clouds above me trough the roof-window, then closed my eyes and sank into the arms of the Universe. Thanking God for the beautiful day he had given unto me. Then using my mind's imagination employed it to fill every atom of my body with Divine Light and re-iterating the words: every cell of my system is complete and functioning perfectly.
To my immense amazement and joy I woke up the next morning in my bed. Finding, that I was still in the body and fully alive and healthy.
However, I could not let the matter lie to rest, my mind kept wondering whether my memory of the wild herb had been wrong or if I had really survived its deadly-poisoning effect. Thus, I went back to the exact spot of the incident two days later. And found that my memory had been functioning perfectly and that I had truly been the recipient of God's Grace- teaching me a lesson I would not ever forget.


All comparisions of God created things and beings are unnatural because they all work from the presumption that the objects of comparison ought either be the same or one better than the other. Yet, how can one thing or being of Divine origin be superior to another? How can they both be the same, when every part of God's creation is unique? Of course, looking at the divers manifestations of life superficially only they might appear to be the same but looking closely they never truly are- even the tiniest flower is not exactly like the one next to it. And yet- although all forms of life are unique, the whole of creation is in its essence the same, being made up of the same elements and atoms under the same law. What differentiates them are their density and state of consciousness.
In a way, one could say that human beings need to constantly compare them-selves in order to grow and develop their consciousness. Actually, we can hardly help comparing because it is one of our ego-minds favourite past-times to draw up comparisions. But there are two categories of comparisons- a constructive and a deconstructive one. Comparisions of the first category take into account the natural differences of one's own qualities from all the others. These comparisons are to the end of looking at qualities in others in order to turn inside and take a closer look at one-self, fine-tuning the perception of the intricacies of one's uniqueness. The latter work one-dimensionally only and therefore cause life to loose its vibrancy and beauty. Those who constantly compary according to the second category are either hopelessly conceited and deluded of their own false grandeur or forever unhappy and dissatisfied with their lot. And one symptom never comes without the other- both representing sides of the same coin.
Generalizations, too, fall under the heading of comparisons, although they are often less obvious.
Wanting to compare one's life, for example, to what is generally believed to be the right way to live it cannot but cause dissatisfaction in the indiviual aiming for it, because the general ideals- being mind-made, is unattinable by any living human being. Striving to full-fill general ideals always leads away from the real, the actual. Whereas looking for and following the personal ideal takes you closer to your true nature and identity and thus can even bring you into touch with the Divine essence. 

Sunday, 7 August 2011


It often appears beyond our comprehension why the life we lead and our own existance is being called illusionary and instubstantial. And yet they are, because they are only a fragment of the Truth, which is God, and usually a distorted one at that. Our perception is limited and therefore we are quite simply unable to be aware of the Divine Reality which is all encompassing and lies beyond the conception of our human minds. However, if we have become fully aware of our own Divine centre within and are able to live consciously in that reality from moment to moment there is a possibility for us to gain glimpses of the Truth. But once you have caught sight of it, there is no way back to what you have been before. It is like being an actor who has realized that the play he was acting in and taking for real is in fact only a masquerade put up by a director who is completely unconcerned about its plot and uninterested in your own proficiency but really only caring for your inner values and the intention behind your inter-actions on stage.


The deeper you dive into your centre of Inner Silence, the less you feel the inclination to talk, realizing that all words seperate you from this Divine Union in the Truth of the moment. One might argue that since we are human-beings with the ability to speak, we are meant to talk. But those who argue are the ones who have not yet had the experience of this Reality. Those who do not know that there is a means to communicate that requires no words. Once you have come to rest in the Divine Silence, you know that words are most often the means to distract your-self from facing the Truth of the moments because unconsciuosly you are being governed by the Ego-Mind who is afraid to die, to lose its dominion over you. Because when you let go of the Ego-Mind and come to rest and live from within your Divine centre, you are surrendering your own will to that of the Highest. This seeming letting-go of control is, of course, deemed highly unsafe and dangerous from the limited view-point of the Mind because what it relishes most is the sense of being always in command. But when you do surrender your Ego-Mind to the Divine, you are highly rewarded by a sensation of unspeakable Trust, Peace and Love up-welling from you heart's centre and submerging your whole being. With it comes the knowledge that you are protected and guided wherever you are and that no matter what happens to you is for your best.
The more you come to rest in this place of Inner Silence, the clearer you come to distinguish the out-lines of your-self and your life. The sharper you hear all sounds and the more vivid become the colours in the world around you. And yet at the same time- the simpler and purer become your own words, toughts, feelings and actions.

Saturday, 6 August 2011


The whole universe is made up of Divine Light and Love, appearing in different forms of vibration which in turn create a particular energy. Roughly speaking, everything in our world- including us - is Energy. Since Energy is eternal and only changes its state, hence its appearance- nothing is ever lost, even though it may often seem to us to be the case. Widening our perspective and deepening our awareness of our-selves and the world about us, we start recognizing the invisible law behind this fact. Once you have become fully conscious of your Mind's process and actions in life, you gain a certain power over your personal game of give-and-take. The power in this context not meaning the willful control of the Mind but the knowledge that since you are living in your own Truth, whatever returns to you will always be clearly distinguishable. This rendering it simpler and easier to live, because the moments of thoughts and feelings in confusion and darkness have given way to a state of calm serenity from whence all actions, toughts and feeling can be seen in their true light.
What remains beyond your immediate influence, however, are the lessons of Karma that come your way, which are the results of another incarnation of yours. But what you can do, is govern your own reaction to them. If you accept the responsibility for the trials and seeming obstacles you meet with and are unafraid to look then in the face, keeping a neutral attitude always, the waves will die away swiftly and leave you once more on a calm sea beneath the eternal sunshine.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


We are all seperate beings and yet we are all part of the One at the same time, too.
God is everything and yet he is No-thing.
He is in everything that lives and yet remains invisible to the eyes.
We seem to live in a place in time and yet they do not really exist.
These concepts are puzzling the Mind, because it can neither grasp nor truly understand them. They can only be revealed to us through direct experience of them. Once you have done so, returning to the old believes is impossible because by experiencing they have interprenetated your whole being, have become a part of you and one with you. In this new light, suddenly they no longer appear paradoxical to you but actually make sense and even appear completely logical and natural. Although you may still live on in the world seemingly like before you have imperceptibly changed and are now playing the part of a neutral spectator watching all life take place around you. Playing your own part in it lightly and freed from fears, having realized your Divine centre within where quite serenity and calmness reside.


Just because we can draw up timetables for things and can make buses, trains and machines work and run on time we tend to beleive our-selves masters of time and place and that we are holding the power- but actually we are not. There is a Higher Intelligence supervising all life and directing its course. The only way we can have an influence and create a change is by training our consciuosness, learning to attune our-selves to its natural flow and thus becoming willing and active participants in this Divine game. This will teach us that there is always a right time for everything and that more often than not we err in our judgement and that patience and trust are required for things to come to fruition and actually happen.


Nothing is evil or wrong God hath created. The only thing possible to be evil or wrong is your own perception of and personal attitude towards it. By judging someone or something to be evil or wrong you are actually condeming your-self because whatever affects yiu is also still part of you on some level. Even the ego-oriented Mind is not wrong for it has its uses. The only thing wrong with it is that you are often giving it too much credulity and almost your entire attention. Focussing on the voice of the heart rather than the Ego-Mind remedies this imbalance effectively. Therefore do not condem your Mind but instead learn to use it wisely and with moderation, always keeping in mind its proneness to condem and fear easily.


Working is an active participation in the process of Life and Creation, given you are completely atuned to it and not partly/completely somewhere else with your mind. If you achieve to fully surrender to and dissolve in the work you are doing you are increasing your natural energy flow and feel enlivend rather than dulled afterwards. On the other hand, by doing work unwillingly, with each passing moment you block your-self off from the natural energy more and by so doing not only deplete your own ressources but the ones of your enviroment and co-workers, too. And by persisting in this negating attitude towards those precious moments of life illness is created.
Nowhere as much as in manual labour the state of matter changes from one moment to the next and therefore it offers a great opportunity to learn to accept that all life is CHANGE.
One reason for so many people losing their joy of life, feeling stressed/bored/emptied by their daily work and tasks is because nowadays so much of it takes place only inside a computer and leaves the only visible trances on its screen- if at all. This fact is rendering it very hard for you to see how much you have really accomplished and it makes it difficult to appreciate your own endeavours and the precious time spent you working. In such a case it requires consciuos awareness to be able to make your-self (and others) acknowlegde how industrious and useful you truly are being. It is no wonder, therefore, that manual labourers especially those working in/with Nature and those working directly with other living beings (human or animal) or doing creative art generally feel much more content and happy in their daily lives, their efforts being visible in the matter/material/land/person etc. Altough at first glance and superficially judged only their tasks may look menial, unimportant or even superfluous to the world.

Sports is another form of taking an active part in the process of life and helping to increase its force flowing through you. But it is only benefical to the individual if it is done with regard of and keeping to ones own natural limitations and in an attitude of respect towards Nature and other living beings. Otherwise it may actually be a means to create disharmony and disruption instead.


By having been endowed with the capacity of Mind, and therefore a superior intelligence with regard to the Animal Kingdom, we became partly seperated from the flow of Life Force, which is our connection to the Divine source not only keeping us alive but also in a state of harmony and health. Our Mind is very fond of holding on to things, always wanting to be in the past or the future and but rarely it the present state and place. Its nature is to hold on - but Life's nature is fluctuating change. By holding on too strongly we cut our-selves off from the natural flow and thus blocking the energy from flowing freely we create an imbalance in the self and its existance. Also, everything in life has two opposite sides to it is and our task is to find and keep to the central point where balance and harmony reign. Until then we constantly switch from on extreme to the other, sometimes willingly but more often we find our-selves toppling unconrollably from side to side. Therefore our life upon the earthly plane could justly be called a path of the middle.


Everything in life is temporary and doomed to change or fade away. Save three things which are what our life in Earth truly is all about. True Love, Wisdom of the Heart and Knowledge from personal experience.
The only Love that counts before God is the Love we lived free from Self. The only Wisdom that endures is the one which has been aquired by the Heart. The only Knowledge not to fade with the passage of time is the one learnt by conscious personal experience.


Love, Light and Truth are the only realities in existance. All evil and darkness is man-made. The way back to a state of perfect and complete harmony, peace and health in Earth therefore is for each one of us to realize and turn our attention to the place of Love, Light and Truth within our-selves and learn to live therefrom because what we are has a direct influence upon our exterior world. Therefore all trials and darkness we meet in the outside world are nothing but a replica of inward imperfections. Courageaously recognizing and accepting the difficulties we meet with and using them for the realization of our true selves, we eventually attain to self-enlightenment, which creates a state of Inner Love, Light and Truth.

message 5

Channeling celestial healing force to Mother Nature and its numerous and manifold inhabitants everyone is able to- theoretically, because you are made up of both Spiritual and physical components, therefore you are able to act as transmitters between the two. Given you are believing your-self capable of it and are moreover willing- to surrender your Ego-oriented Mind to the Heart for at least the duration of the healing meditation. You are all sentient beings, therefore able to tune in on the universal life force flowing through and all around you - be it either by sensing, hearing, seeing or feeling this Divine energy flow, which in passing trough you creates harmony and balance not only within you but to your enviroment, too. For healing you do not need anything or anyone else, although by number the power is increased, but only if you are all working with the same intention in mind and heart.
You should all learn and practise positive imagination- not for your own ends - but for the well-being of the Earth and its inhabitants. Your Mind is a very powerful tool. Just how powerful you can judge for yourself by looking at the state of imbalance you have brought upon your home planet. As long as it is for the good of the Earth and all her beings you are free to think your-selves- and by so doing actually become,- as powerful as you wish to and are capable of. Your mind sets the only limit- just as in everything else you are and do in this world. Mind over Matter. You can be a great healer towards Mother Earth if you will beleive your-self to be and if you are able to concetrate on and work under the guidance of your spiritual heart centre - instead of the Ego. The degree by which you achieve this state of being decides on the effectiveness of your efforts.