Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Divine love and light are the essences of life and the foundation of our very being.
However, the are invisible powers and in looking for them in the exterior world we are searching in vain. They can only be known by direct experience.
Live in the intention of love and life/God reveals His light to you.
Live in conscious awareness and you feel the love of God in each single moment of life, leading your way, lifting you up and looking after you.


The Ego is unconsciously aware that love has the power to bestow immortality. And because its greatest fear is to die, it is instinctively seeking after love. However, for as long as the Ego is clinging to the reasons for why it is believing itself to be loved, death remains imminently close and fear remains the dark shadow of the love it is experiencing. Only when the reason for feeling loved is an all-encompassing, unconditional love that is being felt inside your own self, does love make you immortal. Of course, your Ego is still going to die its timely death but because you have released your fears death changes from a threat into a promise.


It has been stated before, that one's perception of the world is determined and conditioned by one's inner reality created by personal beliefs, fears, likes, dislikes etc both conscious and unconscious.
You are only able to perceive what you know by your own previously made experience or by experience that has been made by the human collective and you are unconsciously partaking of.
In this manner can the physical forms of life be understood like shadows that are being moulded and cast by the light of consciousness that is shining upon and through the contents of your mind.
In a personally enlightened state, when you have consciously linked up your different levels of being, you are aware of your own self as a whole encompassing both your Divine spark of light consciousness and your personal mind and its contents. Hence you are aware of the exterior world as a the complementing other half of your inner reality that is acting simultaneously as a mirror to your self.
The deepening of inner experiences thus opens up and enhances your view of the world and life as a whole. The more you grow into the light the fewer things appear impossible to you. In this process of enlightenment your physical senses are becoming transformed, too. And because you no longer see shadows and darkness as substantial realities in their own right but rather as effects of light, you realize that you do not necessarily require physical light for seeing in the dark.

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Because I love I can see the stars shining out through people's eyes.
Because I love I am seeing light in darkness and the sun shining at midnight.
Because I love I can see the inherent pattern of harmony in things and in the multitude of life's moments.
Because I love the winter season in nature to me feels all but dead.
Because I love I can feel the love that is giving me life and is surrounding me.
Because I love I am alive in the light of my being and existing in the name of God.

Friday, 17 October 2014


True independence can only be yours when you cease doing things motivated by desire and wanting that are being caused by unconscious personal fears and instead start acting from love and in awareness.
Therefore, if you wish to be independent and free to live the beauty of your individuality and life to the full, you have relinquish your fears and enlighten your desires with love and truth.
Say things because you truly mean them and not because you are afraid to speak your truth or because you wish to please others.
Only go to places where you wish to go from the heart and spend time with people you wholeheartedly like. And do not waste your time and energy with pointless visits, trips and time spent with people who are making you feel empty.
Only say "yes" if you really mean it and not from fear to disagree or to be looked upon as wrong in some way.
Work and do things because you enjoy doing them and not because you are hoping for a reward or acknowledgement in any way.
Stop desiring useless material assets and objects for yourself and reduce your acquisitions to what you really need.
Give up hankering after social approval for your personal and professional achievements. Enjoy being your self and do what is inspiring you to see the beauty of life.

Thursday, 16 October 2014


If you wish to walk freely and with lightness of being through life you must only retain happy personal memories. The dark and difficult ones on the other hand you should hold in your consciousness and meditate upon until their shadows melt under your loving gaze yielding the essence of light they are hiding. And then drop them gratefully that they have enriched you with further self-understanding and self-knowledge.


In praying for peace, well-being and harmony for Mother Earth and her manifold inhabitants remember to include those in your intercession whom you are believing to be the perpetrators for the suffering, riot and disharmony.
Bad effects can only be healed if the causes are treated alongside.
May those poor souls who feel the need to kill, practise war-faring, exploit and disrespect Nature and their fellow beings find peace and love within their own heart and mind.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Every soul is a miniature universe in itself with its own laws. Therefore, we cannot save some else's soul - even though we may feel the inclination to do so. Still, we can help each other on a personal level in practical matters. Thereby rendering it easier for others to do their own soul-work.
But when it comes down to helping a loved one directly in their soul's progress all you can do is letting go of your desire to help in an attitude of surrender and trust in the great power of love. The more you release your personal desire to help and instead cultivate loving trust in God, the greater becomes the free space in which the one you are concerned about can experience redemption of soul. The personal desire to help is binding and thus restricting your own progress as well as the that of the individual whose soul you are longing to save.
Therefore, if you wish to help other people's souls (and your own) in their development, let go in love, be there in love and trust in the power of love.


If you take up your path leading towards the light of your own being you are bound to meet with darkness. Conscious vision of the light is only possible if the contrasting force, the absence of light, is being consciously experienced as well.
It is just like when you start walking towards the sun following its rays into the sunset. Darkness falls. You have to keep on walking in the direction you believe the light to be hidden and either very gradually or all of a sudden you will perceive its loving and life giving power again. However it will be coming from an unexpected direction because the sun never rises from whence it set.


Life is not about rationally understanding the whole plot and every single occurrence of your personal existence and  bringing them into logical relation with each other. This is quite impossible and even if you are a good logical thinker you will always have holes and gaps in your carefully made up picture and loose yourself in the different side-alleys created by momentarily occurring unconscious thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.
Moreover, life is not based upon ration laws, it is built upon the law of Love which in itself is irrational.
Life is about recognizing the clues that you are being given in the different situations of your personal life and putting these into a conclusive order regarding the understanding and conscious recognition of your own self.
How to go about extracting this essential information? The clues can come hidden in things you see, read or hear, they can be instances of clarity within your own mind, in feelings or in physical sensations. Just anything that somehow stands out like a particularly bright star among millions of others. Those are the clues that are leading you to understanding your own self better and better. The situations themselves and even the people you meet are just the wrappings, the shells of the pearls that are leading to self-awareness. Therefore, you must not hold on to these if you wish to progress.

Sunday, 12 October 2014


Every child that is being lovingly observed by its mother is (unconsciously) aware of the fact that because there is a witness to its being heightens its sense of feeling loved. And the same is true of the criminal that knows himself watched in his misdeeds.
We all have our own witness inside of our being. While still living identified with the Ego most people's inner witness is usually swaying from being a loving to being a very critical witness to one's way of being. It is only when you are waking up in the awareness of your higher self that your inner witness turns into an authority of unvarying love, acceptance and compassionate understanding towards all that you are, do, feel and think because it is now knowing itself to be embraced, observed and understood by a neutral, loving consciousness at all times.


A true sign that you are being successful in life is your capacity to remain unperturbed and unvarying through out all personal situations including in your inner sense of self-worth, self-esteem, love and acceptance (both towards yourself and everyone else).


Everything in the world we absorb is "food". The eyes feed on images, the ears on sounds, the body on physical nutrition and touch, the mind on ideas, the heart on love and the soul on vibrations like in spoken words or in music.
The personal self is an expression, a vehicle for the soul. A true sense of fulfilment can only be experienced when the soul is being nourished alongside the personal "I".
The soul lives on sound vibrations and the quality of sounds you are absorbing decides over your inner state of well-being and prosperity. Therefore, singing pleasing melodies and intoning harmonious sounds to your self are two of the most balancing, empowering and exhilarating things you can do to promote and secure your general well-being and happiness. The sound of your own voice contains the potential for self-healing.


There are two different kinds of compensation. The one is a natural balancing out of energy and the second one a reaction occurring from an inner disbalance.
If you are living your personal life in awareness of your natural boundaries, respecting them and never exceeding your personal resources, you are naturally attuned to the flow of life that is characterized by both active and passive phases. There are times when you are doing things actively and there are times when you are being passive, resting or even taking actual holidays.
Whereas if you are unaware or disrespectful of your natural limitations you are repeatedly outsourcing your own life-force and if you do take a break it is happening in an uncontrolled manner. Here is one example of many possible ones: You have been working too many hours all week and then go out partying Saturday night. You wake up with a slight hangover the following day, not feeling rested and moreover filled with unconscious frustration about the fact that you did not get what you truly needed. Here is another example: All year you have neglected to spend as much time with your loved ones as you have been wanting to or promising them. At Christmas time you feel compelled to go out buying them expensive presents. However, because you are feeling inwardly out of balance this action of generosity does not assuage your sense of guilt and dissatisfaction with your self. Needless to say that into the bargain, you might actually regret having spent so much money for something you can see they do not like as much as you had hoped they would. Etc.
Therefore, try to be/become aware of your natural boundaries and do not overtax your self by too much activities, nor by promises and intentions you are not sure you have the power/time to really fulfil.


Truly great and of significance are not those things and acts in life which appear thus in the estimation of the world, but those that are being done in the spirit of disinterested love and that exist in harmony with the Universe.
Therefore, the question of "why" you are doing something is generally much more significant than "what" it is.

Friday, 10 October 2014


Whatever you think of doing and do not do at the time you conceived of doing it and afterwards in some way hold on to it in desire/fear is weighing you down by taking hostage part of your consciousness. This has the effect of obscuring your mind, preoccupying your emotions and generally affecting your inner sense of peace and clarity. And of course, the longer you are and have been cultivating this habit of evasion the more difficult is becomes to break away from it, to overcome this inertia and to become effective, competent and powerful in the way you are being and living.
Therefore, overcome your fear, follow your intuitive impulses and your life will become like a joyous dance that is bringing you forever closer towards the Light

Thursday, 9 October 2014


The Ego is of a dual nature. On the one hand it is possessed by the desire to experience union and on the other hand it is mortally afraid to loose control over its self-created conditionings.
It is little wonder, therefore, that love-relationships that are taking place on a purely personal level are generally destined for destruction at some point.
Even though the reason for the break-up and ensuing drama is usually being projected away from the self, either onto the circumstances in general or the partner, the cause is invariably to be found in the self.
Only when your have shifted your awareness away from the purely personal unto the level of the higher self - and the Ego is thus being observed but not completely in charge of your being - are you in a position to remain at peace in your (love) relationships despite the inherent conflict existing in your own Ego and in that of your partner. Moreover, when your consciousness is existing mainly in higher self the controversial energies within your Ego are no longer experienced as conflicts because you no longer identify with its inherent desires and fears. You are simply aware of how there are times, when you are being naturally more active exteriorly in collecting new experiences, impulses and impressions. And how at other times you are naturally withdrawing more into yourself in order to absorb, reflect and integrate the new experiential knowledge.


The better you know your own self the closer you can be and feel with other people. While at the same time remaining completely resting within your own self. So that you are free to withdraw yourself on a personal level from the shared intimacy (I am not talking about physical intimacy) at any time without suffering of loss or bad feelings - because at heart level you are staying connected.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


The state of your consciousness decides over what you are aware of in life. Night and day consciousness are not separate, they are one and the same stream of consciousness. The only thing that is dividing them is your unconsciousness that is being caused by the fear inherent in the Ego. Through verticalization of consciousness you are rising beyond personal fears and are thus becoming aware of the parallel realities that are taking place at the same time. Until then you are unconsciously  switching to and fro between the levels of thought, emotion and physical sensation, day and night and thus believe they are all separate. Often you are confused because you are not aware when you have just switched from one reality to the other. Finding yourself here, there without realizing the connecting links in between. Therefore, to practise conscious awareness between night and day and to work on unifying your thread of consciousness running through your night and days can help you to become aware of the different levels of reality. Or approaching it from the other side,  the more aware you grow of your different levels, the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual the better you will understand and see that day and night reality are closely related, influencing each other and are in fact one single stream.


Your personal life is like an open road. If fear is dominating your existence the road you are walking on is full of pot-holes, unexpected hair-pin bends, falls and rises. Its surface is rough and irregular. Your are so busy fighting your way forward that you actually cannot see what is lying to left and right of your path. You are mainly concerned about getting on and not stumbling.
On the other hand, if you have released your personal fears and are living in the light and love of your being the road’s surface is smooth, even and glittering in the light of the sun. It is running straight towards the promising horizon most of the time. There may still be some unexpected turns but since you are walking in awareness you are able to navigate them with ease and you are able to appreciate the new views that are opening up before your eyes.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Power is only positive where there is order, harmony and clarity. Otherwise it causes chaos and confusion.
We all possess a certain amount of life-force. In order to increase your initial power and to use it constructively for your individual development you have to be in command of the small things making up your personal existence. If they are in a confusion you have no chance to feel clear about where you are currently standing and heading towards in life.
What are these small things?
First of all they are your inner life. Your thoughts, your feelings and the state of your physical body.
You can cause these levels of your self to run along smooth, harmonious lines by practising conscious awareness and feeding them on healthy nutrients (beautiful pictures, positive words, harmonious sounds, good company for your mind and emotions, organically grown products, exercise in the fresh air and good sleep for your physical self).
Secondly, there is your immediate exterior environment which must be treated with loving attention. Your home, including your bicycle, car and other personal possessions, the state of your personal papers and relationships are a direct reflection or extension of your inner self and its state of being. So in desiring clarity and power you have to keep them clean, in perfect order, reduced to a minimum and up-dated.
If you feel unable to get your inner life in order, tidy and clean up your home with deliberate and loving care, get the junk out of your cellar, clean your car, reduce your wardrobe, up-date your book-keeping, stay on top of your correspondences and small duties like emptying your letterbox etc.
If you are unable to keep your home tidy, your clothes washed, your cupboards in order, your mail answered etc try practising conscious awareness and pay attention to absorbing only positive "food" and you will be suddenly gripped by the natural desire to tidy and clean up your external environment, too.


In dual spheres of life there are days and nights, light and darkness.
Dark nights make you appreciate the bright daylight and shadows teach you to see the source of light.
It is inevitable that in the course of your individual path through life you are encountering metaphorical nights and you have to walk on without seeing your destination ahead of you. If you are believing in darkness and do not know that there is an eternal light guiding your steps at all times, this engenders fear in you, causes you to doubt and even to stand still sometimes not daring to move ahead. You believe yourself forsaken by the light and by love.
However, once you have awakened in the realization of your own inner light, now recognizing darkness as relative in the safe knowledge that the next dawn is not far off, you are filled with trust in life, in love and in your Self. Living in the awareness of your inner light and your trust in the power of love, dark nights are no longer frightening you nor do they seem completely dark because your inherent trust is enabling you to always see as far ahead as you next step in front of you. Thus you keep on walking, possibly even dancing, along your path even through the nights.
Therefore, trust in love and light and you will be able to perceive the light in the darkness, which is guiding you through your heart.

Monday, 6 October 2014


In Jane Austen's novel "Sense & Sensebility" is asking one sister who is unhappily smitten by love of the other: 'Is love a fancy or a feeling'.
The answer I should give is: If it is making you suffer it is only a fancy or a feeling but not true love.
True love is more than a feeling it is more than a fancy, it is more than a thought or a sensation. It is an all-encompassing experience that touches your feelings, gives wings to your fancies, enlightens your thoughts, fills your sensations with warmth and makes you shine from within.

Sunday, 5 October 2014


What does it mean to be perfect? Perfection is something which is complete in itself and as such infallible and untouchable. Therefore, as human beings we are per se unable to ever reach absolute perfection because we are encased in a fallible and mortal body. Still, we can strive for relative perfection. The closest we can get to it is by being perfectly honest towards ourselves. And as truthful in our relations with others as it is in our power to be in the light of our current state of self-recognition.

Saturday, 4 October 2014


Love and fear are both highly potent unifying forces.
However, while love unites in freedom, peace and joy, fear creates unions of co-dependency and complicity in darkness, unhappiness and suffering.
Love and fear are both essentially formless. Love is an intangible perception of a power that transcends the lower senses. It is endowing you with a sensation of lightness, vitality and bliss arising from your heart. Whereas fear is like a shifting phantom luring in the dark recesses of your being and ready to jump out at you any time. The existence of this phantom is draining you of positive life-force and is creating a heavy dullness like a clogging fog that is obscuring your perception.
Love and fear can both be experienced like waves that come and go and their presence is thus not always felt equally strong. Waves of love are leaving you behind feeling bright, powerful, clear and positive. Those of fear make you feel like you are drowning, they engulf you, sweep you away with them only to return you beaten, disoriented and empty.
It is important to remember that you always have a choice whether you wish to experience love or fear. Fear contains the potential to be transformed into love.


Truth is like a clear-cut diamond. It is pure, it is unambiguous, full of strength, energetic, perfectly clear and of a unobtrusive almost ethereal beauty that touches you within when encountering it.
Therefore, if someone is talking to you truthfully you are able to see the vulnerability of their being behind their words. Listening to someone voicing their personal truth is making you feel clear and free to be yourself, too. Being with truthful individuals is enabling you to feel your own strength, too and your encounters with them is leaving you full of positive energy afterwards.
If you wish clarity in your life you have to always speak your truth.
And should you feel that you have to lie to people in order to be polite or not to offend them or because you believe the would not like your otherwise, change your company and give your time to people who appreciate truthfulness, are able to cope with your upright (self-)honesty and reciprocate it. And if you come to realize that polite lying or not talking - which boils down to the same thing - is part and parcel of your job, it might possibly the right time to change your vocation/workplace. Or simply try being yourself, clear, upright and honest to people from your heart and you may find out that polite lying was not necessary after all.
However, being truthful requires trust in yourself and in life. Usually people avoid the truth because deep down they are afraid of not being liked/loved if they are being their plain selves. But then, you cannot always be liked by everyone anyway and not telling your truth in order to please others actually does not render you more lovable in the least. On the contrary, others tend to bully you because they are aware of your weakness. Whereas if you are being truthful some may not like you but sensing your strength they will always respect and even secretly admire you.