Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Power is only positive where there is order, harmony and clarity. Otherwise it causes chaos and confusion.
We all possess a certain amount of life-force. In order to increase your initial power and to use it constructively for your individual development you have to be in command of the small things making up your personal existence. If they are in a confusion you have no chance to feel clear about where you are currently standing and heading towards in life.
What are these small things?
First of all they are your inner life. Your thoughts, your feelings and the state of your physical body.
You can cause these levels of your self to run along smooth, harmonious lines by practising conscious awareness and feeding them on healthy nutrients (beautiful pictures, positive words, harmonious sounds, good company for your mind and emotions, organically grown products, exercise in the fresh air and good sleep for your physical self).
Secondly, there is your immediate exterior environment which must be treated with loving attention. Your home, including your bicycle, car and other personal possessions, the state of your personal papers and relationships are a direct reflection or extension of your inner self and its state of being. So in desiring clarity and power you have to keep them clean, in perfect order, reduced to a minimum and up-dated.
If you feel unable to get your inner life in order, tidy and clean up your home with deliberate and loving care, get the junk out of your cellar, clean your car, reduce your wardrobe, up-date your book-keeping, stay on top of your correspondences and small duties like emptying your letterbox etc.
If you are unable to keep your home tidy, your clothes washed, your cupboards in order, your mail answered etc try practising conscious awareness and pay attention to absorbing only positive "food" and you will be suddenly gripped by the natural desire to tidy and clean up your external environment, too.

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