Wednesday, 29 October 2014


It has been stated before, that one's perception of the world is determined and conditioned by one's inner reality created by personal beliefs, fears, likes, dislikes etc both conscious and unconscious.
You are only able to perceive what you know by your own previously made experience or by experience that has been made by the human collective and you are unconsciously partaking of.
In this manner can the physical forms of life be understood like shadows that are being moulded and cast by the light of consciousness that is shining upon and through the contents of your mind.
In a personally enlightened state, when you have consciously linked up your different levels of being, you are aware of your own self as a whole encompassing both your Divine spark of light consciousness and your personal mind and its contents. Hence you are aware of the exterior world as a the complementing other half of your inner reality that is acting simultaneously as a mirror to your self.
The deepening of inner experiences thus opens up and enhances your view of the world and life as a whole. The more you grow into the light the fewer things appear impossible to you. In this process of enlightenment your physical senses are becoming transformed, too. And because you no longer see shadows and darkness as substantial realities in their own right but rather as effects of light, you realize that you do not necessarily require physical light for seeing in the dark.

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