Saturday, 4 October 2014


Love and fear are both highly potent unifying forces.
However, while love unites in freedom, peace and joy, fear creates unions of co-dependency and complicity in darkness, unhappiness and suffering.
Love and fear are both essentially formless. Love is an intangible perception of a power that transcends the lower senses. It is endowing you with a sensation of lightness, vitality and bliss arising from your heart. Whereas fear is like a shifting phantom luring in the dark recesses of your being and ready to jump out at you any time. The existence of this phantom is draining you of positive life-force and is creating a heavy dullness like a clogging fog that is obscuring your perception.
Love and fear can both be experienced like waves that come and go and their presence is thus not always felt equally strong. Waves of love are leaving you behind feeling bright, powerful, clear and positive. Those of fear make you feel like you are drowning, they engulf you, sweep you away with them only to return you beaten, disoriented and empty.
It is important to remember that you always have a choice whether you wish to experience love or fear. Fear contains the potential to be transformed into love.

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