Wednesday, 8 October 2014


The state of your consciousness decides over what you are aware of in life. Night and day consciousness are not separate, they are one and the same stream of consciousness. The only thing that is dividing them is your unconsciousness that is being caused by the fear inherent in the Ego. Through verticalization of consciousness you are rising beyond personal fears and are thus becoming aware of the parallel realities that are taking place at the same time. Until then you are unconsciously  switching to and fro between the levels of thought, emotion and physical sensation, day and night and thus believe they are all separate. Often you are confused because you are not aware when you have just switched from one reality to the other. Finding yourself here, there without realizing the connecting links in between. Therefore, to practise conscious awareness between night and day and to work on unifying your thread of consciousness running through your night and days can help you to become aware of the different levels of reality. Or approaching it from the other side,  the more aware you grow of your different levels, the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual the better you will understand and see that day and night reality are closely related, influencing each other and are in fact one single stream.

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