Thursday, 9 October 2014


The Ego is of a dual nature. On the one hand it is possessed by the desire to experience union and on the other hand it is mortally afraid to loose control over its self-created conditionings.
It is little wonder, therefore, that love-relationships that are taking place on a purely personal level are generally destined for destruction at some point.
Even though the reason for the break-up and ensuing drama is usually being projected away from the self, either onto the circumstances in general or the partner, the cause is invariably to be found in the self.
Only when your have shifted your awareness away from the purely personal unto the level of the higher self - and the Ego is thus being observed but not completely in charge of your being - are you in a position to remain at peace in your (love) relationships despite the inherent conflict existing in your own Ego and in that of your partner. Moreover, when your consciousness is existing mainly in higher self the controversial energies within your Ego are no longer experienced as conflicts because you no longer identify with its inherent desires and fears. You are simply aware of how there are times, when you are being naturally more active exteriorly in collecting new experiences, impulses and impressions. And how at other times you are naturally withdrawing more into yourself in order to absorb, reflect and integrate the new experiential knowledge.

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