Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Life is not about rationally understanding the whole plot and every single occurrence of your personal existence and  bringing them into logical relation with each other. This is quite impossible and even if you are a good logical thinker you will always have holes and gaps in your carefully made up picture and loose yourself in the different side-alleys created by momentarily occurring unconscious thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.
Moreover, life is not based upon ration laws, it is built upon the law of Love which in itself is irrational.
Life is about recognizing the clues that you are being given in the different situations of your personal life and putting these into a conclusive order regarding the understanding and conscious recognition of your own self.
How to go about extracting this essential information? The clues can come hidden in things you see, read or hear, they can be instances of clarity within your own mind, in feelings or in physical sensations. Just anything that somehow stands out like a particularly bright star among millions of others. Those are the clues that are leading you to understanding your own self better and better. The situations themselves and even the people you meet are just the wrappings, the shells of the pearls that are leading to self-awareness. Therefore, you must not hold on to these if you wish to progress.

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