Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Every soul is a miniature universe in itself with its own laws. Therefore, we cannot save some else's soul - even though we may feel the inclination to do so. Still, we can help each other on a personal level in practical matters. Thereby rendering it easier for others to do their own soul-work.
But when it comes down to helping a loved one directly in their soul's progress all you can do is letting go of your desire to help in an attitude of surrender and trust in the great power of love. The more you release your personal desire to help and instead cultivate loving trust in God, the greater becomes the free space in which the one you are concerned about can experience redemption of soul. The personal desire to help is binding and thus restricting your own progress as well as the that of the individual whose soul you are longing to save.
Therefore, if you wish to help other people's souls (and your own) in their development, let go in love, be there in love and trust in the power of love.