Sunday, 12 October 2014


There are two different kinds of compensation. The one is a natural balancing out of energy and the second one a reaction occurring from an inner disbalance.
If you are living your personal life in awareness of your natural boundaries, respecting them and never exceeding your personal resources, you are naturally attuned to the flow of life that is characterized by both active and passive phases. There are times when you are doing things actively and there are times when you are being passive, resting or even taking actual holidays.
Whereas if you are unaware or disrespectful of your natural limitations you are repeatedly outsourcing your own life-force and if you do take a break it is happening in an uncontrolled manner. Here is one example of many possible ones: You have been working too many hours all week and then go out partying Saturday night. You wake up with a slight hangover the following day, not feeling rested and moreover filled with unconscious frustration about the fact that you did not get what you truly needed. Here is another example: All year you have neglected to spend as much time with your loved ones as you have been wanting to or promising them. At Christmas time you feel compelled to go out buying them expensive presents. However, because you are feeling inwardly out of balance this action of generosity does not assuage your sense of guilt and dissatisfaction with your self. Needless to say that into the bargain, you might actually regret having spent so much money for something you can see they do not like as much as you had hoped they would. Etc.
Therefore, try to be/become aware of your natural boundaries and do not overtax your self by too much activities, nor by promises and intentions you are not sure you have the power/time to really fulfil.

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