Friday, 29 May 2015


Life is love even underneath the fear
Life is light also inside the darkness
Life is beauty if you dare looking behind the shadows
Above all and in every way life is a living miracle.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


True beauty is independent. True beauty is an outward sign of an inner state of perfect harmony.
If you are truly beautiful, you don’t need any exterior source to admire your beauty nor to remind you of it  - like a mirror or photograph or another person or even a whole crowd of people.
Essentially everyone is beautiful. However, there are some people who are only feeling their beauty if they’re being told that they are beautiful or if they are being openly admired or seen by other people. Generally, in order to feel themselves beautiful they require a lot of time, effort and artificial props, like make-up, special clothes etc because it is an externally acquired sense beauty. The less you need to be beautiful and to know yourself to be uniquely beautiful in your simple way of being your self, the truer and the more independent you are in your individual state of beauteous harmony because it is an inner experience that exists independent of external conditionings.