Sunday, 1 March 2015


To be able to love yourself unconditionally from the heart renders you resilient against all external influences that might otherwise cause you harm or distress in your personal life.
Therefore, to be strong is to be in an state of inner love. To be lacking in love is leaving you weak and prone to suffering.
There are different ways of relating on a personal level. Depending upon how much unconditional love you are experiencing in your own self you are relating to the exterior world differently. Unable to love yourself you are seeking the company of persons who flatter and admire you(your Ego) directly or indirectly. However, since everything has two sides, on this level you will also meet those who criticise and denounce you. Or you are doing it yourself whenever you are not being given the "love and acknowledgement" which your Ego needs  in order to feel happy with itself and life from external sources.
If, on the other hand, you are loving yourself from the inside you are associating with people who are challenging you to grow still deeper into love by causing you to question yourself or by questioning you in your way of being directly. On this level there is no "dark" side. When you are inwardly in state of tolerance, acceptance and compassion you are no longer moving in a world of personal "war-faring" and superficial "love-making". And even in times when you have temporarily lost your clear picture of your "you" due to an intense phase of personal growth you are remaining strong in your attitude of trust towards who/how you are.

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