Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Basically, there are only two directions in which we can turn our attention. Either inside towards our true/inner self or to the outside at the world consisting of external circumstances and other people. True answers, true in the sense that they are bringing us closer to an understanding of the self and God, can ultimately only ever be found inside and must thus be arrived at by yourself.
Therefore, in the desire to advance closer towards your true self and God, it is vital that you look inside and try to understand your self.
In fear you are listening to the world telling you what is right/wrong, good/bad about yourself. And you are looking in external circumstances and other people for reasons why you are as you are. All of these external sources will confirm your worst fears and lead you further astray.
On the other hand, in a state of loving trust you may likewise look into external experiences and listens to other people in your search form inner illumination. However, you are doing this only in order to take what you have learnt there inside and use it gain a deeper understanding of the still unrecognised aspects of your self.
Of course, wherever there are two things as closely related to each other like fear/doubt and self-query/love and also involving the ego, you will always get people, who in fear of facing their own darker side, are desperately trying to get you back into fear, too. Therefore, do not believe in the words of those who are accusing you of self-delusion and blindness. Rather allow their attacks to give rise to still deeper self-inquiry and affirmation of love and trust in your own estimation of your capacity to know yourself better than they ever can since you are living inside your own truth.

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