Sunday, 22 March 2015


Life, which is not being conditioned by the Ego, is an endless series of unexpected happenings and magical surprises. Therefore, if you wish to have a life and relationships that do not bore you, you must remain open-minded, open-hearted and consciously aware at all times. Otherwise you miss their beauteous changes and developments.
The personal Ego is constantly and habitually relating to its surroundings, and to objects and other living beings. So in a way your personal life is mainly characterized by relationships of all sorts.
If you wish your personal relationships to stay alive with love - any kind of relationship, including the one you have with your own self - you must never believe that you know what the other is like, what they are going to do, say, think or be like next. Because by set expectations you are hindering life from following its natural course and other beings from being their true selves and objects from revealing to you an aspect which you have not noticed before.

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