Sunday, 29 March 2015


There is never a "right" and a "wrong" side in any kind of relationship. Neither is ever in the "right" or more worthy to be seen as superior. There are simply two sides to any argument and two different views of reality in any situation. If you are wise you realize this and try to incorporate the other's view of facts into your own. This will bring you to feel peace with others and peace with your self, too. Whereas to claim  that you are right and the other wrong, or even vice versa, will bring you needless anger, frustration, inner restlessness and a sense of inferiority/superiority. While all the time causing the difference in your way of perceiving reality to the one of the other's to grow still wider.
The only way to reach an understanding of something or someone your are experiencing to exist outside of your self is being initially saying "yes" to both their existence and their individual way of being/appearing. Only out of acceptance can understanding grow. Whereas prejudices, denial and fear of what they are incorporating in your eyes are precluding you from gaining any real insight into their way of being.
However, since the things/people you are fighting against accepting are generally indirect reflections of aspects in your self that you are unconsciously afraid to accept/understand and come to terms with, it can prove very rewarding to practise self-awareness in your daily life and dealing with other people and situations therein. And to take the time and trouble to question your self rather that to condemn/accuse others for their way of being or deny their existence in your personal life or to blame and rage at your personal circumstances in life.

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