Wednesday, 28 January 2015


While you are still living in the reality of your personal Ego, love is the least reliable factor of your life. Even in times that you are believing to be owing it, you are being aware of the fact that you might just as easily loose sight of it again in the same was as you can be sure that the sun in the sky on the British Isles is going to be chased away by clouds of rain as unexpectedly as it has appeared.
Therefore, even in the periods when you are personally feeling, receiving and apparently living in love, you do not relax into trust.
However, love can only truly happen to you if you let go and stop seeking, battling, striving to gain it from the external world and from other beings or to fight against losing it or to hold expectations of how it is meant to be.
True love is an ongoing and as such an absolutely reliable reality that can only really be discovered inside the self. And once this has happened you are living in a state of love that is allowing you to realize and experience it also in your exterior life. This is enabling you to understand that even though love in your personal life might at times appear to be hidden behind grey clouds, it is still living on undiminished in its radiance and power beyond your immediate sight.

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