Monday, 20 May 2013


Whereas estimates of averages can be calculated of any given category of the created Universe, there is no such thing as "normalcy" because very single living part of the Universe is unique in itself.
So everyone and everything is as "normal" or "abnormal", as the person, thing or happening next to it.
So called "normality" is an invention of the human Ego-mind.
Of course, some of the invented and institutionalized common norms regarding clothes, shoe sizes etc. can be very useful but upon a personal level and regarding other aspects of life, which are alive, clinging rigorously to the idea of "normality" is proving hindering, crippling, if not downright killing to the actual living facts.
The invention of "normalcy" renders some smug, because they are seeing themselves as the epitomes of "normality", while others are being made unhappy by it, because either others are telling them, that they do not belong or because they are honest with themselves and realize that they differ from the "norm". But either way, it is putting an unnatural pressure and restraint upon everyone concerned because even those who are seeing themselves as "normal" are catching glimpses of their real truth, which is revealing to them, that they are by no means as thoroughly "normal" as they are telling themselves and the world they are.
And there are some, who are doing there utmost to prove to themselves and the world, that they are different from the masses, because they have realized that wanting to be "normal", is like falling into a trap without exit. But then again, so is to be obsessed with proving how exceptional you are, to fight against "normalcy" and to reject those whom you are believing to be "normal".
A great many people are spending nearly their whole lives being unhappy with themselves or to be outraged at others, whom they are seeing as acting "abnormally", because of their belief in "normality".
The solution to this question is to consciously recognize the fact, that although averages exist, "normality" does not. It has been invented in fear and it is being kept alive by fear. To get rid of this idea in your thinking, will set you free to be who you truly are and to naturally express your uniqueness in everyday life. The realization, that you are your own norm is allowing you, to listen to the voice of your heart - which has been there all along, telling you, what is right for you - but which you did not dare heed for fear to be not "normal"...

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