Tuesday, 21 May 2013


The elements in Mother Nature are a more condensed version of the same elements human-beings are made of. To some extent the weather and the conditions the planet earth is in are reflecting the state of the human collective. However they also possess a life-dynamism of their own and they are thus able to influence the total balance of the physical world from their side.
Water stands symbolically for love and also for healing.
Therefore rain can be equalled to a healing influence with the power to promote harmony.
Mother Nature is naturally attuned to the Unity of Creation and thus visibly profits from the falling rain. She blossoms, greens and grows thanks to the falling waters of heaven. Animals do not mind the rain and birds even rejoice and break out in song at its coming!
Many people, living in a modern society and far removed from the natural rythms of Mother Nature, are dreading rainy weather and are seeing it as an enemy to their happiness and health. They hold the belief, that getting wet through in the rain is making them ill. And that the grey skies usually accompanying the falling of rain, is destroying their happy mood.
But this can only happen if you are putting up a personal front against the rainy and grey weather in your own mind. If you wish to profit from the cleansing and harmonizing powers of rain, attune yourself to the natural flow of life, which is bringing along a spell of rainy weather. Change your way of thinking and teach yourself to love the rain and its grey clouds as much as you do the sun and blue skies. This will allow you to take part in its purifying and revitalizing powers just as much as the green grass and trees do in their own way.

Of course, just now our planet is out of tune and in the course of readjustment of harmony. Therefore water is bound to continue to occur in apparent superfluity for a while to come yet.
But again, it is your personal perspective towards this fact, which is deciding over your state of well-being in view of this situation. It is entirely your own choice, if you are seeing the regular rainy weather - instead of the preferred many sunshiny days - as a personal tragedy or, if you rather accept it and use it to promote your own development and growth of consciousness. Likewise does it lie within your own hands, if you are seeing it as a world-wide tragedy because of the occurring catastrophes due to abundant masses of water, which are causing destruction. Or if you rather view it in a wider context and recognize it as an equalizing of the balance, which has been lost due to the human free will exploiting the planet. And, of course, your personal attitude and the collective state of (dis-)harmony are closely connected. If you wish to promote the healing of the planet and the return of a natural balance of its elements, the most effective thing you can do, is to bring harmony to yourself and your way of living with the elements in Mother Nature. The growing numbers of people in the world, who are getting back into touch with their shared, elemental Mother - Nature - are speeding up the process of global readjustment. In this universal mission of love, every single person counts.

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