Saturday, 29 June 2013


Your daily occupation ought not be a necessary evil, an unavoidable drudgery performed for the sole reason to secure your living or a useful means to pass your time. On the contrary, your daily work tasks are a perfect way to express your individual gifts, to share them with your fellow beings and in the process to pay a valuable contribution to the sum total of created life. Work should be a conscious act of love and expression of your joy for life. In this way your daily occupation is lifting you up.
On the other hand, if you are working because you feel you have to because otherwise you would be unable to survive or because you are deriving your self-worth from it or because without it you would feel useless/bored/lost, your work is motivated by a fear in some way. Most probably you will feel drained by it, bogged down,  dissatisfied with your lot in life and you are hoping/believing, that if only you could do something else, you would find happiness... And of course, your inward resistance towards the actual facts of your present personal situation is not making it easier for you but only serves to strengthen your opposing feelings.
There are two possible ways to get out of such a dilemma. Either change your personal attitude towards your current occupation and try filling it with conscious awareness and gratitude that you are in a position to have a job at all. Or simply exchange whatever it is you are doing for the work you truly wish to do from the bottom of your heart. And if this is not so easily accomplished make at least a beginning of actually moving towards such an goal by taking the necessary action, instead of only dreaming about it.
But either way, most probably, change will not occur over night. However the deciding factor is to turn around and start walking consciously towards the light of love instead of continuing further in the direction of unhappiness and frustration. Because this act of self-awareness alone can ultimately bring you to a state of being in which you are able to joyously work in love. Once you have achieved to such a state it no longer really matters to you what is you are actually doing because all your actions have the power to fulfil you.

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