Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Words can be very powerful things because in their essence they are pure, undiluted force. The degree in which this force is being transmitted by a speaker/writer/thinker and felt by a reading/listening/thinking recipient solely depends upon how consciously and clearly the words in question are being formulated. But even if this be done in a highly unconscious state their force remains an undeniable and unavoidable fact, which creates an energetic reaction in some way. Whether this effect is of a positive or a negative kind depends upon the intent of purpose on part of the sender and whether it is registered as a positive or a negative influence depends upon the current personal state of the recipient.
Words are existing upon the mental level and thus generally travel via the rational thinking mind. Close attention must be paid to their contents, if the desired effect is to be of a positive kind, because only a wholly positive formula can produce a positive reaction and a negation in any shape or form is invariably perceived as a negative stimulus and therefore also creates such a reaction in the one experiencing the impact of the formulated words.
All negations are speaking directly to the Ego and its inherent fear. Whereas positive word-contents stimulate the Soul and love aspect of beings.

In view of the above mentioned it is no wonder that all the legislative scriptures are helping little to prevent wrongs from happening amongst the human population.
If symptoms of fear are to be eradicated from individual minds and the human collective, it must be done by love and positivity. Because these two qualities are bringing understanding and acceptance in their wake, which in turn are creating an unifying atmosphere.

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