Sunday, 25 August 2013


Here is a thought for you: The car you are driving is a rather accurate reflection of your Ego or with some people their car is actually an extension of their Ego. And if you do not own a car or you are driving the car your partner has bought for you, then it is your attitude towards these facts, which is reflecting your Ego. Also the point of whether you can imagine living without it or not is telling a lot.
And before you are going to analyze different people, their cars and their Egos let it be said, that in this case superficial appearances can be most misleading. Thus any interpretation of someone besides yourself and your own car is likely to reveal more of your own Ego than that of the one you tried analysing.
Therefore it is best if you focus your attention upon yourself and solve the riddle of your own Ego in trying to work out why your Ego is e.g. of glittering electric blue, slightly battered and tiny - as it is in my own case. ;-)

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