Thursday, 22 August 2013


Mother Nature is a great teacher on the (otherwise) invisible laws of the Universe and the spiritual/Divine principles ruling all forms of life. (That is, wherever Her natural ways have not been interfered with by human-kind!) Mother Nature is conveying the truth silently without any use of words and thus her teaching is direct and imminently comprehensible to those who know how to listen to her. In teaching silently Her wisdom by-passes the Ego-mind. Whereas if you try to learn Divine truths by ways of listening to/reading the writings and sayings of teachers of the world/doctrines/religious manuscripts instead, you are running the risk that your understanding remains caught on the level of the thinking mind and thus purely intellectual/ideological.
Mother Nature is conversing heart to heart. While words usually do not get any further than the mind of the receipient because there are as yet only few individualy capable to transform mind-knowledge to wisdom of the heart.

The most effective way to overcome personal crises and trials is to still your mind by immersing yourself in the contemplation of Mother Nature. It does not matter which part of Her you chose to focus upon because any part of Her is containing  and innocently displaing aspects of Divine wisdom.

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