Sunday, 11 August 2013


There are different kinds of understanding one-self, others and life in general. There is an understanding from the ego, which comprises three further sub-aspects of understanding, namely mental, emotional and physical. This kind of understanding is created by personal sympathy based upon similar personal experiences. However to understand with your ego usually causes an inner conflict because hardly ever are mind, emotions and physical sensations in accord with each other upon a subject. So while, for example, you might understand the actions of another person mentally and rationally, at the same time you might be irrationally feeling unhappy about it in some way... Or you might physically understand someone due to a similar personal experience in the past whereas mentally you are asking yourself how it is possible that you should sympathize with this particular person because in any other respect he appears to be so different from you. Etc.
And there is an understanding from the heart, which is a harmonious and wholesome experience. If you understand from the heart it does not matter whether the person or situation in question relates to your own personal experiences and preferences or not because your level of understanding is lying beyond the sphere of the ego.

Love and understanding are closely connected and interdependent. But only if the love and the understanding in question are true and happening form the heart. If, on the other hand, the understanding and loving are taking place within the reaches of the ego they are more often than not in controversy with each other.

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